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    19 Comfy Pieces Of Clothing From Walmart That Might Make It Hard To Ever Leave Home

    You don't really need an excuse to cancel plans, but comfy clothes sweeten the deal.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super breathable sleeveless Terra & Sky dress (with pockets!) to lounge — and occasionally twirl — around in all day long. The easy life? You're livin' it!

    2. Breathable shorts (with pockets!) that *could* accompany you to the gym, but will most likely become your home uniform. And your roommate will appreciate the fact that you're not just lounging in your undies!

    3. A Time & Tru thermal henley tee everyone needs in their wardrobe for a good ol' lazy day where it's all about what *you* wanna do. It's impossibly soft and supports any decisions you make (including cancelling those plans you have marked on your cal). Reclaim your time!

    4. A coordinating three-piece pajama set, so you can fancy up your home get-up just a little bit, instead of resorting to an oversized tee you got for free at a random event years ago.

    5. Chic Terra & Sky jeggings with ample stretch and style to go around — 'cause just because your plans are cancelled, doesn't mean you have to resort to wearing college-old gym shorts!

    6. A three-pack of Hanes sports bras that'll give the gals just enough support for, like, minimal activity. And they might just last you a decade to boot!

    7. A Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara duster cardigan embroidered with a subtle eye on its back, because someone needs to look out for your chill time!

    8. An impossibly comfy scoop-neck Natori nightgown that'll not-so-subtly call your name next time your friends try to drag you out to a party you'd really rather not attend. The perfect excuse not to go is right here!

    9. A chic Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara open-back sweatshirt for a step above your normal sweatshirt, 'cause who doesn't love a cute cutout? No one, that's who!

    10. A cute n' flowy sleeveless A-line maxi dress decorated with a floral/leafy print for added flair — but make no mistake, this is strictly still a casual, laid-back ensemble.

    11. Sporty-ish joggers made with the right balance of fitted and stretchy material, meaning you could pop out for an emergency snack run and still look put together...and then spend the rest of the day cooped up with Netflix.

    12. A knit maxi skirt to drape over your bottom half, while also giving your legs the freedom that they deserve. Because sometimes you're just not into pants, and that's totally acceptable — especially at home, where you can put your legs/feet up wherever you dang please!

    13. A three-pack of scoop neck tank tops perfect for the summer, since you're probably running through your clean clothes at lightning speed due to sweat and other icky situations.

    14. A pair of Danskin biker shorts to *not* wear at the gym, because athletic clothes are perfect for anywhere. Especially when they keep you cool, and feel and fit like ~second skin~, thanks to their super soft cotton-spandex blend.

    15. Cotton-spandex leggings designed with a wide 4" waistband for extra comfort and a no-fuss, hidden draw-cord for bottoms that move — and stay stationary! — with you.

    16. A luxe midi slip dress that'll make you feel like you're just filming a typical ol' day on your hit reality TV show (in which all the drama takes place inside the house).

    17. A classic, soft-to-the-touch Hanes or Just My Size V-neck tee you'll want to buy in literally every color possible, because when they're not just being worn around the house, they'll be perfect for pairing with any bottom/outfit imaginable.

    18. French terry sweatpants with plenty of give (without making you look frumpy!) and pocket space for hair ties, lip balm, and snacks on snacks on snacks — ya' know, just the necessities

    19. An asymmetrical, half-zip wrap that can double as a stylish cowlneck top *and* cozy layering cardigan, so cancelling plans really means making a smart investment in this case. Go you!

    Breaking! I just got a glimpse into your future:

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