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    22 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

    ♫ I got that summertime, summertime shopping spree ♫

    1. Slip on a stunning open-ended turquoise bracelet that'll add a touch of class to every outfit.

    2. Outfit yourself in a casual long-sleeve tee with a blatant declaration of self-love.

    3. Pamper your tired, overworked eyes with heated eye masks that are truly ~a snap~ to use.

    4. Whip up some tasty s'mores in the microwave with a nifty device that heats everything up evenly.

    5. Never let the unicorn makeup trend die with Wet n Wild's new Unicorn Glow Collection.

    6. For a everyday look, swipe on a hydrating balm stain for the perfect pop of color that won't feel gross or heavy in the sweltering heat.

    7. Say "seeya" to excess oil and shine with a never-ending packet of blotting sheets that won't disturb your pristine makeup.

    8. Hook on a pair of intricate web-like earrings that are sure to be the envy of your jewelry collection.

    9. Throw on some mirrored rose gold sunnies so you look absolutely killer in all of your summertime pics.

    10. Ditch your boring pink erasers and use kawaii animal erasers exclusively from here on out.

    11. Live in a swingy striped dress that'll provide enough ventilation in allll the right places.

    12. And keep a mini USB-powered fan whirling all summer long to stay ~extra~ cool.

    13. Add hydration and radiance to your face with a lux gold dust hydrogel mask.

    14. Let yourself be the good kind of lazy with a drawstring makeup bag that lays out flat when open and cinches back up in a jiff.

    15. Take your sweet time finishing that amazing book you're reading and mark your place with tiny green sprouts.

    16. Study up on the Internet phenomenon that is Doug the Pug and entertain yourself for hours with lovable pictures.

    17. Give summer a proper welcome with scrumptious homemade popsicles! 🎉

    18. Flaunt your bod in a colorful, retro-like dress for all the summer soirées on your cal.

    19. Accessorize with a stinkin' cute octopus or panda pin because with them, there'll never be a bad day.

    20. Gently wipe your makeup away with a heart-shaped makeup eraser that's about 50 times cuter than its original version.

    21. Decorate your wall with a unicorn print that's as adorable as it is sassy.

    22. Fill the No Face void in your life with a mini plushie (psst, it's very huggable).

    Here's to hoping No Face will pull gold out of thin air and offer it to you.