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Calling All Ladies Sizes 14 And Up, Show Off Your Fabulous Selves!

Slide into our comments and upload your fiercest pics!

Hey, hello, what's up? If you haven't heard, 68% of American women wear size 14 and up.

The fashion industry isn't even close to catering to plus-size people to the extent they deserve (because hello, we all deserve trendy-affordable-and-everything-in-between clothing!!!). Which is wild! Because that means 68% of American women are left without enough clothing options! Let's show 'em what they're missing, shall we?

Fierce Lady Exhibit A:

Gotta hug the girls!

Trees, but make it pink velvet, leg-baring fashion.

*bookmarks for boho inspiration*


Now it's your turn! Upload a picture of you looking like the bomb dot com via the DropBox below and, if you want, talk to us about your body (feelings, confidence, overcoming fears, etc.!) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post for As/Is!

Say it, Ashley!!