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    42 Cute But Actually Affordable Valentine's Day To Gift Your Loved Ones

    "Love don't cost a thing." Wait, let's try that again. "Love don't cost over $50."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A darling Q&A a day journal to get to know your partner better, one question and day at a time — I mean, how cute is it to gift the ~both of you~ what’s essentially a three-year time capsule of your love?

    2. An electric fondue pot for a romantic treat at home that'll make them start singing Bieber's famous words, "Chillin' by the fire while we eatin' fondue" before they even realize it.

    3. Or, if you're somewhere warm enough to take the feasting outside, an all-inclusive insulated picnic backpack for a lovely date nestled in a cozy nook of a park or lakeshore.

    4. A scratch-off "things to do" bucket list that'll breathe new life into your dates with your boo! If you're tired of reverting to the usual dinner and movie dates (*slowly raises hand*), this poster has got you covered. Now, go strawberry picking, visit a desert, and be a member of a TV audience. Right now!!

    5. A dainty gold-plated zodiac sign necklace for the person who definitely looked up your birth chart before even meeting order to determine if you two would be a ~match made in heaven~, of course.

    6. Or an engraved necklace for an even more personal touch. Names, first date coordinates, and special messages are all fair game in the name of love!

    7. An elegant wine decanter, aka a must-have for any self-professed wine snobs — and it's a win-win situation, since you'll probably be drinking that ~breathable~ red with them.

    8. A two-person hammock that'll provide countless relaxing and romantic naps by the campsite, park, or riverside. You gotta maximize your snuggling time. No more being limited by staying at home (which is also great, don't get me wrong!).

    9. A pair of sickeningly cute pillowcases for long-distance couples who would love nothing more than to cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in person.

    10. Or a pair of incredibly cushy downproof pillows to send them off to dreamland swiftly and soundly, whether their person is there or not (*cry*).

    11. And if you want to go the extra mile, a squishable personalized cushion, so they can quite literally cuddle with you(r head) whenever y'all are apart. Or even if you're actually right besides them — there's no harm in splitting the cuddling duties, ya' know?

    12. A chic, travel-friendly Glossier The Skincare Edit set for your skincare fiend of a partner who'd definitely throw a fit if they don't have their favorite cleanser, serum, and moisturizer on hand. 🎵No more tears left to cry🎵 at security, 'cause they won't have any more (too-big) skincare products confiscated!

    13. An Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to help them in their quest to watch *all* the movies (with you of course!), or find new shows and documentaries to obsess over/debate/fall asleep to together.

    14. A lightweight two-person sleeping bag for the coziest camping trip of your lives — body heat helps too — because being smushed together isn't "too close for comfort" when you're with your person.

    15. A Winc monthly subscription that'll deliver a curated mix of flavorful, in-house-produced wines right to your doorstep each month for you and your S.O to enjoy and sip on together. And I bet one day they'll love rosé as much as you do!

    16. Complementary "Mr. and Mrs." passport covers for wanderlust-driven couples (aka, y'all) who probably started planning their next vacation while they were still on their honeymoon. Guilty as charged, but proud of it!

    17. The appropriately named Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat cookbook to help transform their/your kitchen into the merriest of places, because cooking with someone special is a lot more sentimental than eating out.

    18. A Goodfellow & Co. cologne sampler set that'll pretty much also be a gift for yourself, since you'll be the one always standing close by. *sniff sniff*

    19. A Tile Pro, because nothing says "I love you" more than "Stop losing your freaking keys!!!"

    20. A scrumptious Stonewall Kitchen breakfast kit so you can surprise them with a classic and very homey ~breakfast in bed~ and earn/keep your title of "favorite person" forever.

    21. A five-sectioned nonstick skillet pan to appease your head-butting breakfast preferences. They can keep their scrambled eggs, and you can have your glorious bacon. And it's not just for breakfast food (see the reviewer photo below!).

    22. An ingenious waterproof notepad to write down all the Shakespeare-worthy soliloquies that run through your mind while in the shower.

    23. A love letters book with 12 sweet, sweet prompts to get your romantic juices flowing and to help you declare your affection in an unforgettable way. I mean, you've definitely seen To All The Boys I've Loved Before, right? This is like that, but much less riskier!

    24. A Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Lip Pop, aka the *one* lip product you absolutely need. It's a scrub, balm, and lip tint all in one, and you don't have to even wash it off! Just apply, and voila — coconut flower sugar lightly exfoliates and melts away dead skin/flakes, while flower-derived AHA and watermelon extract hydrates, softens, and adorns yours lips with a unique ~pink flush~.

    25. Very on-theme Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blushes, because they apply in actual heart shapes (!!!) in a sheer, super buildable cream formula that you can blend out with your fingers or a sponge (or keep as is, tbh) or Heart Melter Lip Gloss Sticks for that purrrrfect sheen and pop of color without feeling overdone.

    26. A silk pillowcase for a luxe upgrade to whatever basic cotton pillowcase they've been using for years and years. You also can't ignore the skin and hair benefits — bye to waking up to frizzy hair and creases on your face!

    27. A quirky astronaut or weiner tie, because everyone needs a fun, conversation-starting number in their arsenal of otherwise monochrome and striped ties.

    28. A gorgeous handblown glass wishing ball to write down all of your romantic musings and wishes for your future ~together~ — and, what a gorgeous piece of decor it is too!

    29. A luxuriously soft fleece robe with a bunch of color options, pockets, and a belt that ties together the whole "don't bother me, I'm lounging" vibe together — your person won't be able to resist wearing this 24/7, promise. Unless they hate relaxation?

    30. A gorgeous, flower-adorned satin slip dress for a gift that looks way more expensive than it actually is. It's practical for sleeping and lounging, it feels great on the bod, and it's a sight for *your* eyes (😉) — how much better can it get?

    31. A red ceramic Hario coffee dripper that'll make your hardcore-coffee-loving bae's heart flutter. Full flavor ahead, just like them!

    32. A reusable and roomy Baggu canvas tote for your eco-conscious partner, so they have a go-to bag to fit alllll of their stuff, whether they're on a grocery run or just going to and from work. It's the little things, ya' know!

    33. A gorgeous chef's cutting board made out of naturally contrasting acacia wood that'll be a real bang for its buck — it'll survive years and probably decades of culinary adventures with nary a scratch!

    34. A beautiful heart-patterned mesh teddy that'll definitely, without a doubt, dial up the temperature when February 14th comes around. Or any day, because you deserve to feel sexy 'n' cute all the time!

    35. A Fenty Beauty Lunar New Year set so you can celebrate two holidays at the same time with two of Fenty's best-selling and most iconic products. Everyone deserves to pucker up in the perfect red and ~shine like a diamond~!

    36. A pair of darlin' minimalist name earrings so they can proudly wear your/their name on their sleeve — I mean, ear. So dainty, so pretty, what more could they want?

    37. A comprehensive Jack Black King of Jacks set that'll treat your dude's face, body, and beard extremely well and, more importantly, help them get all of that dirt, oil, and buildup plaguing their pores and follicles. Now, that's an efficient Valentine's Day gift.

    38. A slim-fit checkered shirt with a contrasting color/pattern on the cuffs, because you're always trying to get your bae to ~explore~ different colors they wouldn't normally wear, so something subtle might be the way to go!

    39. Herbivore Self Love Body Care Kit that'll let your loved ones get their self-care routine 100% on from head to toe. Oh, and tackle any lingering dryness and dullness, nbd.

    40. A mother of pearl heart token, each one tinted with a unique pattern/coloring and made out of fair-trade Californian abalone shells, to slip on a lovely chain, hoop, or bracelet. They'll be able to wear a ~token~ of your love wherever they go!

    41. A highly-unkillable succulent garden for partners that don't possess a green thumb, but still want to be plant parents! And this particular plant is housed by a gorgeous metallic heart vase that they'll actually keep reusing.

    42. A BarkBox gift plan because your pup also deserves lots of love on this special occasion. What, you think Valentine's Day is just a holiday for ~hoomans~? Silly hooman, give them all the yummy treats and cool toys ASAP!

    May you feel the love as strongly as Sailor Moon does this Valentine's Day:

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