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    25 Gorgeous Pieces Of Plus-Size Clothing Your Closet Is Practically Begging You To Buy

    Did I mention that we have a 20% off code at CoEdition for you? Because OMG, we do — get shopping!

    I have an important announcement to make: CoEdition has super attractive clothes for sizes 10 and up — and to sweeten the deal, quite literally — we have an exclusive promo code for 20% off!

    From now until 10/31, enter promo code BZZ20 for 20% off everything! That's right, even sale items!

    So, after combing through (and falling in love with) their entire selection, here are some of our favorite picks:

    1. A chic line-patterned bodycon tied together with a front twist. Dare we say it's also super comfortable? Because it is!

    2. Wide leg floral culottes that will make you your company's "best dressed employee," no contest.

    3. The heels to end your exhaustive search for the perfect everyday, work-to-drinks heels — and they're made out of Italian suede and complete with a thin layer of foam padding and supportive inner sole for all-day comfort. ::chef's kiss::

    4. A striped jumpsuit that I hear is the secret weapon for success — nothing fazes you, and even if someone nasty comes your way, just give 'em the cold shoulder.

    5. A floral crewneck sweatshirt you can find filed in the Official Fashion Dictionary* under "casual chic" — and did I mention it's perfect for freezing offices?

    6. An upgrade for your usual LBD constructed with a comfy cotton body and diamond-patterned mesh layover for weekday witchy vibes.

    7. A cute and actually very functional sports bra that will support your girls — hello, molded underwire cups — even through a super intense kickboxing class.

    8. A trendy geo print backpack perfect for toting around all of your essentials — and admiring yourself in window shopfronts because it's just so freaking cute!

    9. A fuzzy knitted bomber that'll feel more like a warm hug than a piece of clothing — which, in conjunction with a mug of steaming hot cocoa, is a treat you very much deserve!

    10. An one-sleeved hot pink dress you'll want to swing around in every day of the week, not just Wednesday (Hello, Mean Girls reference).

    11. A staple pleather biker jacket whose job is to make your morning routine way easier — all you have to do is throw this on, and you'll be cozy *and* look put together.

    12. A lovely floral midi skirt that'll be the perfect complement to any solid colored top — or if you're feeling more adventurous, go ahead and dip into a major pattern mixing moment.

    13. Buttery soft skinny jeans you can depend on year after year to last you through chillier weather when you must — no matter how hard you fight it — occasionally wear pants. They might as well be comfy, moves-with-you jeans!

    14. Belted maroon shorts to expand your shorts collection from just denim numbers to include workplace and fancy dinner options as well. You adult, you!

    15. High-waisted charcoal trousers to wear when you wanna feel comfy and look like a professional boss lady at the same time.

    16. A ruffle-adorned striped number that'll hit the sweet spot between classic and bold — you'll be more than ready to ace any meeting, interview, or company event wearing this.

    17. A red hot flared shirt situation with contrast stitching and sleeves perfect for flouncing around town in. I think you've just found your new ~power color~.

    18. A cutout shoulder lace number basically guaranteed to wow everyone in your path — you might even call this purchase ~sheer~ brilliance.

    19. A colorful striped two-piece set that'll be the first thing you pack once you book an island vacation the second temperatures start to dip below 50 degrees.

    20. A flounce-hemmed dress begging to be taken out on a nice dinner date — so stop ~whining~ about never having the chance to dress up, and create your own occasion!

    21. A chic navy anorak jacket that says, "bundling up for colder weather, but make it fashion."

    22. A silky navy sleepshirt so friggin' soft that you'll spend the whole day thinking about the moment you walk through your door and throw this bb on. After-work drinks? Nah, nothing's coming in between you and your fancy PJs.

    23. Bubble pearl hoops that will make you forget about all of your other earrings — trust me, you won't miss them.

    24. A simple but dapper black dress made from organic cotton, so you know it's high quality stuff — plus, the pairing combinations are endless. That statement necklace you've never found an occasion to wear? Here's the perfect canvas for it.

    25. And a devilishly gorgeous crochet number destined for the dance floor, swinging and ~flaring~ out to the latest Bruno Mars jam.

    Amping yourself up for a full night of dancing like:

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