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    This Super-Cheap Store Is The Best Place To Buy A New Pair Of Glasses

    ♫ I can see clearly now ♫

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    Hi, I'm Sarah, and my eyesight sucks.

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    Not enough to be non-functioning for everyday life, which basically just involves me sitting in front of a computer all day (and thankfully — I think — I'm nearsighted), but bad enough that I 100% can't watch movies without them and I have to squint really hard to read street signs and ice cream shop menus.

    Recently, the time had come for me to 1.) get an updated prescription and 2.) find stylish frames that I'd actually wear on a regular basis (not just stow away for emergencies).

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    After my long-awaited appointment with the optometrist, I ran into another problem — their selection of frames looked ugly and pricey, so I basically bolted out before I could convince myself to settle.

    When I got a pitch from Eyebuydirect, I was a skeptical (did I want to buy glasses online? how can their glasses be high-quality if they're so cheap?), but my skepticism was unwarranted because (tl;dr): I got some and they're awesome.

    First off, Eyebuydirect has a virtual try-on feature that's super helpful and quite accurate, tbh.

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    No, it's not the same as trying on a pair in person, but sometimes you don't want to deal with other people IRL and sometimes you just don't have a store offering frames in cute and affordable styles within driving distance.

    Plus, I'm happy to report the frames look even better in person. ;D

    They have 388 (!!!!!!!) frames categorized under women and I picked out two pairs.

    Just a small selection of all the styles they have available.

    These rounded floral Chillax frames are my favorite.

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    I have a pretty round face, so in the past I've always steered away from round glasses, but I just *could not* pass this pair up — and if they do accentuate my round face, they're too cute for me to care. 💁 Plus, they have nose pads, which I need due to my nonexistent nose bridge (I had to adjust my previous pair of glasses from falling down every five seconds).

    I was a little worried they'd be too tight on the sides (a problem I've had before) but they didn't pinch my face at all, and they're so lightweight I barely even feel them! I also feel like I'm masquerading as a well-read hipster in these babies, which I'm not mad about. Also, $15? A M A Z I N G.

    But I also love these semi-rimmed pink Annabel frames, which make me feel like a chic librarian.

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    While a tad pricier than the other pair, these are still way cheaper than the options at the optometrist's office. And they're ✨so freaking pretty✨!! I'm obsessed with that fact that I can match my eyeliner cat eye with the slight cat eye on the frames — because that's what really matters.

    But in all seriousness, these are stylish, comfortable, and stay super secure on my face (no constant readjustments needed). And you can tell they're made out of high-quality material and made to last. What more could you ask for?

    Aside from the frames themselves, there are a few other costs. Basic lenses (quality 1.5 index lenses with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings) cost $6.95 and shipping is an additional $5.95.

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    So (for example) if you get the Chillax frames (my faves), your total will come out to a cool $27.90!

    Ordering/checking is super easy/straightforward. Just have your prescription on hand and you're good to go!

    You can get the Chillax frames for $9+ (available in three colors) and Annabel frames for $15+ (available in three colors). Check out the rest of their selection here.

    P.S. They also offer sunglasses!

    What are you waiting for? Go get a pair right now!

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