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21 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

*throws money at screen*

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1. Embrace your inner weirdo with a creative journal filled with fun writing prompts, activities, and quirky creatures to brighten your day.

Promising review: "Unlike your typical journal, You're Weird has a lot of fun drawings, questions, and activities that help inspire and prod you to keep journaling. Every page is full of fun drawings ripe for coloring for cutting loose after an hour-long strategy meeting. I plan on ordering another copy just for coloring. I'm sure even seasoned journal keepers will enjoy this book." —Jay Saenz

Get it from Amazon for $15.98.

2. Toss on a floppy sun hat with your go-to phrase — lots of choices for cheerful and cynical folks alike.,

Promising review: "This sun hat is so cute! I love all the different sayings that you can choose from. The hat comes rolled up but retains its shape once out of the plastic bag. It's oversized without being obnoxious and made of good material. The letters are also made from an embroidered fabric so they will last longer." —Jody

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in 12 styles).

3. Jot down all the new spells you're learning with a Hermione wand pen so you can keep practicing them until they're perfect (and nothing less).

You can replace the ink with BIC pen inserts once it runs out! And the pen also comes with a bookmark.

Promising review: "Very cute little set — my Hogwarts-obsessed daughter loved it. She's had the pen for months now and it hasn't run out of ink or snapped (which was definitely a possibility since she's constantly waving it around). The pen is actually very detailed as well." —Jennifer Carls

Get it from Amazon for $8.50.


4. Cute-ify your room decor with an adorable dragon mood light that's perfect for late night studying/reading/Netflix binging.

Promising review: "I wanted something cute — but also serving a function

— on my desk in my room, and this light meets that criteria. This little dragon light is adorable and it's way brighter than I expected it to be." —Mika D.

Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in four colors).

5. Combat summer under-boob sweat and heat rashes with a comfy bra liner for sensitive skin.

Promising review: "Before I found these I used anything I could find —

kleenex, paper towel, clean cotton socks, and I mean everything (except the dog and our kitchen sink) — to try to stay dry and now that I have discovered this, I'll never use anything else! The material is so, so soft that it's completely comfortable even when bunched up and it's not visible under clothing! And absorbent? Oh my gosh, it IS! Immediately wicks all moisture away from the body! Large enough to completely cover all areas you need (with extra!), extremely lightweight, and exceedingly kind to my over-sensitive skin! I recommend buying several; if hand-washed in the evening they take only a couple of hours to dry." —LadyBugSTL

Get it from Amazon for $15+ (available in sizes A-G).

6. Create your own IG-worthy brunch on a lazy weekend morning with a nifty waffle stick maker!

If you're as sloth-like as I am, trekking outside to wait 30 minutes for a table does not sound appealing.

Promising review: "I had never used a waffle maker at home before, just those big bulky hotel ones, and wanted something small and easy to use. This fits right in the cupboard when not in use. Perfect for making quick waffles for my two toddlers, who also like the on-the-go aspect of the stick waffles." —ShoppingCritic

Get it from Amazon for $12.45.


8. Switch our a harsh face cleanser for a low pH gel cleanser that actually keeps your face around its natural pH, so it doesn't feel raw and stripped afterwards.

Promising review: "I had really stubborn comedogenic acne. It wasn't inflamed but I had all of these closed whiteheads all over my face that I could tell would eventually erupt into the crazy acne that I get every couple of years. So I was looking for a gentle BHA cleanser and this did the trick. After a month of using it twice a day then tapering off to only once a day, it has done wonders. My face is so smooth and it prevented a huge breakout. This is going to be a staple product for me." —Sarah Lee

Get it from Amazon for $10.75.

9. Make eating more fruit way easier with a pineapple corer/slicer for perfectly shaped rings — it's mesmerizing, really.

Promising review: "Nearly a half year later, I'm still using this. I feel like a fool for cutting pineapples by hand up until now. This is so much quicker and easier, without small cuts of pineapple and juice ending up all over the cutting board and counter. This is the lazy man's best friend." —Christopher M.

Get it from Amazon for $2.71.

10. Rub some anti-chafe and -blister balm literally everywhere you possibly need it in exchange for priceless comfort.

Promising review: "I put this stuff all over my body...because it works. I run nearly every day and always put it on my feet at the very least; and if I'm doing more than 10K I put this stuff on my feet, nipples, and thighs. I used to get terrible blisters when going for longer runs, but a generous layer of this on all the trouble spots between my feet and my socks prevents any problems from occurring. Bottom line: if you get chafing anywhere on your body, even on that weird place that only you have problems with, put some Body Glide on it and you'll be fine. It works in hot and cold climates, and even after an ocean swim when doing triathlon." —Nick K.

Get it from Amazon for $8+.

11. Swing the day away in a breezy maxi dress (with pockets!) with subtle side slits that can be dressed up or down.

Promising review: "I am a size 16 and normally do not fit in large sizes, so I was a bit skeptical of this dress sizing, but was SO pleased with the way it turned out that I ordered another one in blue. The pockets are fantastic and I did not feel like they made the dress stick out funny at the hips. I needed some dresses that could be around-the-house casual but also dressed up to go out. It's so cozy and cute, and not especially see-through (I hate that). But because I am me, I wore a slip with it when I left the house. If you are looking for a good maxi dress with pockets that you can wear a normal bra with, this dress is for you." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $19.29+ (available in sizes XS-XL and 15 colors).


13. Relieve pent-up stress with a squishy strawberry-scented cake toy that — bonus!!! — actually smells like fruit!

Promising review: "This is the softest thing in the world. It's so relaxing and of such good quality. Would definitely purchase again." —Elizabeth

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in 15 styles, mostly food and animals).

14. Spritz some sea salt spray into your locks for lived-in waves that mimic a day at the beach — FYI, this can be used on all hair colors.

Promising review: "Summer extended! Love my hair at the beach and crave it when I'm not there. This sprays on after a wash (heck -- I've used it on dry hair), has a lovely smell, and delivers what is promised: BEACH HAIR. It's not as heavy as other (Bumble) products I've tried." —Katherine S.

Get it from Amazon for $7.49.

15. Buy some baby-heeled sandals with faux suede, floral embroidery, and tie-up situation that won't be a total pain to walk in.


16. Update your worn-out wallet with a cute faux leather cat fold-over with 11 card slots, two cash holders, and two coin pockets (that can also fit an iPhone!).,

Promising review: "I am very impressed with the quality of the materials and design. Cards slide in and out of the slots easily and there is plenty of space for any other items you might have." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $11.55 (available in five colors).

19. Bring the party tunes everywhere you need 'em with a water resistant bluetooth speaker.

Promising review: "Awesome sound quality, awesome price. When looking for a speaker I just couldn't justify paying 100s of dollars for a small speaker. I'm not going to throw a block party any time soon, but it's loud enough that we can take this guy out in the backyard. We love to invite our friends and have cookouts, sit by the fire, play corn hole, etc., and this speaker has gotten a lot of attention. Also, the battery life is amazing! I use this everyday in the kitchen with my iPad to watch TV/listen to music while I cook three meals and clean up after us and our pets. My husband and I also both use it while we shower. I think it's safe to say we use it a total of four hours a day easily, and we still only charge it once, sometimes twice a week." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $27.99.


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The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.