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    21 Planners For 2019 So You Can Have Your Most Organized Year Yet

    I know you say this basically every year, but 2019 IS THE YEAR YOU REALLY GET ORGANIZED.

    Note: All planners are 12-month unless otherwise stated — i.e., undated, three months, etc.

    1. A Simple Elephant agenda with non-dated and straightforward pages that aims to unclutter your mind and give you the tools to help organize your goals (short and long term), recognize and appreciate your success, and all around motivate you to get shit done.

    2. A delightful Bookfactory pocket organizer for the person who’s literally always running to the next appointment, errand, meeting, etc. and wants to make sure they don’t miss a single thing, no matter how crazy the day.

    3. A sturdy and ultra-polished Day Designer planner that looks like it was designed for Instagram (it's time for a desk flatlay pic!) and really doesn't gloss over any details to keep your life smooth, running, and most importantly, mindful.

    4. A color-blocked Pretty Simple organizer with monthly overviews and spacious weekly lists that you'll be able to whip out next time someone invites you out — the conversation will go something like, "Hmm, let me see if I can pencil you in. My secretary's off for the day."

    5. A personalized, handmade Sugar and Type planner you'll treasure forever and forever — or, until you get one for next year — it keeps you goal-oriented, accountable, and even relaxed (because nothing winds ya down like some good 'ol coloring pages).

    6. A marbled, spiral-bound Bloom Daily Planners organizer with the added bonus of free printables to jazz up your plans for the week, month, and year! And that's on top of its goal setting, goal tracking, 2019 vision board, and reflection pages. All beautifully bound, just for you!

    7. A 13-week BestSelf Co. planner — which you can also buy as part of a year-long, four-piece set — designed to give you more space than a yearly planner, so you can understand, orient, and distribute your time *and* break down your goals in smaller, more manageable time frames.

    8. An adorable Panda Planner for anyone who gets overwhelmed at the sight of a dated planner and would rather dictate their own pace and goal progress.

    9. A super detailed, second brain–like Full Focus Planner that spans three months and is extremely goal-and-task-oriented, instead of a planner that simply has you list out deadlines. This way, you can write out the motivations/intentions behind each goal, track your progress, and keep yourself accountable.

    10. A weekly-based, Peanuts-themed Moleskine featuring an inspirational quote from the one and only Charlie Brown — may he learn to stop kicking Lucy's football, and may you never miss a single appointment over the course of 2019!

    11. A compact and undated 5" x 8" Lemome notebook with crisp monthly, weekly, and daily breakdowns — the latter of which has to-do lists and checkboxes — for the busy (and possibly picky) person who wants something chic yet extremely functional.

    12. A faux-leather-bound Day-Timer planner for that rugged, ~lived-in~ feel. It comes with references pages and pockets, as well as all the pages for detailing diary/work records, appointments, phone calls, and expense records that you could ever possibly need!

    13. A sassy and self-aware Gift Boutique "I'm Such A Professional" planner that breaks down each day with a detailed yet simple format, as well as a much-needed dose of humor — so you can tackle life with plenty of optimism.

    14. A mesmerizing holographic planner you can't help but be happy about filling out — once you've stopped staring at the cover, that is. Because what's the fun in organizing all your shit without cute stickers and artwork?

    15. A no-nonsense Blue Sky planner that does without the extras and gives you only what you need: the month-at-a-glance followed by weekly pages that have more than enough room for all of your appointments and reminders — you might just become a loyal user for years on end.

    16. A gorgeous floral Anthropologie planner with tabs for just about everything: dates to remember, goals, contacts, notes, and a yearly plan — a neat place for everything your brain would otherwise forget!

    17. A non-dated, manageable-feeling LiveWhale planner that includes budget/expense and habit trackers, entire pages dedicated for "brain dumps" (brilliant), and daily goal countdowns.

    18. A faux-leather Passion Planner to guide you every step of the way as you go about mapping out, working towards, and finally attaining your goals — because we could all use check-in points along the way.

    19. A purse-sized Petite Mila planner that comes with a gorgeous copper pen because, as they say, the prettier the accessories, the more likely you'll be able to use the damn thing. And those satisfying tabs, though!

    20. An undated, all-accessories-included Me & My Big Ideas Planner Box to make the whole ordeal of ~organizing your life~ fun, colorful, and creative — use your stickers and customize away!

    21. An adorable cacti-and-llama-adorned Papeterie Bleu planner with crystal clear monthly and weekly layouts that'll keep you on track — without any of the extras that might make planning ahead more stressful than it needs to be.

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