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    30 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

    Life is just one steady flow of getting paychecks and then promptly spending them all.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A happiness journal that doesn't give even the busiest of bees an excuse not to do a lil' bit of self-reflection and insert a lil' positivity into each day.

    Promising review: "This journal is undated and every page is different. You can start at the beginning and work your way through, or you can flip to any page and start there. There are quotes. There are pictures. There are thoughts, ideas, and writing prompts. You surely won't get bored with this cute journal. Pops of color and the different fonts make me happy. If you are pressed for time and can't sit down and journal about your day, this is perfect for you, because not much writing is required but you are still taking time for yourself and it's something positive." —Chrystal Mahan

    Get it from Amazon for $10.12.

    2. Cozy crochet cuffs to add a lil' extra warmth, not to mention style, to your winter ensemble — look at you, layering icon.

    Promising review: "I ordered the gray cuffs and absolutely love them! They're especially handy for the boots I own that can't accommodate thicker socks. I have very skinny calves so they also help to fill out the top of my boots that sometimes don't hug my legs like I want them to. I was worried that these cuffs might not stay in place, but they were rock solid through a long day at work. I can wear these several times without washing, which makes them pretty hard to beat. I plan on ordering more colors now!" —Hip Shopper

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (11 colors).

    3. A cute ~rewards~ subscription box that fully embodies the concept of treating oneself in the midst of a packed schedule. It's filled with green-friendly beauty and self-care products, home goods, jewelry, and the like for a monthly surprise that'll keep you looking forward to the next!

    The regular box contains five to six full-size items ($24), while the mini box has three to four full-size items ($35).

    Get it from My Reward Box on Cratejoy for $24+.

    4. A grilled cheese toaster you needed yesterday...for very obvious reasons. I'm not even getting into it. If you don't like grilled cheese, please look into this issue.

    Promising review: "The single most used small appliance in my house! Makes perfect grilled cheese. Requires very thin bread, but the sandwiches come out perfectly toasted and melty. Just wash the baskets to keep them clean." —Christopher C. Lewis

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    5. Miniature wine shot glasses so all those who can't hold their liquor ~too well~ can still throw one back like the young 'uns!

    I'm really just talking about myself lol. *walks away with hand over eyes*

    Get a set of four from ThinkGeek for $11.99.

    6. Chili-infused honey for adding the perfect kick of spice and sweetness to all your fave foods (pizza, anyone?) and drinks (like tea)!

    Promising review: "Love this. So delicious and can be used for everything. Added it on grilled pizza, chicken wings, mixed with soy for a potsticker dipping sauce. It's hard to put back on the shelf. I think this is what is missing from most dishes! Perfect balance of sweet and heat." —LRou

    Get it from Amazon for $11.45+.

    7. Vegan, organic bath bombs that span a rainbow of relaxing soaks — each has a specific purpose depending on the roughness level of each day (as I'd like to think).

    Promising review: "I bought these for my girlfriend as a graduation gift and she said they were better than Lush bath bombs that cost a minimum of $5–7 each. She said the aromatic smells were amazing and she would definitely buy them again! She has incredibly sensitive skin and is allergic to so many soaps, chemicals, and foods, but these didn't make her break out in hives or irritate her skin!" —MelonMan

    Get a box of eight from Amazon for $17.95.

    8. Breathable cotton terry shoe insoles to lessen the pain of breaking in your super cute but super rough new flats.

    Promising review: "I normally never wear shoes without socks because my feet sweat a lot and the shoes will smell terrible. I have to get rid of the shoes after wearing the shoes two to three times! The terry top layer is a bit thinner than I expected, but they were very comfortable due to the cushioned, breathable bottom layer. These kept my feet comfortable and dry all day. I handwashed them, even though the description says machine washable. I bought a few more pairs of these and even cut the toe part out of one, so I could wear them with open-toed flats. I recommend bringing these with you while shoe shopping because they can make some shoes a bit tight." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.47+ (women's sizes 5–12 and men's sizes 6–15).

    9. And a pair of pretty embroidered sneakers to pair with the insoles, because you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for style!

    Promising review: "They are super cute and look exactly as pictured! They are good for my work dress code, which is casual, without crossing the line into athletic wear." —slfisch

    Get them from Target for $23.78 (sizes 5.5–11).

    10. An ergonomic gel elbow/wrist rest that's juuust the right amount of squishy and firm, the dream team for desk-derived joint pain.

    Promising review: "A very interesting material; just the right amount of 'squishiness' (sorry to get so technical), softer than the desk/armrest, yet stiff enough that my elbow doesn't push all the way through if I lean on it (e.g., to shift my weight in the chair). Has really helped my elbow pain." —Greg G.

    Get a pair from Amazon for $16.99+ (four colors).

    11. A super hydrating and cooling eye stick for instant puffiness relief and dark circle brightening thanks to its star ingredient, pure mineral water from Iceland. Plus, who can resist that packaging? Absolutely no one.

    @peach_slices / Via

    Comes highly rated by all the polar bear beauty experts!

    Get it from CVS for $8.99 or Amazon for $10.99.

    12. An adorable capsule jar filled with blank pieces of paper to fill up with positive notes, inspirational quotes, and/or notes to your sweetie.

    Get a bottle of 50 capsules from Amazon for $8.99+.

    13. A silicone diamond ring ice tray so all of your DIY cocktails, in all their delicious and janky ways, can be properly ~blinged out~.

    Promising review: "I ordered this for a bachelorette party. It only makes six but they freeze super fast so you can make several batches in just a few days. The rings are surprisingly easy to remove from the tray; I only broke one out of ten entire batches. Also, big plus: the rings fit into champagne flutes!" —Lewis N.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    14. Scented floral temporary tattoos for a lovely accessory to any ensemble — bloom and smell away!,

    Get a two-pack from Tattly for $6 each: Blue Hydrangea and Thyme.

    15. Knee-high mermaid flipp— I mean, socks, to solidify your status as a fierce daughter of Triton.

    If you want to survive in part of ~my~ world, I suggest owning a pair of these. Magical beings get preferred access, ya know.

    Get them from Amazon for $5.88+ (one size and four prints).

    16. A gorgeous semi-sheer floral dress with a sophisticated high neck, flirty ruffles, and endless style.,

    Promising review: "I'm normally a size 18 and the XL fit perfectly. Very flattering; got lots of compliments!" —TinaATL

    Get them from Target for $34.99 (sizes XS–XXL) and $25.88 (sizes X–4X and two prints).

    17. Microwavable rice-filled, lavender-scented hand and foot wraps to soothe your overworked body parts after a particularly intense work shift or workout session.

    Get them from TJ Maxx for $9.99 or Macy's for $12.99.

    18. USDA-certified organic, extra-strength espresso pods made from straight-up badassery, obviously.

    Promising review: "I love my Nespresso machine, but I really don't love being forced to only order pods from their website. These pods work perfectly with the machine, and I honestly like this espresso better. It's full-bodied and bold without being acidic, with a nice caramel note. I'm looking forward to trying the other roasts, but I think this one will be my mainstay. The profanity filter on this thing won't let me quote the name, but let's just say that the name reflects exactly how I felt drinking it. 11/10 would recommend." —Espresso Junkie

    Get a 20-pack from Jet for $9.99.

    19. A roomy, holds-it-all duffle bag with a special side pocket for shoes or wet gear — talk about ~making a splash~ at the gym.

    Promising review: "I have been using this bag for the last nine months and it has been fantastic. I use it primarily for my bicycling/spinning gear and it holds everything I need — it can also easily accommodate three bottles of different sizes, which I love. At first, I was not sure this bag would last construction-wise, since the metal claps seemed small and the material is on the thinner side. But it is holding up great — no tears, breaks, or other issues." —Chris C.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.47+ (five colors).

    20. Ultra soft striped leggings that equally werk it during a yoga class, on a grocery run, or sprawled out across your couch (eating fistfuls of Cheetos...thanks, stretchy waistband!) — it's adaptable to a wide array of lifestyles!

    Promising review: "Probably the best pair of pants I own. I almost feel naked in them, but in a good way?" —Aisha

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95+ (sizes S/M and L/XL and available in 22 colors).

    21. A cutie-patootie notebook adorned with the most kawaii dumplings, buns, and wontons — it's definitely all that and ~dim sum~. 😉

    Get it from Wonton in a Million on Etsy for $10 or get a set of three (you choose the designs or you can be surprised!) for $24. Available in two sizes and blank or dot-grid interiors.

    22. A pair of gold snake earrings for a subtle poke at whatever shade dares to disrupt your joy and calmness — no ~slithering~ around the bush for you.

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $16.

    23. A bonafide unicorn-approved oval brush set to blend your foundation, concealer, highlighter, and every fathomable kind of makeup in, like, a damn dream.

    Promising review: "They are incredibly soft on your skin, no irritating bristles to deal with. While soft, they are still able to grab whatever makeup you are using and firm enough to do some nice detail work with your routine." —Winnie Y.

    Get the 10-piece set from Amazon for $17.99.

    24. A purse- and pocket-friendly peach nectar–scented hand lotion that'll negate the drying effects of winter on your poor, poor hands — luckily, ginko leaf extract and vitamin E are here to save the day!

    @peach_slices / Via

    Get it from CVS for $5.99 (also available in rose and coconut).

    25. A delightful Hello Kitty & Friends coloring book to keep you company as you wait out the weeks until you personally deem it acceptable to socialize anywhere besides your home.

    Promising review: "Absolutely adorable book! I've loved Hello Kitty since I was a child many moons ago, so this was an easy sell to me! It's a fun, whimsical book with all the characters!" —grahamcrackerz5

    Get it from Amazon for $11.55.

    26. An illuminating red heart light for some snazzy decor in a snap — at a price way lower than typical neon lights, if we're being totally real.

    Get it from Jet for $14.14 (also available as a star or the word "dream").

    27. A classy semi-transparent glass nail file to replace the countless cheap sandpapery emery boards you've bought and discarded throughout the years — it'll last wayyy longer because it's ~tough as nails~, obviously.

    Promising review: "Very gentle and smooth file. It doesn't bite and grab nails like emery boards, so at first it may seem as if it's not doing anything, but I find that it doesn't take any longer to shape my nail with this file than with emery or sponge boards. I have not trouble getting near the side wall with this file either." —ShirinS

    Get it from Amazon for $7.49+.

    28. A Pusheen purrito blanket that's both instructional and cozy — it's basically the equivalent of getting a degree in professional nap taking.

    Get it exclusively from Hey Chickadee for $22.80.

    29. Soul-soothing, decadent hot chocolate to warm your belly right up and give you the sweetest rush that'll prepare you to take over the world (really, I mean it).

    Promising review: "Delicious, really chocolatey but not sticky sweet

    — absolutely the best! It melts into hot milk with no gloppy lumps or powdery mess. Just great, smooth chocolate. The perfect antidote to sub-zero temperatures and major snowfall in Chicago." —Jane M. Hunter

    Get it from Amazon for $9.90.

    30. And a pair of adorably cozy bulldog slippers, because winter (according to the forecast I just checked 0.0005 seconds ago) IS STILL UNFORTUNATELY HAPPENING.

    Get them from Nordstrom for $30 (sizes S–L).

    Me ready to say BUH-BYE to winter since two months ago:

    Hughes Entertainment

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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