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    Updated on Dec 5, 2019. Posted on Nov 14, 2019

    Eric Nam, Self-Proclaimed "Most Soft Marshmallow, Nice Boy" Read Some Of Your Thirst Tweets, And Hilarity Ensued

    "I've never had anyone speak to me in this way, but I like it. I'm all about it."

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    To celebrate the release of his new album Before We Begin, we had Eric Nam read some of your thirst tweets, and let's just say there was some of this...


    ...and some of this...


    Here are some of Eric's best reactions:


    i’m gonna say it- eric nam is daddy material

    @spaghettaeos / Via Twitter: @spaghettaeos


    Fuck fuck fuck fuck I need Eric Nam shirtless photos right now

    @monicakua / Via Twitter: @monicakua


    on the other hand, eric nam's body gives me orgasm. His voice is so fucking hot

    @xtian_ss / Via Twitter: @xtian_ss

    "I'm not having conversations where [people are] like, 'your body gives me an orgasm.' Like, what?"


    @misokook / Via Twitter: @misokook

    "I'll love-tap or love-kick you, but I'm not gonna step on you." But also...


    "People are gonna think I'm f*cking crazy from this."

    To watch him read the rest of the thirsty tweets, check out the full video:

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    And check out Eric Nam's latest album, Before We Begin, and the music video for his lead single "Congratulations" both out now!

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