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    26 Awesome Beauty Products You Didn't Know You Could Get At Urban Outfitters

    Don't sleep on their beauty section — it's damn good.

    1. A smoky 28-color eyeshadow palette complete with all the shimmery and matte neutral shades you'll ever need.

    2. A rosemary- and mint-scented SPF 50 setting mist that also sets your makeup to a matte finish and controls oil/shine. Hello, multitasking summer savior.

    3. A blending and contouring silicone sponge in HEART FORM because our faces could use a little extra lovin'.

    4. A unicorn-worthy highlighter palette to make your summer glow-up very real.

    5. Easy-to-use tinted brow gel for people who haven't mastered the whole "draw in your brows" ordeal.

    6. A jar of whipped sea salt scrub made from a small-batch apothecary for gentle exfoliation (and softening, courtesy of essential oils).

    7. Holographic lip gloss to be worn alone or as a lipstick topper for added dimension and shine that's out of this world.

    8. A handy teeth whitening pen featuring clinical strength hydrogen peroxide and antioxidants for easy, on-the-go pearly whites (no rinsing required!).

    9. A instantly soothing aromatherapy rollerball to use on your temples and wrists for a quick breather.

    10. A squeezy tube of tinted moisturizer that gives you juuust the right amount of coverage without looking cakey or obvious — plus, it has coconut, aloe leaf, and wild berry extracts for extra nourishment!

    11. A totally stunning 12-piece set of rose gold brushes for perfectly blended lewks everytime (and it comes with its own matching metallic pouch!).

    12. Water-resistant black gel liner that comes with an angled brush for a precise wing every time.

    13. A buttery trio of lip glosses for healthy lips that won't keep crackin' like an parched piece of dirt in the summer heat.

    14. A mattifying complexion stick that further ~blurs~ out your pores for a flawless complexion that will make people think you got a facial.

    15. Extremely hydrating essence mist with replenishing kiwi and grape extracts that help to minimize the appearance of pores.

    16. A conditioning leave-in mist that will win the battle of detangling, smoothing, and taming your unruly locks.

    17. An iridescent (or marble!) reusable nail set equipped with a glue pen, file (for sizing down), and drawstring bag that would probably edge out a salon manicure, just sayin'.

    18. A creamy, luminous makeup primer that is 100% determined to prove its worth to you.

    19. A fluffy pink clay sponge to buff away and soften dry, rough skin — aka how you maintain glowing skin when it's always being either blasted by A/C or torched by sun exposure.

    20. Extra gentle pads that remove makeup and cleanse clogged skin with a reinvigorating mix of rose, jojoba, tea tree, and rosemary.

    21. A coffee-steeped lip balm and lip scrub duo to protect your lips against the ravages of drying matte lipsticks.

    22. Flower-infused nail polish remover and base/top coat that get the job done while looking so damn gorgeous.

    23. Color-depositing hair treatment for adding a pop of color to an already-light base or maintaining fantasy dye jobs.

    24. Long-wearing matte liquid lipstick that doesn't require touch-ups (even after that massive burrito you decide to have for lunch).

    25. A snazzy micro-foaming cleansing brush with gentle heat settings to lift away makeup without stripping the skin and, paired with your favorite cleanser/oil/cream, give your face a thorough wash.

    26. A professional-grade hair dryer built with three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button to set your look.

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