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27 Cool Products On Amazon Launchpad That You Didn't Know Existed

Including posture coaches, pet cameras, and shirts made out of silver fibers.

Launchpad is a section on Amazon featuring cool tech gadgets, interesting new types of foods and drinks, and other innovative products created by startups. Here are some of the awesome things you can find there right now:

1. Soylent Original & Coffiest are tasty, vegan meal replacement options that pack in 20% of your daily nutritional needs per bottle.

Get 12 bottles of Original for $34 or Coffiest for $39.

Soylent is also available in two brand new flavors: Cacao and Nectar.

2. Baubax's Travel Jacket is chock-full of travel-friendly features that'll keep you warm, happy, and plugged in.

3. The Qwerkywriter is a wireless, typewriter-inspired keyboard that works with desktops and tablets for a ~beautiful fusion of new and old~.

4. Lumo Lift is your personal posture coach and calls you out whenever you start slouching like Quasimodo.

5. Joking Hazard is a terribly hilarious card game from the creators of hit webcomic Cyanide & Happiness.

6. The Petcube Camera lets you interact with your furry family members in real time while you're away.

The camera also has a built-in laser that you can use to annoy (I mean, play with) your pet.

Get one for $149.

You can also get the Petcube Play (higher video streaming quality and night vision capabilities) for $179.

7. ThinOptics are reading frames that fit inside a compact keychain so even super forgetful people are never without their glasses.

Get a pair for $24.95.

8. Phonesoap 2.0 sanitizes your phone with UV rays so you can be a little less gross in your daily life.

10 minutes chilling in the case = bye bye, germs.

Get one for $59.95.

9. TubShroom fits inside any standard bathtub drain, catches every hair that falls through, and has super easy cleanup.

Get one for $12.99.

10. Dripo is a Japanese/Dutch-style cold-drip coffee maker that takes its sweet time to brew a perfectly smooth, light batch.

11. Photojojo's Iris Lens (Fisheye, Macro, and Wide) easily fit over any phone case and the Iris mount easily converts into a carrying case that protects your lens when not in use.

The lens are designed with ~optical grade glass and billeted aluminum housing~ that will catapult you towards Instagram fame*.

*Fame not guaranteed.

Get a set for $69.99.

12. Bellabeat is a stylish health tracker that monitors movement/exercise, sleep, period cycles, and offers guided meditation for a ~healthier and more cognizant you~.

It can be worn by itself clipped onto clothing, as a bracelet (with this leather wrap), or a necklace (with this steel chain).

Get one for $119.95. Available in rose gold/black, silver/gray, and tan/silver.

13. LIFX +'s Smart LED Light Bulbs are Alexa-compatible devices that emit 16 million colors and infrared light (for night vision) for customized lighting that fits any situation or mood.

14. Y Athletics' SilverAir Shirts are made with silver fibers, which eliminate odor-causing bacteria and keeps you smelling fresh through sweat and grime.

Basically wizardry. Read more about the story behind the concept and materials from their original Kickstarter here.

Get one for $54.99. Three colors available, sizes S-XL.

They also offer odorless socks on their site and underwear currently through Indiegogo.

15. Sugru's Mouldable Glue is a pliable glue-to-rubber material that basically does everything, from mounting products to sealing fraying cables.

Can we fix it? Yes we can (with Sugru)!

Get an eight-pack in black & white for $20.36 or a variety of colors for $22.

16. GolfPad Tags are Android-compatible "screws" that fit into your clubs and provide real-time tracking and insights that will up your golf game.

17. Oblique's ultra sleek wine bottle stand looks like an outSTANDing piece of art.

18. Smoko's Giant Unicorn Lamp is the perfect (color-changing!) buddy for your many late-night cram sessions.

19. Sans' Travel Bottle uses a vacuum pump to create an airtight seal that preserves juices and smoothies for hours or even days.

20. Quell is a wearable pain relief band that soothes your aches with the press of a button.

Quell stimulates sensory nerves that carry neural pulses, which in turn block pain signals throughout the body.

Get one for $249.95.

21. Level Gear's Toolcard Pro is a TSA-friendly gadget that comes with a removable money clip and 40 other useful functions.

22. BlenderBottle's Whiskware uses a special metal ball to mix together super creamy, delicious salad dressings.

Make every salad somewhat worth eating.

Get one for $17.99.

23. Wearhaus' Arc Headphones let you wirelessly share music with your besties (or strangers, if you're feeling ~bold~).

Other cool features include light-up rings that can be adjusted to any color and the touch-sensitive panel (on the right ear cup) that lets you control playback, volume, skipping songs, and more.

Get a pair for $199.99.

24. Kinsa's Smart Stick is a digital thermometer that automatically tracks fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses, and medication.

Get one for $14.99. Also available as an ear thermometer.

25. Back to the Roots' Water Garden is a closed-loop ecosystem where plants filter and clean the fish tank while fish waste fertilizes the plants.

26. Slice's ceramic, food-grade scissors claim to be safer than metal blades and never rust.

Get a pair for $29.99.

27. PowerUp 3.0 is a smartphone-controlled paper airplane that puts your ordinary, ground-gravitating airplanes to shame.

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