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20 Of The Best Places To Order Gift Baskets Online

Love is sending a shit ton of fruit, chocolate, wine, spa necessities, and so much more. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

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The listed shipping prices are for standard shipping. Check sites for express, overnight, and same-day rates.

1. From You Flowers has a crazy selection of flower arrangements (wow, how'd you know??), but its other gifts aren't to be overshadowed. From junk food to teddy bears, it has something for everyone.,

Why they're cool: Every basket has the option of tacking on balloons, a box of chocolate, or even a teddy bear as an ~extra special something~.

Shipping: Varies

Get the Just Rewards Basket for $79.99+ and the Perfect Cookie Basket for $49.99+.

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2. Gift Tree has elegant baskets (that they'll actually want to keep using!) stuffed with gourmet food, wine, coffee/tea, and spa treats.,

Why they're cool: Gift Tree has your typical food and drink sets, plus more unique options like the Get Well Medicine Cabinet. Plus, you can also personalize each basket with a message on the adorning satin ribbon.

Shipping: $12.95

Get the California Classic Wine Basket for $49.95+ and the Bath and Body Invigoration Basket for $34.95.

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3. Mouth has a gift basket for every occasion you can think of, from Father's Day to Thank Your Host to Pregnancy Survival Kit.,

Why they're cool: Where else can you get a Gilmore Girls Only gift set created by Amy Sherman-Palladino herself?

Shipping: $11.99, plus $5 surcharge for any sets with wine and spirits (some sets are eligible for same-day delivery)

Get the Sparkling Cocktail Kit for $141.50 and the Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness Set for $72.50.

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4. One look at a Harry & David gift basket (or crate) and you know that the sender has their shit together. Or is very good at pretending.

@lavivienyc / Via,

Why they're cool: Fresh fruit, cheese, meat, wine, and occasion-based sets for brunch (even an oddly specific one for ~sympathy~ brunch) and picnics.

Get the Deluxe Signature Gift Basket for $54.99 and the Summer Snack Crate With Wine for $79.99.

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5. Dylan's Candy Bar is on the very important mission of satisfying your sweet tooth and indulging your nostalgia.,

Why they're cool: They offer candy "time capsules" for the '20s and every decade from the '50s to the '90s. Take it back, folks!

Shipping: $7.99

Get the Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket for $75 and Sour Lovers Gift Basket for $45.

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6. Wine Country Gift Baskets has an impressive selection of wine, in addition to nonalcoholic options (like popcorn, nuts, fruit, etc.).,

Why they're cool: You can get specific and search by wine type (Cabernet, chardonnay, moscato, etc). How dandy!

Shipping: Varies per basket, but you can narrow your search down to just baskets with free shipping

Get the Italian Wine Collection for $59.95 and the Family Movie Night Popcorn and Sweets for $39.95.

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7. World Market offers both general "For Any Occasion" baskets, as well as more specific "Get Well Wishes" and "Caring Condolences Sympathy" baskets for all the sap.,

Why they're cool: World Market has a ton of cute baskets, tags, and other customizable things if you want to skip the curated items and DIY a gift basket.

Shipping: $4.95+, depending on order total

Get the Winner's Circle basket for $99.99 and the Fields of Lavender basket for $49.95.

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8. Godiva is a beloved classic that will definitely delight any chocolate lover in your life. Cookie Monster who? We only know of a Chocolate Monster here.,

Why they're cool: There's a chocolate gift set for any occasion you can think of, including "thank you" sets completed with a themed ribbon, bride tote sets, and cotton robe sets.

Shipping: Varies depending on order total (starts at $7.95), though certain gift sets ship for free!

Get the Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Box for $75 and the Date Night Gift Box with Vice Dice $79.99.

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9. Shari's Berries has all the dipped strawberry arrangements you can imagine *in addition* to gift baskets categorized by sweet, savory, and fruit.,

Why they're cool: Interesting multiday sets that deliver flowers, cake, or dipped strawberries on consecutive days, like Two Day Birthday Celebration and Three Days of Romance.

Shipping: Varies

Get the Meat & Cheese Medley for $59.99 and Boozy Brittle & Nuts for $44.99.

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10. Dean & DeLuca is a mecca of bougieness in the best way possible — these classy sets will never fail to impress (especially the tastebuds).,

Why they're cool: Many of the baskets come in small, medium, and large versions, so you can find the one that's *most* suitable for your recipient.

Shipping: $12

Get Afternoon Chocolate Fix for $49 and España Gift for $149.

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11. Stonewall Kitchen baskets are akin to sending a warm hug — plus, its breakfast sets can't be beat.,

Why they're cool: The cofounders were inducted into the Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame in 2015, which, by the looks of their savory and sweet jams, I'd say is well-deserved.

Shipping: $9.75+, depending on order total

Get the New England Breakfast Basket for $59.95 and the Our Top 10 Favorites Basket for $69.95.

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12. Hayneedle is actually reasonably priced given how much stuff (and variety) each gift basket contains.,

Why they're cool: A Godiva or Mrs. Fields aficionado? Yep, they got you covered.

Shipping: Free for orders over $49 or $4.99 for orders $49 and under

Get the Tasting and Toasting Wine Gift Basket for $75.99 and the Starbucks Daybreak Basket for $39.99.

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13. Perhaps you didn't know Target has a vast selection of online-only gift baskets you can pick up (while you shop for literally everything else on your list).

What does Target NOT have? 😍

Shipping: Free for orders over $35

Get the Snack and Coffee & Chocolates Gift Basket Classic for $79.95.

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14. Ghirardelli has gift baskets for Chocolate Celebration, Chocolate Delights, Chocolate get the point.

My mighty detective instincts sense a theme here.

Shipping: $9.95+, depending on order total

Get the San Francisco Assorted Squares Gift Bag for $29.95 and the Chocolate Decadence Gift Basket for $155.

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15. It might take a little extra digging, but you're bound to find a *totally unique* gift basket on Etsy.,

And you'll be supporting small business at the same time! Win.

Shipping: Varies

Get the BBQ Christmas Gift Kit from Caboose Spice Co. for $46.99 and the Homestead Garden Gift Basket from Seed Geeks for $58.95.

17. Mancrates bring on the booze, meat, golf rounds, and zombie annihilation — just your typical to-do list.

Why they're cool: Besides the namesake crates (which include personalized crowbars, lol), Mancrates also offer Ammo Cans, Jerkygrams, and DIY Project Kits.

Shipping: Usually $10–15, depending on weight and destination

Get the Smooth Face Mini Crate for $69.99 and The Bacon Crate for $59.99.

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18. Gourmet Gift Baskets has every kind of basket imaginable, plus straight-up baked goods if you want a less frilly option.,

Why they're cool: There are a ton of care packages (and unique ones at that, like a soup gift basket!) and even dog lover's and cat lover's gift tins.

Shipping: Varies

Get the Around The World Beer Bucket for $79.99 and the Tea & Cookies Gift Basket for $69.99.

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19. Edible Arrangements are way easier to appreciate than floral bouquets because you can eat them, duh.

Flowers die and don't make your stomach do a lil' happy dance.

Why they're cool: Uh, do you see the flame-shaped pineapple pieces? They're lit. They also have super-cute ~pop culture–themed~ arrangements like the Worth Melting for Olaf Bouquet and Hello Kitty's Friendship Bouquet.

Shipping: $14.99 for delivery from an Edible Arrangements store and varies for UPS delivery

Get the Fruit & Fire Bouquet for $88+.

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20. has a ton of customizable add-ons with each basket, so there are really ~endless possibilities~ to choose from.

Why they're cool: You can build your own gift basket from start to finish.

Shipping: Varies

Get the International Beer Gift Basket for $134.99.

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Don't forget to channel some classic Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon gift-giving spirit!