14 Pieces Of Insightful Advice People Have About Dating On Apps

    Because we could all use a little help.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to lend us some of their tried-and-true dating advice, so here are some tips to consider whether you're on apps or IRL.

    1. No one-word "hi" messages. Don't get stuck in the small-talk stage and start off with something ~meatier,~ basically anything that requires a response.

    2. If you don't know where to start the conversation, go off of their interests. And even if you know nothing about their interests, it'll be a fun date and you'll try something new.

    3. Propose questions in your profile about topics that really matter to you, and whoever actually addresses them might be ~the one~ for you, or at the very least, show they care about getting to know you, and vice versa.

    4. While profiles are important and should reflect a bit of effort on the person's behalf, take some with a grain of salt. Not everyone knows how to snap flattering photos or write charming bios. TL;DR: Be open.

    5. While it's great to meet ~totally new~ people and expand your circles, don't write someone off simply because you've crossed paths with them before.

    6. Know what you want, and don't settle or compromise.

    7. Queer friends, if the mainstream apps aren't working out for you, try other platforms!

    8. While this is not 100% the case, you might have a better chance at finding someone looking for a serious relationship on a paid app.

    9. As fun (or not) as it is to talk via witty texts, GIFs, and strings of emojis, meet up in person early on. The IRL vibe can be very different.

    10. Cast a wide net; people can surprise you. But, always trust your gut!

    11. First, take time to get to know yourself before dating anyone else.

    12. Stay true to yourself and show off your quirks — you'll never know who you'll attract and who will be curious about them.

    13. Be responsible for your own transportation so you're free to leave when you want, if you want.

    14. When in doubt, opt for a coffee date — somewhere casual and familiar. Plus, your date can't make you fall asleep from boredom if you have a steady flow of caffeine! 😆

    Good luck swiping, liking, texting, and going on dates! Here's to hoping you learn a lot about yourself, have fun adventures, and maybe even find ~your person~.

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