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18 Easy Ways To Feel A Little Better

Just some things to help you feel a little less like Eeyore and a little more like Tigger.

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4. Listen to Spotify's "Confidence Boost" playlist to recharge with tunes that will definitely perk up you.

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And if you have some space, dance it out. Get those bones grooving and some endorphins a-brewing.

5. Make a "done" instead of "to-do" list so you can be proud of what you've already accomplished rather than agonizing over the stuff that's still ahead.


8. Embrace the practice of daily meditation, which is super easy to do with the Headspace app.

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All it asks for is 10 mins out of your day, and even better if you do it first thing after waking up. Starting the day off peacefully > slamming the snooze button and rushing out the door.

Download it for free on iTunes here.


14. Rather than scrolling through social media or an endless stream of news headlines, subscribe to an easily digestible, inspiring, and uplifting newsletter.

Ease your groggy brain into the day or read whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Some suggestions: Milkshake (companies/causes/people that do good), ReadThisThing (one fascinating piece of journalism per day), Now I Know (literally just cool facts), or BuzzFeed's Dog A Day (arf).


17. Pack a healthy lunch for yourself that'll keep you energized through the afternoon work slump.

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Peep here and here for delicious ideas, and here for cute lunch boxes you won't be able to resist using.

18. Volunteer at an animal shelter and share some love and time with a bundle of cute critters.

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PUPPIES WILL SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS. Or at least, melt your heart into liquid (probably slobbery) happiness.

Find the closest shelter to you here.


Important note:

Everyone experiences anxiety differently, but whether you deal with a full-blown anxiety disorder or are just feeling really overwhelmed right now, I hope the above tips/products might make life feel at least a little more manageable.

And if your anxiety is getting in the way of your life, don't think you have to manage it on your own. Find out more about treatment options here.