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    38 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 Anyone Would Love To Receive

    You don't have to spend a lot on your sweetie to give 'em a special something they'll love.

    1. A darling Q&A a day journal to get to know your partner better, one question and day at a time — it's basically a three-year time capsule right at your hands.

    2. An electric fondue pot for a romantic treat at home that'll make them start singing Bieber's famous words, "Chillin' by the fire while we eatin' fondue" before they even realize it.

    3. Or, if you're somewhere warm enough to take the feasting outside, an all-inclusive two-person picnic backpack for a lovely date nestled in a cozy nook of a park or lakeshore.

    4. A pair of sickeningly cute pillowcases for long-distance couples who would love nothing more than to cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in person.

    5. And a pair of incredibly cushy downproof pillows to send them off to dreamland swiftly and soundly, whether their person is there or not (*cry*).

    6. And if you want to go the extra mile, a personalized face cushion, so they can quite literally cuddle with you(r head) when they're feeling the LDR blues.

    7. An elegant wine decanter that's a must-have for any self-professed wine snobs — it'll let their reds breathe so their taste buds basically explode in happiness!

    8. A scratch-off movie bucket list for 100 wonderful dates and memories — perfect for couples who love staying in, cuddling, and eating copious amounts of popcorn and candy.

    9. An Amazon Fire TV Stick to help you in your quest to watch *all* the movies, or find new shows and documentaries to obsess over/debate/fall asleep to together.

    10. Soft-to-the-touch double brushed microfiber sheets (which are supposedly softer and more breathable than Egyptian cotton!) that will rival those sheets from that super luxurious hotel y'all splurged on for that anniversary trip — yeah that one, but like, at a price point that won't make either of you wince.

    11. A Tarte Pampe(red) & Pretty Set, because we all know ~getting ready~ is one of the best parts of any special occasion, and this trio makes nailing their V-Day lewk a snap with two red-hued bestsellers and jet-black mascara for fluttery "why, hello there" lashes.

    12. A lightweight two-person sleeping bag for the coziest camping trip of your lives — body heat helps too — because being smushed together isn't "too close for comfort" when you're with your person.

    13. A silly and endearing "ussies" photo album, because you take so many of them anyways, might as well stick 'em in a book instead of leaving them to float around in cyberstorage.

    14. Complementary "Mr. and Mrs." passport covers for wanderlust-driven couples who probably started planning their next vacation while they were still on their honeymoon.

    15. The appropriately-named Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat cookbook to transform their kitchen into the merriest of places, because cooking with someone special is a lot more sentimental than eating out.

    16. A five-sectioned nonstick skillet pan so any differences in breakfast opinions don't cause relationship rifts — they can keep their scrambled eggs, and you can have your glorious bacon.

    17. Or a scrumptious Stonewall Kitchen pancakes, jam, and coffee kit to surprise them with a classic, homey ~breakfast in bed~ that literally no one would be upset about.

    18. Love language tumblers that spell out the magical, ubiquitous word in American Sign Language — so they're always reminded of your love, no matter what the occasion or day.

    19. Or a book of love notes postcards that transform one word into a ~bounty of poems~, so you can leave little doses of affection in unexpected places for your partner to read and make their heart skip a few beats.

    20. Or, to take matters of the heart into your own hand, an ingenious waterproof notepad to write down all the Shakespeare-worthy soliloquies that run through your mind while in the shower.

    21. If you're going down a classic route, a heart-shaped bamboo plant or a basically unkillable succulent garden (for partners with less of a green thumb), both housed by gorgeous metallic heart vases they'll actually keep reusing.

    22. A Winc monthly subscription with flavorful, in-house-produced wines delivered to your doorstep each month and curated to their specific tastes/preferences — and to secretly convince your S.O to love reds as much as you do.

    23. A luxuriously soft jersey or fleece robe with delicate piping/checkered detailing, pockets, and a belt that ties together the whole "don't bother me, I'm lounging" vibe together — your person won't be able to resist wearing this 24/7, promise me.

    24. A gorgeous chef's cutting board made out of naturally contrasting acacia wood that's a real bang for its buck — it'll survive years and probably decades of culinary adventures with nary a scratch!

    25. A quirky astronaut or weiner tie, because everyone needs a fun, conversation-starting number in their arsenal of otherwise monochrome and striped ties.

    26. A Soko Glam Best of K-Beauty Mini Set, because now is the best time for them to start taking care of their skin — and for you to mooch off...I mean, to learn alongside them! Plus it's perfect for traveling, in case you're looking to book it out of town soon.

    27. A polished top-zip toiletry bag to neatly fit all of your travel necessities in, for any and all romantic getaways in your near future.

    28. A dainty gold-plated zodiac sign necklace for the person who definitely looked up your birth chart before even meeting order to determine if you two would be a ~match made in heaven~, of course.

    29. A gold-plated Alex and Ani wrap ring that'll never go out of style, for as long as you both shall live.

    30. A delicious Harry & David set, because chocolate and wine might be the only two things in life that go together than you two. 💞

    31. A glittery, heart-filled Truly Organic face mask that'll beg the question, "Dew you love me?" Well, if someone cares enough about treating your skin to high-performing ingredients like retinol, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, then the answer is YES.

    32. A gorgeous handblown glass wishing ball to write down all of your romantic musings and wishes for your future ~together~ — and, what a gorgeous piece of decor at that!

    33. A colorful pack of Pair of Thieves socks, because everyone could always use more socks (to make up for the deficit of constantly lost socks!!), and whoever says no is lying or doesn't live somewhere with a harsh winter!

    34. A decadent chocolate gift basket sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths out there — I mean, when there are Ghirardelli and Lindt treats in the mix, you're looking at a fail-safe gift!

    35. A Plated meal subscription so you can cook up a storm together, instead of ordering takeout for the millionth time. Everything comes pre-portioned and with easy-to-follow, photographed instructions, so it's not daunting at all.

    36. A Jack Black skincare set that'll treat your dude's face, body, and hair juuust right and help them get all of that dirt, oil, and buildup plaguing their pores — prepare your "you're welcome" speech.

    37. A Tile Pro, because nothing says "I love you" more than "Stop losing your freaking keys!!!"

    38. An acrylic wall mirror that'll just about sum up your thoughts about your relationship — just as simple as that: you, me, and a whole lot of 😍 yes 😍.

    May you feel the love as strongly as Sailor Moon does this Valentine's Day:

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