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Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

Rain cloud toys, fetal position stress balls, and egg succulent planters: How far can *you* get without buying something?

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Welcome to another edition of “Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?”

I'm Sarah. Not Jeff. I don't have nearly as many puns as Jeff does, but I frequently make lame jokes. Also, good luck with not buying anything, not tooting my own horn or anything, but also I kind of am because these products are pretty damn cool. Byeee.

*disappears in a flurry of pixie dust*

1. A nifty rain cloud toy that will have kids ~flooding~ into the bathtub to get squeaky clean.

Price: $13.99

2. A multitasking pastry slicer and server that won't test your hangry-tainted patience.

Cake. Plate. Mouth. Now!!

Price: $24.29 (stainless steel) or $14.99 (yellow/pink/mint)

3. A cauldron mug for brewing magical concoctions in.

Polyjuice potion, anyone? Ok, never mind, coffee might be easier.

Price: $14.72

4. Delightful stickers that turn your iPhone charger into a pocket pet who likes sticking their tongue out at you.

Price: $12.95

5. Cute AF phone cases that everyone (including you) will be totally fawning over.


Price: $9.50 / Available in 21 styles

6. Nature Republic sheet masks that help your skin look like it's ballin' on 10 hours of sleep every night.

Price: $9 for a 10-pack

7. A stress ball curled up in fetal position, which is also probably what you'll look like while using it.

Together you'll squeeze away the anxiety.

Price: $11.18

8. Chic gunmetal platform sneakers that say, "today's just an ordinary day but also look at MY SHINY FEET."

Price: $25.90+ / Sizes 6-11 / Available in six colors

9. Or, in different height distribution news, cut-out ankle booties that say, "I'm the boss and I'll kick you with my heel if necessary."

Price: $27+ / Sizes 5.5-11 / Available in six colors and three materials

10. Artsy resealer caps that preserve unfinished bottles of wine much better than your usual stick-the-cork-back-in method.

*Kermit meme appears*

Me: I'm gonna limit myself today.

Also me: Down the whole bottle.

Price: $12.95 for a four-pack

11. Tiny, gentle cows that do a great job at holding your corn, even if they aren't really ~put together~ themselves.

Somehow deeply relatable.

Price: $13.76 for four pairs (one pair = head + butt)

12. A stainless steel filter pour-over coffee maker that's prettier than your morning face.

It's true. 😎

Price: $19.99+ / Available in six colors

13. Egg-ceptional planters that provide cozy little cradles for your succulents.

Price: $15.99 for a set of nine

14. Moisturizing dual-color lip balms for a flattering, I-could-do-this-in-my-sleep ombré pout.

Price: $19.90+ / Available in five colors

You can also buy them in-person at Aritaum stores.

15. A battery-powered facial cleansing brush that ~whirls~ away makeup and grime with a press of a button.

It also comes with a tube of cleanser for you particularly lazy butts (also me).

Price: $20.41

16. A no-frills book that will be in the kick in the butt you need to clean your damn home.

Oh, hello floor, long time no see.

Price: $12.40 (hardcover) or $9.99 (Kindle)

17. A devil-horned toasted sandwich maker when life calls for a grown-up Uncrustables.

For ~devilishly~ good sandwiches. 😈

Price: $28.50

18. Mouldable glue with plenty of tips and hacks that will coax your tech into working with (and not against) you.

Price: $15 (includes four packs, one tin, and one Sugru remover)

19. A mighty glass droplet that predicts the weather by changing forms and forming crystals (as shown on the chart).

So you can be always be ~crystal clear~ on the matter.

Price: $27.99+

20. Dainty zigzag ear crawlers that form a little staircase to accessory heaven.

Price: $19.20 (silver) or $19.92 (gold)

21. A ~handheld~ pencil container that give your normally stray writing utensils a well-deserved home.

You'll never be short of a ~helping hand~.

Price: $18.95

22. And an animated pillow cover with all of your favorite Studio Ghibli stars.

There's no one better than No Face to wish you happy dreams every night.

Price: $7.99 / Available in 20 designs

You made it! Congrats, I guess. If you're craving more cool products (or just miss Jeff 🙄), last week's edition is right here! See you in two weeks! 💃🏻

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