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    27 Cheap Things That'll Just Make Your Home Look Nicer

    Dressing up your home on a budget? No problemo.

    1. A Himalayan salt lamp for all of the aesthetic points, whether you show it off on your Insta or IRL while entertaining guests — or you can just keep the cozy glow all to yourself.

    2. A polished bamboo wall hook mount to toss all of your hats, scarves, aprons, or to have as ~wall decor~ on its own. We love a multifunctional home piece around these parts.

    3. Peel-and-stick faux ceramic tile backsplash to give your kitchen or bathroom walls — or stairs, the possibilities are endless! — an upgrade that doesn't require any actual tiling work. My oh my, you'll be hosting parties just to show off your ~handiwork~!

    4. A magnetic knife strip that's sure to ~attract~ lots of eyes for its functionality, ~sharpness~, and allure — and having extra counter space is a big bonus for whipping up delicious meals.

    5. Glossy marble contact paper to jazz up your otherwise plain-looking tables and countertops — and it's a piece of cake to apply, even if you're nowhere close to being a DIY pro (hello, it me).

    6. A pretty botanical shower curtain to make your bathroom the best-dressed room of the house, instead of just a place to do your business while staring at your phone. Stare at this curtain instead!

    7. Copper string lights you can organize in about a million different ways for a warm glow that'll make your home feel like a magical oasis.

    8. A branch-adorned two-piece duvet cover and pillow sham set you'll proudly display on your bed for all to see. "Excuse me, no coats or bags on the bed, please. Just throw them on the floor, please." —you to your guests.

    9. A fluffy faux fur throw that'll be perfect for throwing over a sofa or bed for ~decoration~ or as a cover up — and of course, it's a great snuggle buddy for you and anyone who's lucky to come over and experience the ~plushness~.

    10. A stackable concrete two-tier jewelry organizer accented with a gorgeous rose gold copper lid that'll make all of your jewelry look 10x fancier and less tangled and strewn all over the place.

    11. Tiny bb ceramic succulent planters that'll add ~life~ to your home without the stress of "OMG, I'm gonna kill everything." Simple, low-key, and chic — your new theme.

    12. A petite tabletop fireplace (or candle holder) for your very own lil' campfire moment, you know, without having to deal with the freezing elements — just add fuel, and bam, s'mores just for you!

    13. A rustic wall shelf organizer that'll keep everything looking neat by your doorway — which, after all, is your guests' first impression of your home.

    14. A mold-resistant grout pen to get rid of the built-up grime housed within your tiles — it covers up to 60 meters of grout area, so you know this lil' pen really packs a punch.

    15. A tiny but mighty bluetooth speaker with impressive sound and clarity, all while it sits pretty and compact on a shelf, countertop, or coffee table.

    16. A beautifully illustrated book any bibliophile will appreciate until the end of time — it's the perfect coffee table volume for all of your guests to admire and appreciate how ~cultured~ you are.

    17. A ridiculously cute felt letterboard to help you say whatever you want — be it a sassy quote, daily reminder, or a "what's on the menu" board for your family or dinner guests.

    18. A pair of quaint cloud bookends for keeping your book collection looking neat and upright — and to match their dreamy, high-in-the-sky plot lines.

    19. Eye-catching geometric wire decor you can hang on walls as they are or joined together to make full, 3D figures and plopped onto tabletops and displays.

    20. Rose gold eating utensils to replace your regular ole silverware with, because let's be real, these are gorgeous and your guests will be mesmerized!

    21. A handheld Bissell Cleanview Vacuum to help you with all that last-minute cleaning you swore you would do way before the party started, but such is life — and since it's cordless, you can race around the house and reach every corner without any hassle!

    22. A charming and surprisingly indestructible area rug for an accent piece that doesn't feel like a huge risk — meaning, it just adds the right amount of pattern and won't clash with your existing furniture/decor.

    23. Peach-themed removable wallpaper to lend your room some cheerful fruit farm vibes and turn it into a place where everything feels simply ~peachy~.

    24. The tiniest, cutest bed holder for your sponge that'll keep it off of the sink bottom and free from mold and bacteria – all while being a conversation starter.

    25. A classy AF gilded tray to display all of your perfumes, skincare items, and more in total style — people will ask, "Is this a bedroom for ROYALTY?"

    26. A vivacious Costa Farms majesty palm plant for a living room statement piece — and getting a head start on next year's ~green thumb~ resolution. Time to start a plant fam!

    27. A classy dark gray glass carafe to store all of your signature ~Dark 'n Stormy~ cocktails in — you've earned your level up in hosting skills.

    You, when you ditch your friends' plans for the millionth time because you'd rather be home chilling with all of your cute, new stuff!

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