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29 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

No need to unload your entire paycheck.

1. A meditative journal to scribble, doodle, and color in, so you become more mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and habits.

Be more present in your everyday life with this present for yourself (lol).

Get it from Amazon for $8.70 or Urban Outfitters for $16.

2. Or a bundle of cute pocket notebooks for on-the-go notes.

Plop one in your purse, backpack, coat pocket, work desk, etc.

Get a set of six from Amazon for $8.59.

3. Beautiful 3D butterfly wall stickers that will flutter their way into your heart.

4. A rose gold multipurpose makeup brush set for an affordable dupe to the Instagram-famous Artis brushes.

You can save that extra $485 for, you know, rent or food. Imagine that.

Promising review: "I generally shy away from using beautyblenders and brushes because the ones that I've tried seemed to soak up my foundation and the coverage often looked uneven — but that was not my experience with these at all. Of course these brushes do absorb a *little bit* of your makeup, but nowhere near as much as the ones I've used before, and they blend my foundation beautifully. They're also nice to look at and feel very soft against the skin." —Melanie

Get a set of 10 from Amazon for $14.99 / Available in four colors.

5. (Preferably endless) bags of green tea Kit Kats because you're worth it.

*contemplates moving to Japan for easier access*

Get a bag (12 packets) from Amazon for $4.31 or three bags from Amazon for $14.98.

6. A car gear keychain that gives your hands something to do when you're feeling restless and anxious.

7. A set of snazzy metallic crayons to make your drawings POP or scented gel crayons that smell like all of your favorite fruits.

Get the first six-pack of metallic gel crayons from Amazon for $12.95 and the second five-pack of scented neon gel crayons from Forever 21 for $9.90.

8. A staple minty-fresh face mask that helps soothe irritations, shrink your pores, and dry out your pimples.

Promising review: "This is my favorite mask and I buy it religiously. I much prefer the tub version (over the squeeze tube) because I think it makes application and storage easier. This masque is gentle enough to use daily, but I use it about once a week. It does an excellent job of diminishing the appearance of pores and I swear my face looks so radiant after I take it off. It reduces the red, inflamed look of pimples if you pick at them, and if you apply a small dot on pimples, the mask will also completely dry and deflate them overnight! 100x worth the price." —Sarahndipity.c

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $7.39.

9. Mini rosé and brunch kits to save the hangover-ridden or pants-too-tight day.

No, for real, there are pain relievers and pants extenders included.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $14 each — the rosé kit here and the brunch kit here.

They're also available at Francesca's and Nordstrom.

10. Gorgeous lipsticks that add just the right burst of pink according to your pout's pH level.

11. A darling watermelon tote to make lugging groceries to and fro much more enjoyable and eco-friendly.

And it can hold up to 50 pounds of stuff! So like, two real watermelons if you really want to test your arm/shoulder strength.

Get it from Amazon for $10 or a pack of three for $24 / Individual bags available in 26 styles.

12. Charming Harry Potter jewelry that'll leave onlookers completely spellbound.

🎵 "I got the magic in me 🎵

Get the necklace from Amazon for $4.99 and the ring from Stamped Love on Amazon Handmade for $9.99 / Sizes 5–12.

13. Transparent rings filled with tiny gold flakes probably meant for fairy royalty, but they made an exception for you.

14. A gigantic glass that fits quite a doozy, aka an entire 750 ml bottle's worth of wine, because OF COURSE.

15. Sneaker fresheners masquerading as giant capsules that you twist to release a stink-away scent.

16. Glamorous, bright red sunnies that pull off a better cat eye than you with liquid eyeliner.

17. A hunky jar of cookie-flavored PB (with a dash of wild honey!) for sweets-craving emergencies.

18. A nifty DIY letterboard case that lets your phone do your talking for you.

19. Sheer garden-esque curtains to let in juuuust enough light without totally drenching your room in it.

20. Statement sequin pillow cases that allow you to change the color scheme (and even draw pictures/words!) with a few flicks of your fingers.

Promising review: "The reversible sequence is so satisfying. Endless entertainment. It also fit some old crappy throw pillows I had left from an old couch, so that was a plus!" —Joe-Ann Swanson

Get one from Amazon for $7.98 / 13 styles available.

21. A confetti popper to shower your friends with gold and silver flakes of happiness.

22. Pearly bobby pins that could be a part of your world for the price of your morning latte.

Wouldn't you fancy some fancy side bangs?

Get a pair from Urban Outfitters for $4.99.

23. A three-step at-home facial perfect for when you've had a long day of hustling and need to recharge.

Promising review: "My skin looked and felt amazing after just one use. Box comes with two facial systems, but you can get more than two uses out of it if you split each pad in half. There is a lot of moisturizer in one packet and the foaming wash definitely has four or five uses in it too! " —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $14.

24. A pretty-in-pink bottle of refreshingly sweet sake infused with cream, cherry blossom, and white grape elements.

25. A snarky cat mug that, just like you, gives zero fucks.

26. Mini Instax glitter frames to make every memory feel like it was a massive party.

27. Exfoliating/brightening lip oil you can use as a daytime lip balm, overnight lip mask, or both.

Formulated with sea buckthorn oil, apple extract, sweet almond oil, and wintergreen leaf extract, just to name a few.

Get it from Memebox for $11.

28. Novelty light bulb string lights for bright ideas all day, every day.

29. And if your tush is in need of some special attention, a bidet for a refreshing clean-up spray.

Me after adding all these products to my cart:

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The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.