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    This Super-Cheap Store Is The Best Place To Buy A New Pair Of Glasses

    ♫ I can see clearly now ♫

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    Hi, I'm Sarah, and my eyesight sucks.

    Recently, the time had come for me to 1.) get an updated prescription and 2.) find stylish frames that I'd actually wear on a regular basis (not just stow away for emergencies).

    When I got a pitch from Eyebuydirect, I was a skeptical (did I want to buy glasses online? how can their glasses be high-quality if they're so cheap?), but my skepticism was unwarranted because (tl;dr): I got some and they're awesome.

    First off, Eyebuydirect has a virtual try-on feature that's super helpful and quite accurate, tbh.

    They have 388 (!!!!!!!) frames categorized under women and I picked out two pairs.

    These rounded floral Chillax frames are my favorite.

    But I also love these semi-rimmed pink Annabel frames, which make me feel like a chic librarian.

    Aside from the frames themselves, there are a few other costs. Basic lenses (quality 1.5 index lenses with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings) cost $6.95 and shipping is an additional $5.95.

    What are you waiting for? Go get a pair right now!