29 Beyoncé Lyrics That Say, "Lemme Upgrade [Your Instagram Game]"

    ***Flawless complements flawless.

    From Lemonade to ~Beychella~, Beyoncé never fails to deliver the best, most hard-hitting lyrics known to womanhood. And while we can only aspire to a fire Instagram followed by 114 MILLION PEOPLE and made up of ~glamour shots~ like Bey's does, we can at least quote her on Instagram.

    1. "I am the dragon breathing fire. Beautiful mane, I'm the lion."

    2. I hop up out my bed and get my swag on. I look in the mirror, say, "What's up?"

    3. "I'm bigger than life, my name in the lights. I'm the number one chick, I don't need no hype."

    4. "I came to slay, bitch."

    5. "I'm so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress (stylin')."

    6. "Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody's business. Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness."

    7. "I dream it, I work hard. I grind 'til I own it, I twirl on them haters."

    8. "I look damn good, I ain't lost it."

    9. "Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him boy bye."

    10. "Rockin' my stunna shades and turnin' up my radio-oh."

    11. "Sweatin' out my blow out, sweatin' out my press, this trick about to go off. Mad cause I'm so fresh, fresher than you."

    12. "I always keep the top tier, five star."

    13. "Underneath the pretty face is something complicated. I come with a side of trouble."

    14. "I bloom and grow so beautifully."

    15. "Got diamonds on my neck, got diamonds on my records."

    16. "I was served lemons, but I made lemonade."

    17. "Diva is a female version of a hustler."

    18. "Some call it 'arrogant.' I call it 'confident.'"

    19. "I'm a host of imperfection and you see past all that."

    20. "Lemme upgrade you."

    21. "I got beauty, I got class."

    22. "Wanna party, wanna dance, wanna be myself tonight, me bodied."

    23. "People say that my style is so crazy."

    24. "Boy don't even try to touch this, touch this. Boy this beat is crazy, crazy. This is how they made me, made me."

    25. "Just another stage, pageant the pain away. This time I'm gonna take the crown."

    26. "Feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill."

    27. "Who needs a degree when you're schooling life?"

    28. "Respect that, bow down bitches. I took some time to live my life."

    29. "I woke up like this. We flawless, ladies tell 'em. Say I look so good tonight. God damn, God damn."

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