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26 Awesome Beauty Products You Didn't Know You Could Get At Urban Outfitters

Don't sleep on their beauty section — it's damn good.

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1. A smoky 28-color eyeshadow palette complete with all the shimmery and matte neutral shades you'll ever need.

Promising review: "I haven't had any reaction or itchiness to these shadows. I use a soft brush and the colors blend easily and last all day without running. The shadows don't clump at all and the colors are subtle but the little glitter adds a very nice feminine touch." —AmandaKVMD

Price: $19 (available in two sets)

3. A blending and contouring silicone sponge in HEART FORM because our faces could use a little extra lovin'.


5. Easy-to-use tinted brow gel for people who haven't mastered the whole "draw in your brows" ordeal.

No dreaded "ack, used too heavy of a hand and now my brows are as dark as the night sky." I hope that's not just me.

Price: $22 (available in six colors)

7. Holographic lip gloss to be worn alone or as a lipstick topper for added dimension and shine that's out of this world.


8. A handy teeth whitening pen featuring clinical strength hydrogen peroxide and antioxidants for easy, on-the-go pearly whites (no rinsing required!).

Promising review: "I was looking for something to brighten my smile and remove those annoying coffee stains from my teeth, and this product seemed to do the trick! This pen works extremely well and quickly! It left my teeth feeling clean without any extra sensitivity." —joshlatu5

Price: $20

9. A instantly soothing aromatherapy rollerball to use on your temples and wrists for a quick breather.

Promising review: "I bought this product for my mom for Mother's Day and it was a hit! My mother doesn't say so but I know she's super picky about the scents she wears and she loved this one! Once I smelled hers, I knew I'd be ordering another one for myself soon!! Echo Canyon has some nice citrus tones and isn't too heavy." —happycamper653

Price: $17 (available in three scents)

10. A squeezy tube of tinted moisturizer that gives you juuust the right amount of coverage without looking cakey or obvious — plus, it has coconut, aloe leaf, and wild berry extracts for extra nourishment!

Promising review: "I only wear makeup like once a week, but this has become apart of my daily routine. The color was PERFECT and all you need is a small drop to cover your entire face. It does an amazing job and minimizing pores and acne, and the best part is it looks extremely natural. I've gotten so many compliments on my skin lately." —rubenx1997

Price: $29.50 (available in seven shades)

11. A totally stunning 12-piece set of rose gold brushes for perfectly blended lewks everytime (and it comes with its own matching metallic pouch!).


13. A buttery trio of lip glosses for healthy lips that won't keep crackin' like an parched piece of dirt in the summer heat.

14. A mattifying complexion stick that further ~blurs~ out your pores for a flawless complexion that will make people think you got a facial.

Promising review: "I don't know if it's just me, but this product has literally solved my 'face grease' problem. My face gets SUPER oily throughout the day, but with this primer on, you don't see an ounce of greasy/oily shine at all. I pair this with my Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray and this combo leaves my face looking beautiful with a natural glow." —aiyanaleigh

Price: $36

Also available in setting spray form.

15. Extremely hydrating essence mist with replenishing kiwi and grape extracts that help to minimize the appearance of pores.

Like the reviewer says below, this can help you streamline your routine since it also doubles as a toner. Get the dewy skin you deserve without going through a million steps!

Promising review: "I love this because it really simplifies my skincare regimen. If I'm too tired to do anything I just spritz this, apply cream, and call it a night. Also, I always mist myself throughout the day and it doesn't mess up my makeup. It makes me look glowy and rested...which I really am not. :P" —JeannieBean

Price: $34


16. A conditioning leave-in mist that will win the battle of detangling, smoothing, and taming your unruly locks.

It also claims to help protect color if you use it before swimming in chlorinated or salt water.

Promising review: "I hate the feel of products in my hair and for the longest time I was afraid to use any form of a leave in conditioner but this is THE BEST product I have ever found for my hair. This product is completely weightless while making my hair shiny and it helps me get a brush through my tangled ends. I ALWAYS spray it on my damp hair after washing and before brushing or combing." —dginpdx

Price: $14

17. An iridescent (or marble!) reusable nail set equipped with a glue pen, file (for sizing down), and drawstring bag that would probably edge out a salon manicure, just sayin'.

Promising review: "Most amazing nails ever! I've tried many press-on nails in the past or brands that 'claim' to be reusable...Static is the REAL deal. They fit amazingly and they are still on my hands right now in perfect condition (picked them up a few weeks ago). I've never been so in love with a product. Never been a nail person, but now I am. This was so easy to use and I've been asked where I got my nails done at least ten times now." —AzariaRose

Price: $16 (available in three colors)

19. A fluffy pink clay sponge to buff away and soften dry, rough skin — aka how you maintain glowing skin when it's always being either blasted by A/C or torched by sun exposure.

Some might say it's millennial pink, but some might just gag (me). On a nicer note, this sponge lasts two to three months with proper care and is safe to compost afterwards!

Price: $8


21. A coffee-steeped lip balm and lip scrub duo to protect your lips against the ravages of drying matte lipsticks.

Promising review: "The sugar scrub smells AMAZING! And the balm smells great too. Feels and looks a little like Vaseline but thicker and not greasy. I've been using the balm for about a week now — my lips are so soft and I swear they look fuller!" —FrankCrush

Price: $17

22. Flower-infused nail polish remover and base/top coat that get the job done while looking so damn gorgeous.

23. Color-depositing hair treatment for adding a pop of color to an already-light base or maintaining fantasy dye jobs.

No mixing required! Just work it into your hair once a week and rinse out after 10-15 minutes. Easy freaking peasy.

Price: $28 (available in vibrant silver, pastel pink, and pastel purple)


24. Long-wearing matte liquid lipstick that doesn't require touch-ups (even after that massive burrito you decide to have for lunch).

25. A snazzy micro-foaming cleansing brush with gentle heat settings to lift away makeup without stripping the skin and, paired with your favorite cleanser/oil/cream, give your face a thorough wash.

Use the smaller pore-targeting silicone brush twice a week to give trouble spots a deep cleanse! Live your best blemish-free life!

Price: $130

26. A professional-grade hair dryer built with three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button to set your look.