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22 Cheap Things You Should Treat Yourself To Right Now

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it *does* buy some pretty cool thingamabobs.

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1. Clip a beaming ring light onto your phone for 🔥 Insta-famous 🔥 selfies every time.

Promising review: "This little light is so awesome! I wasn't so sure it would actually work or that the light would be 'bright' but it ended up exceeding my expectations. It has three brightness levels and makes your selfies turn out pretty awesome. It clips on to the top of your phone without making any marks or damaging the screen. Plus, it comes with a charging cable so it's easy to keep using every day. AND a huge bonus for me was that I didn't have to spend over $50 for a Lumee case." —Kaitlin Ram

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

2. Stuff your face in a box of Cadbury chocolate bars, aka superior candy, aka the golden standard.

Promising review: "This whole assortment is SO GOOD! Nothing was stale, bland, or cardboard-flavored like the American candy I pick up from anywhere. I can't stand a vending machine 3 Musketeers anymore, especially after seeing how many fewer calories are in the British bars comparatively. You've got to try these!" —manderdoodle

Get it from Amazon for $15.82.

3. Apply some colorful deco gel nail wraps for literally the easiest (and coolest) manicure of your life.

You just stick these babies directly on your nails and file them down to the right size. Ideally, you're supposed to use a gel lamp to set the wraps (which they sell in a set), but you can also use regular top coat.

Get a set of 11 wraps from What's On Your Nails on Etsy for $5.99.


4. Give yourself yet another excuse (not that you need one, ever) to snap pics of your furry besties with a "petsies" photo album.

5. Don't settle for ~ordinary~ water and invest in an infuser bottle to add a tiny flavor kick to your hydration needs.

Promising review: "Best infusion bottle I have owned and I tried three prior to this one. It does not leak on my runs or at the gym. The infusion is great and the filter keeps the fruit particles in the bottle. The two different fruit baskets let you decide whether or not you want a very fruity water or a medium mix." —J. Michael Garrard

Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in five colors).

7. Need to go incognito? Nothing to worry about if you have a lotion bottle flask handy.

Promising review: "I got these to bring alcohol into clubs and music venues so I could avoid having to buy really expensive drinks. I own tampon-like flasks and they were not leakproof, but these are. They're also really discreet and I've never had any issues with getting them inside of a venue. They also hold a lot more than the tampon flasks I had did." —Winnie

Get a set of three four-ounce bottles for $12.95.


10. Give yourself a bright pop of creamy cheek color that's totally ready to flirt with summer.

@canmaketokyo / Via

Promising review: "The color is pretty, creamy, odorless, and very pigmented — you only need to use a little bit of product to get a nice flush of color on your cheeks. Overall I find the blush is easy to blend onto the skin (I usually just use my fingers). The wear time for me is about five or six hours after setting the blush with a little powder. This blush is lightweight and I don't feel it when I wear it; you can apply a little for an everyday flushed look or add more for drama." —Thailyone Bien Lor

Get it in Coral Orange, Sweet Apricot, Clear Peach Sugar, and Apple Cream Red from Amazon for $7.81+ each.

11. Safeguard your expensive heels with discreet protector caps or make a wobbly pair actually walkable — because you deserve to dance away in them for years to come.

Promising review: "They turned a pair of spindly, wobbly, and dangerous heels into a pair I could feel confident walking in. I didn't buy them specifically for use on grass, but just to give me a little bit more real estate on the heel. I also liked that they have a fun architectural look to them — none of my friends thought they were an 'add on' and I was asked where I got my gorgeous heels." —B. Vann

Get a pair from Amazon for $13.49 or Solemates for $12 (available in classic, narrow, and wide sides, as well as four colors).


15. Hydrate your burnt-out tresses with a rinse-out deep conditioning mask so you're left with a silky mane (that was just temporarily hiding, of course).,

Promising review: "An inexpensive and effective deep conditioner that left my short platinum hair feeling silky and refreshed. Relieved to find a product that wasn't expensive but gets the job done. Pleasant light scent too." —AJW

Get it from Amazon for $6.85.


16. Let your human hooves ~dazzle~ and ~shine~ with holographic unicorn nail polish.

Promising review: "Nails Inc. should seriously consider making this duo permanent! The shades are unique and apply with ease. The purple duochrome shade is slightly sheer, but when layered it looks really pretty. The rose gold shade stole my heart. It's so pigmented and it's the most beautiful shade ever." —myumew

Get the duo from Sephora for $15.

17. Gear up for frequent trips to the beach with a sizzling bikini that will have all eyes focusing on you.

Promising review: "My favorite bathing suit! Very cheeky and cute. Just strappy enough to be in style, but won't cause strange tan lines! Great quality and color." —Eileen

Get it from Amazon for $12.67+ (available in sizes S-XL and eight styles).

18. Do yourself a favor by renting a dress for whatever fancy shindig you have to go to, so you can look cute ~and~ not spend a million bucks on something you'll only wear once.

Rose / Via,

Promising review (for the black dress): "The slightly off-the-shoulder look was so elegant and really showed off my neckline well. The feathers made this dress really stand out and the flared skirt was perfect for having a few cocktails. Pockets were a great added bonus!" —Hh

Get the first dress and second dress from Rent The Runway for $30-45 each (for four- or eight-day rentals).


21. Flush out every damn blackhead and clogged pore from your nose with a very thorough three-step kit.

@holikaholikausa / Via

Promising review: "Wayyy kinder to your nose than the Bioré strips and just as effective. The first strip OPENS up your pores and the second is the traditional blackhead strip. The third one is kind of weird, like a clear gel that closes your pores back up and moisturizes them. They also mold really well to your nose, so you can easily run around and do other things while letting them do their thing, which is nice." —Roxanne

Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $15.50.

22. Restore order to your oily, acne-prone skin with a coconut gel mask that helps keep excess oil production at bay and soothes irritated skin.

Read more about Leaders sheet masks on The Klog here!

Get it from Soko Glam for $7 (or currently two for $7 — you can choose a free second one at checkout). Also available in brightening, lifting, and moisturizing versions.

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The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.