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    37 Things For When You Want To Look Fabulous, But Are Broke

    Upgrading your style doesn't have to come with a high price tag.

    1. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings to amp up any ordinary top and take your outfit straight from meh to fab.

    2. A knotted headband that'll keep your hair under control when you're trying to snap an OOTD on a windy day *and* add a stylish touch to any hairdo — it's called "being lazy but looking 100%," look it up.

    3. Or an on-trend padded velvet headband can help your mane look like perfection in 0.05 seconds, even if your roots are secretly a liiiiittle too greasy for your liking. No one has to know!

    4. A mini fabric steamer to keep your clothes free of wrinkles and other mishaps they've incurred as victims of being tossed without any regard (oops) — and best of all, it takes only a few minutes for your clothes to be wear-ready again!

    5. A fan-favorite Maybelline sponge-tip concealer for dabbing away dark circles, unwelcome blemishes, surgery scars, and whatever else might prevent you from ~feeling~ your best — 'cause that's what really matters!

    6. A set of gorgeous pearl or crystal hair pins to take your usual messy bun or everyday 'do up a few notches. Just stick 'em in, and let the compliments roll in!

    7. A pair of over-the-knee boots with a chunky heel and stylish lace-up action that'll instantly dress up your favorite pair of jeans and give 'em a whole new look.

    8. An off-the-shoulder skater dress with a high-low hem to marry your two fashion preferences, comfy and stylish, for a knockout combo that'll stun at your next special event.

    9. A set of blush- and mauve-toned velvet scrunchies, so you can elevate your look in approximately 30 seconds for maximum fabulousness and zero dents.

    10. A giant bottle of Dickinson's witch hazel toner to level out and heal your persisting acne, while also preventing new blemishes from popping up — because they're not about to steal the spotlight from the gorgeousness that is you.

    11. John Frieda Day 2 Revival products, so you can keep your meticulously styled 'dos fresh and vibrant for longer — all of the formulas are super lightweight and work to refresh your waves/curls, absorb oil, and smooth away pesky flyaways.

    12. A pair of tassled drop earrings for statement jewelry that people can't help but notice, compliment, and probably ask you which fancy boutique you found them in.

    13. A flowy velvet dress that'll automatically crown you as #1 most stylish at any party, wedding, or special occasion you'll grace with your lovely presence. Seriously, you're booked, so they should be grateful.

    14. Chic platform lace-up sneakers, because when your shoes are super comfortable *and* eye-catching (ahem, the focal point of your outfit even), that's called a fashion win. Cheers to you!

    15. A satin midi skirt that'll keep you stylish as heck as you sashay away from your responsibilities and hold an impromptu (but much-needed) photoshoot for the 'gram.

    16. A starry eyeliner stamp (that also doubles as regular liquid liner on the other end!) to dot on for a ~special~ effect — and it doesn't even require any effort (or skill!) on your part! Just tap lightly, and voila, your face is art!

    17. Glossier Boy Brow, so you can lift, shape, and tint your brows juuuuust the right amount, so they look put together. Just like the rest of you!

    18. An elegant but ~hot~ lacy minidress you'll pull out for just about any occasion that requires you to wear something more elevated than your usual daytime ensembles. Check. Yourself. Out!!!

    19. A sheer-sleeved embroidered dress you'll have a hard time not wearing every day. It's just THAT pretty. Your other dresses will definitely be jealous, but you won't be sorry.

    20. A Pacifica Beauty Rose Flower Hydro Mist infused with rose water and fermented tea (kombucha!) to keep your makeup from slipping off and keep your face looking refreshed, alive, and perfectly dewy — no matter how few hours you slept. Love this for us!

    21. A Maybelline liquid lipstick that'll paint your pout with bold, rich color that could easily pass off as Kat Von D or Stila — and it doesn't fade throughout the day or feel tacky!

    22. A bright red crocodile-patterned faux leather belt bag to add a pop of color and liveliness to any otherwise muted outfit — talk about a snazzy accessory that'll get people talking!

    23. A pleated A-line dress to throw on whenever you need something a lil' fancier than your daytime dresses — add a clutch, and voila, the belle of the ball has arrived!

    24. A crisscross ring for a touch of sparkle that looks way more expensive than it is — so go ahead, wave your hands around! Be expressive! Let the whole world take notice (and take notes)!

    25. A Tide To Go pen to keep handy everywhere you go (purse, office desk, home, etc.), so you never have to walk around with stains populating your stylish ensembles.

    26. A vegan Tarte teeth-whitening pen so you can drink all the coffee you want and still flash your million-watt smile at the haters.

    27. A high-waisted faux suede lace-up mini that'll keep you company on all of your photo-worthy excursions across town...or the globe — pair it with over-the-knee boots and a sweater, and you got yourself a winning outfit.

    28. A simple but gorgeous initial necklace that'll look more expensive than it actually is hangin' around your neck and lookin' pretty and reppin', well, you.

    29. Pretty patterned mesh socks to breathe new life into your worn-out shoe collection. Show 'em off with your favorite heels, or pair them with loafers and let them peek out for a more subtle touch of pattern mixing!

    30. A jewelry-polishing pen that'll instantly restore all of your dull-looking gems back to their glorious, original states right at home. Sparkle, sparkle!

    31. A pair of chic oversized sunglasses to keep your peepers from burning up and to give off the illusion that you just walked off a Fashion Week runway — werk, werk, werk!

    32. Fashionable, small hair barrettes that'll give your mane a big upgrade for less than *checks notes* 80 cents a clip!

    33. A Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer to help give your face some natural definition, so you can 👏 flex 👏 all 👏 of 👏 your 👏 angles 👏 on the 'gram!

    34. Hammered brass and acrylic monstera leaf statement earrings that'll gift your lucky ears a tropical vacation...or just the thought of it. But keep an eye out for cheap flights and the other on your checking/savings account, and the stars might just align!

    35. A buttery soft, buildable ColourPop Super Shock highlighter for a glow that'll blind any negative people who dare to come in your vicinity. Walk away. Shoo!

    36. An impossibly soft faux fur collar to add a touch of ~oh so luxe~ to your outerwear. Just because you have to be bundled up doesn't mean you have to sacrifice an ounce of fabulousness!

    37. Shimmery Sugar Rush shadow sticks to lend your peepers some pizzazz, because what better way to make an ordinary day feel special than with ~sparkles~? And they really couldn't be any easier to apply. Just swipe and go!

    Now, when people comment on how fabulous you look, you say...

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