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37 Of The Best Gifts Under $50 To Give In 2017

Not too cheap, not too expensive, but juuuust right.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. An elegant AF wine rack so stylish and mesmerizing that it might knock you off your feet, if you're not too careful.

Watch out for those strong currents — I mean, reds.

Promising review: "Very impressed; looks like Art Deco. The black has the look of formed metal. Put it together in 20 min! Located it on the bottom rack of my etagere; looks great with the wines." —Mary

Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (two colors).


2. A green tea–infused memory foam mattress topper or fluffy microplush mattress pad, because everyone deserves the most sound and cloudlike sleep of their life.,

Promising review (for the first mattress topper): "I have to admit my wife purchased this product and I gave her a hard time about it. I now have to eat my words! This is absolutely like sleeping on clouds, I truly didn't want to leave the bed last time we went camping." —Broken Hero

Get the first one (1.5") from Amazon for $25.27+ and the second one (5.1") for $26.99+.

3. A dangerously cozy sloth onesie that reminds its owner — lest they forget — to take life slow and *always* take a nap when given the chance.

*yawns into the phone* Sorry, I can' big plans. *yawns again*

Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (sizes XS–XXL; two colors). If your size is sold out, try this one for $24.99 (sizes S-XL).

4. A life-changing journal to help everyone get their shit together, but like, in a totally fun and nonintimidating sort of way.

How, you ask? With pages just for venting, de-stressing (coloring, anyone?), tracking healthy habits that actually work, manageable challenges, and overall clever ways to plan ahead and relieve everyday stress.

Get them from BuzzFeed's Nifty Shop for $22.95 each (choose from "Life Journal," "My Life And Other Adult Stuff," and "Busy Parents").

PSST! BuzzFeed makes money if you buy this.

6. A three-in-one iPhone camera lens for breathtaking vacay photos that will rack up Insta likes by the hundreds.

Promising review: "I've always wanted a fun phone lens and the price has dropped since they first became popular several years ago. I really like how easy it is to switch between the fisheye and macro lens. It's also super easy to clip the lens to my phone. It's pretty secure so you don't need to worry about the lens falling off your phone. I was able to switch between the two lenses and clip it to my phone while on top of a crater in Hawaii with the wind blowing everywhere." —Tiffany

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.


7. A water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that is the definition of "small but mighty" — especially perfect for the shower pop stars in your life.

Francine Hendrickson / BuzzFeed / Via

Promising review: "This little speaker was shaking my kayak and you could feel the vibration from the bass on the water. It got soaked while on out river trip and never missed a sound. Had it paired with my iPhone 6 in a waterproof case and its battery lasted all day long." —David D.

Check out our full review here (#2)!

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (three colors).

8. A soothing and refreshing 3x3 candle and fragrance kit for anyone who can't resist some chic scent coordination.

Each fragrance is from one of Commodity's three collections: Black, White, and Platinum. Oolong has a warm and spicy scent that includes key notes of honey, Egyptian basil, and tobacco. Book has a earthy scent that includes key notes of cucumber, guaïac wood, and sandalwood. Orris has a warm floral scent that includes key notes of Italian orris, pink peppercorn, and white lily of the valley.

Get it from Sephora for $38.

You can also buy each perfume separately for $26 and up (Oolong, Book, and Orris) and candle separately for $55 each (Oolong, Book, and Orris).

10. A three-month Birchbox subscription for the fabulous beauty and grooming gurus in your life.

@birchboxman / Via, @birchbox / Via

The first box they receive will be a collection of customer favorites that work for anyone. After that they'll get an email to fill out a profile so the rest of their subscriptions can be tailored to their hair type, skin type, style, and preferences — the products come from a mix of niche and beloved high-end brands.

Gift them from Birchbox for $30 for a three-month subscription: women's boxes here and men's boxes here (also available in six-month and yearly subscriptions at higher price points, of course).

11. A practical but elegant corner shelf that, as a warning, might result in lots of friends asking to borrow you and your brilliant interior decorating skills.

Promising review: "The shelves add an extra dimension of style to my room. They hold up well and are made of quality solid wood. They are great conversation starters and people praise me on the unique styling and look. The shipping was fast and I didn't have any problems whatsoever." —Sofia Mozeni

Get it from Amazon for $27.95 or a very similar one from Walmart for $25.92 (brown or white).


13. A multisectioned skillet pan for whipping up all the breakfast essentials at once — because nothing's worse than waking up starving and waiting around for your food to cook separately.

Promising review: "I can honestly say that I will no longer be needing all my other pans — this just does it all. Cooking multiple ingredients at the same time and then infusing them together to mix all the flavors is something that I have never been able to do before. Keep the pan at a medium heat to always get the best cook. I recommend this to pretty much anyone who likes to cook, but mostly to the ones that dread it! A++." —Dan S.

Get it from Amazon for $47.98 or Jet for $49.99.

14. A nylon zip backpack that — if it could talk — would say, "I am simple perfection embodied in a bag. Take me around town and I guarantee you the cute person in that café you frequent will ask you where you got it.",

Promising review: "So, here is why I love Everlane: you make products that are affordable, colorful, and desirable. The [small] backpack snugly fits my 13-inch MacBook Air and has several compartments that fit my need-to-get-easily items. It just feels right on my back. I prefer color in my wardrobe and now I have it in more of my accessories. The backpack has become a new everyday companion for me." —Maggie

Get them from Everlane: the first and smaller backpack for $38 (three colors) and the second (and larger) backpack for $48 (four colors).

Check out the rest of Everlane's under $50 gift guide here (women's) and here (men's)!

15. Gorgeous celestial-themed or classic journals to make self-reflection a walk in the park. One line a day for five years = 1,824 mini memories you'll keep forever!

Promising review: "I really enjoy this journal. It's not only cute, but it is also durable. I like the idea of only writing small things a day (I'm really bad at keeping up with journaling!) and enjoy the bookmark it has to keep track of where you are." —NAME_NOT_RETURNED

Read a BuzzFeeder's full review on the second journal here!

Get the first one from Amazon for $10.17 and the second one from Amazon for $10.71.

16. A supremely stylish metal bulletin board to add both class and functionality to any busy bee's work space.

Promising review: "I love the modern look of this memo board and it's very functional since papers can be tucked under the metal or held in place with the included thumbtacks/magnets." —Jane

Get it from Amazon for $23.09 or Walmart for $40.


17. A stunning ensemble (well, four to be exact) of iridescent glasses for pouring many rounds of champagne, wine, or slightly questionable DIY cocktails.

18. A gorgeous scratch-off map for the friend who's always eyeing flight deals for the right opportunity to jet off.

Promising review: "These are great. I bought one when my daughter did a study abroad program and she liked it so much that we bought another when our other daughter went two years later. They are easy to transport (just roll them up) and the countries scratch off easily." —Michael R.

Get it from Amazon for $25.30+ (deluxe travel, deluxe, and platinum editions) or UncommonGoods for $32+ (standard and large sizes).

19. A heated deep-kneading massager with eight nodes and three speeds to soothe most worn-out muscles and improve blood circulation — so basically, a gift no one will ever badmouth! Or return!

You can choose your preferred node rotation direction or let auto-reverse mode change directions every minute for a thorough massage. It also automatically turns off after 20 minutes to help avoid overuse if you fall asleep, for instance.

Promising review: "Yes indeed, this massager is worth every penny. I've been using it hard and strong for the last eight months and I cannot break it. It is so relaxing, especially from the back of my knee to my heel — oh my goodness. I also use it on my forearms, shoulders, and neck. If you have any tension in your muscles that family or friends cannot work out for you, this just might do it." —Derek B.

Get it from Amazon for $42.99 (wired) or $49.99 (wireless).

20. A perpetually grumpy pajama set to teleport perpetually grumpy wearers into another Disney classic, Beauty and the ~Fleece~, and maybe give them a mood boost (but probably not).

21. A mouth-watering cookbook that lets you customize its contents to a person's specific food preferences and add emojis and personalized notes (which are just as important as the recipes themselves, duh).

Choose seven recipe sections (like Chocolate, Slow Cooker, and Five Items or Less) and the book will be automatically populated with seven of the most popular Tasty recipes for each section.

Get one from BuzzFeed's Tasty Shop for $24+ (available in paperback and hardcover).

PSST! BuzzFeed makes money if you buy this.


22. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds to impress music lovers and workout regulars with their clear sound and snug fit — and at a price that can't be beat (read: excellent for your wallet).

Promising review: "I use these while running and working out. Sound quality is very good, especially for such cheap earbuds. I had some Sony earbuds that were 5x more expensive and did not sound nearly as good as these. The battery life and Bluetooth range seem to be close to what is advertised: I have not measured exactly, but when I leave my phone at the bench and have to go a ways to get some more weights, the connection stays strong for what seems to be about 30 ft. I can also attest to their durability. I accidentally left them in my pocket and they made it just fine through the washer and dryer. One would be hard-pressed to find headphones in this price range that perform better." —John and Melissa Robbins

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (five colors) or Walmart for $24.99 (only in black).

23. A tough love gift in the form of a mobile alarm clock because, honestly, if Lauren's an hour late for brunch ONE MORE TIME, you might just lose it.

Promising review: "I am the heaviest sleeper! I usually use five alarms on my phone and still oversleep. The very first time using this, I was up and running at 5:30 a.m.! This is the only thing that gets me up and out of bed. It's a bit slow on my medium-pile carpeting, so not recommended for a thick carpet. Love that the sound changes so I can't drown out a consistent beep and the face lighting up is gentle on my eyes but persistent enough to wake me." —Denise Rodriguez

Get it from Amazon for $45.99 (only gold will definitely arrive by Christmas, while the other two colors may arrive *after* Christmas) or a similar one from Walmart for $13.59.

24. A polished rotating makeup organizer for the person who has wayyy more beauty products than space to store them.

Me, I'm one of them, ok? But who isn't, hmm? The holidays aren't for judging! P.S. These organizers can also be used as spice racks and such — not just for beauty products!

Promising review: "I’m amazed at how many products this holds and how calming it was to have my items in one place. I now also use my makeup and skincare products more regularly because I’m no longer overwhelmed by the acreage it was all strewn across." —Mrs. Bluestocking

Get it from Amazon for $19.69+ (three colors and six shapes/styles) or a similar one from Jet for $22.33.

25. A ridiculously long-wearing liquid lipstick to end any makeup addict's long and arduous search for ~the perfect red~.

@fentybeauty / Via, @fentybeauty / Via

Seriously! It's alarmingly flattering on all skin tones.

Get it from Sephora for $24.

Everything from Fenty is worth gifting though (like the Shimmer Skinsticks), so check it all out here.

27. A smart notebook that conveniently syncs with your notes app of choice (like Google Drive or Evernote) with reusable pages that wipe clean with a damp cloth when used with Pilot FriXion pens.

Does Rocketbook ring a bell? It should. The Everlast is the brand's follow-up to their popular Wave notebook (which erases your notes using a microwave).

Promising review: "OMG! This device is so cool and it works beautifully. The scanning and syncing capabilities are awesome. I have it scanned and synced to my Microsoft Note account. Writing with the pen is smooth and the paper actually feels like paper. The wet cloth erases and works exactly like they said it would. I wish I had this product while in college. It is worth every penny." —Tulla Bell

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (two sizes).

28. Statement-making throw pillows for all the astrology fanatics in your life to hold on dearly to.

"I'm a Virgo and 👏 don't 👏 you 👏 ever 👏 forget 👏 it 👏."

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $39 (available in all 12 zodiac signs).

29. A stomach-splitting party game for people who are willing to ruin their personal brands and/or relationships just a little bit, without warning — for eternal social media glory, obviously.

30. A bright red gym duffle bag that has the whole chipper and optimistic attitude covered for you, especially when you're grimacing along to beat of the treadmill at 7 a.m.

Promising review: "I love this bag so much! The material is great and durable. There is so much room to fit my gym clothes, water bottle, and shoes. I also love the design: it's so cute and I've gotten so many compliments." —Charlotte B.

Get it from for $35. You can also buy the matching exercise mat for $35 and water bottle for $20.

31. A soul-warming candle for all of your homesick friends — and you'll probably want to get one for yourself while you're at it.

Get them Amazon for $29.95 each (available in all 50 states).

PSST! BuzzFeed makes money if you buy this.

32. Stunning eyeshadow palettes that deliver amazing, buttery pigmentation for a wallet-friendly price — plus, that packaging is basically a work of art.

@colourpopcosmetics / Via

Promising review (for Semi Precious): "I've been leaning away from shimmery shades and only using mattes lately, but I got this palette as a gift and haven't stopped using it all week. The shades are very easy to work with (today I left my brushes at home and was able to get amazing payout and blending with just my finger). Very wearable shades with enough oomph if I want to be adventurous. Don't sleep on this one!!" —Shanley

Get the Golden State of Mind and Semi Precious palettes from Sephora for $26 each.

33. A gunlike device that shoots out hot cheese, because playing with your food doesn't stop at childhood, no siree.

34. Freshly brewed whole bean coffee sets with origins in Kenya and Ethiopia for a quick but ~stimulating~ trip halfway around the world every morning.

@bluebottle / Via

Get the boxes (three six-ounce bags each) from Blue Bottle Coffee for $38 each: Kenya here and Ethiopia here.

36. A Harry Potter–themed Clue game for your likewise magic-obsessed relatives and friends so you can also enjoy it and play along.

The best gifts are the ones that are secretly for yourself.

Promising review: "Fun twist on the classic Clue game. There are dials that are attached to the board for each house, which were a little confusing at first (read the directions!) but once we got going, they was really neat. Basically, instead of always going to the same place for secret passages, they change locations! Neat twist that makes the game more interesting." —Jayme B.

Get it from Jet or Amazon for $35.13.

37. A Squatty Potty, because you're always looking out for your number one's #2.

Boundaries? Don't know 'em. 💩

Promising review: "Oh Squatty Potty, you fill me with endless joy, yet leave me empty." —Wm. Jonathan Bradshaw

Get it from Amazon or Jet for $24.99.

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The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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