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    22 Cheap Things You Should Treat Yourself To Right Now

    Money doesn't buy happiness, but it *does* buy some pretty cool thingamabobs.

    1. Clip a beaming ring light onto your phone for 🔥 Insta-famous 🔥 selfies every time.

    2. Stuff your face in a box of Cadbury chocolate bars, aka superior candy, aka the golden standard.

    3. Apply some colorful deco gel nail wraps for literally the easiest (and coolest) manicure of your life.

    4. Give yourself yet another excuse (not that you need one, ever) to snap pics of your furry besties with a "petsies" photo album.

    5. Don't settle for ~ordinary~ water and invest in an infuser bottle to add a tiny flavor kick to your hydration needs.

    6. Clink in celebration with mason jar shot glasses that are known offenders when it comes to causing major cute aggression.

    7. Need to go incognito? Nothing to worry about if you have a lotion bottle flask handy.

    8. Update your jewelry collection with super chic two-tone black and rose gold earrings.

    9. And while you're at it, sport some new wrist candy because gold and pearls never go out of style.

    10. Give yourself a bright pop of creamy cheek color that's totally ready to flirt with summer.

    11. Safeguard your expensive heels with discreet protector caps or make a wobbly pair actually walkable — because you deserve to dance away in them for years to come.

    12. Live out your bed snoozing on top of a lazy cat pillowcase, not doing anything, because cats.

    13. Or snag a life lesson from this floofy pupper and make any travel situation infinitely better with a rainbow pillow.

    14. Snap on a Wonder Woman pin to remind yourself that it's not always about who or what is deserved, but what you believe in.

    15. Hydrate your burnt-out tresses with a rinse-out deep conditioning mask so you're left with a silky mane (that was just temporarily hiding, of course).

    16. Let your human hooves ~dazzle~ and ~shine~ with holographic unicorn nail polish.

    17. Gear up for frequent trips to the beach with a sizzling bikini that will have all eyes focusing on you.

    18. Do yourself a favor by renting a dress for whatever fancy shindig you have to go to, so you can look cute ~and~ not spend a million bucks on something you'll only wear once.

    19. Stick a smiling panda memo board onto the side of your computer so those impending deadlines seem a little less scary.

    20. Make sure your skin is always protected against UV rays with a handy sun safety kit.

    21. Flush out every damn blackhead and clogged pore from your nose with a very thorough three-step kit.

    22. Restore order to your oily, acne-prone skin with a coconut gel mask that helps keep excess oil production at bay and soothes irritated skin.

    When you're broke but can still afford a little special something:

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