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    24 Stunning Prom Dresses People Actually Made Themselves

    Made by talented people (or sometimes their moms and aunts), tons of patience, and probably magic as well.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show off their DIY prom dresses and the results are quite stunning. Check 'em out:

    1. A strapless blue stunner that turned the streets of Dallas into Nicole's personal runway!!

    2. A gold-embellished floor sweeper channeling some serious ~old Hollywood glam~. And that elegant hair swoop, I cannot!!

    3. A darling revamped gown with a silhouette-patterned top Anne found and sewed on herself — because we like mixing the old and new here, okurrr?

    4. A two-toned twirler with — 🚨 alert the authorities 🚨 — POCKETS!!! If that's not reason enough to dust off your sewing machine, I don't know what is.

    5. A silky red gown that's the IRL embodiment of the 💃 emoji, but a thousand times better IMHO.

    6. A classic but alluring black number that deserves a medal for its last-minute win.

    7. A velvet blue dream with a keyhole front and massive bow in the back, aka where the party is. (I had to.) 😉

    8. A hand-beaded and hand-laced showstopper that an ethereal forest fairy would probably wear to prom, if they decided to. Which they totally could. Also, #talentedmom.

    9. A red dress that goes beyond the fabric and represents a bond between mom and daughter, as well as a proud step towards recovery — you look FAB and we're cheering you on!

    10. A hand-dyed watercolored wonder of the world that looks like it was MEANT to be twirled in all day and night — against a city backdrop, no less.

    11. A gold and black stunner that you'd legit see on the rack of a department store — but nope, all made by hand! That, right there, is t-a-l-e-n-t.

    12. A rainbow flurry of a prom dress that everyone would definitely, as OneRepublic would say, ~stop and stare~ at.

    13. A princess-esque gown with a voluminous skirt that'll definitely be crowned ~Prom Queen~, hands down.

    14. A red siren stunner anyone in their right mind would be 😍 about.

    15. A strapless frock with a sweetheart bodice decorated with 👏reversible sequins👏 that a very talented mom made, because her darling must shine the brightest!

    16. A gothic-inspired dress that always knew it was destined to stand out — whether on a runway, in a forest, or even at a Catholic school prom.

    17. And on the other side of a spectrum, a dainty white lace number that surprised more than a few fellow classmates, and not just because of its intricate handiwork.

    18. A pretty-in-pink number that'll make anyone's prom night feel like Cinderella's ball.

    19. A stunning gown inspired by Katniss Everden's Girl on Fire ensemble. Someone call up District 12, because it's stolen our hearts!

    20. An intricately patterned dress that only took a day to make! A day! Just one! What kind of wizardry is this???

    21. A horse-approved white frock that was gussied up from an ordinary, cheap dress to a prom-ready number capable of dancing the night away!

    22. A one-shoulder stunner only the most highly-esteemed goddesses wear — silver platform heels are not optional.

    23. A ready-to-mingle magenta number made with lots of love and dedication — over 100 rhinestones, count 'em!!

    24. And, to finish it all off, a darling silver lace gown I could see parading down a red carpet in the near future. Interested in making it in Hollywood, Abby?

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