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    28 Beauty Products You Should Have On Hand At All Times, I'm Serious

    Consider these your little friends to help you get through the day.

    1. A highly-affordable Revlon PhotoReady ~Candid~ Natural Finish or Moisture Glow foundation that'll deliver the smooth 'n' even medium coverage you're looking for on an everyday basis. Bye, bumps and redness, and hello, stunning glow!

    2. A petite La Roche-Posay face mist to refresh your skin whenever it's feeling a little dull, tired, irritated, or overheated — and you have micro-droplets formulated with selenium, which is a powerful natural antioxidant, to thank for your midday doses of soothing hydration.

    3. A cult-favorite Maybelline concealer that'll cover any blemishes that dare pop up unexpected, touch up any mishaps after a meal, or make not-so-great habits (rubbing, picking, etc.) seem like they never happened.

    4. A drama-inducing Essence Cosmetics False Lash Effect Mascara to wake up your peepers in time for after-work drinks — because it's been a long day, and we all need a little nudge, ok?

    5. A fast-absorbing and -drying Batiste cleansing foam for an instant refresh any time your strands are looking a little dull, flat, and oily. Showers? Don't need 'em (for now).

    6. A pack of fresh-smelling Pacifica deodorant wipes to keep your pits free from feeling damp or smelling your own B.O., so you can get on with your day and then dance the night away!

    7. Hydrogel eye patches infused with gold and snail secretion filtrate that'll help minimize pesky puffiness and discoloration that seem to have taken up permanent residence on your face, no matter how many ZZZs you've caught!

    8. Neutrogena cleansing wipes for fixing up runny makeup, refreshing your face after a gym sesh, or switching up your look in no time flat — and because they're individually packaged, there's no chance of them drying out like they might if you keep opening up a regular multipack.

    9. And, for ~all over~, individually-packed Showerpill body wipes when you need to go to your next event ASAP and you don't want to carry your sweat and smells with you.

    10. A healthy dollop of La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-in Sunscreen Milk loaded with SPF 60 to keep your skin properly protected. It absorbs and dries super quickly down to a velvety finish and contains ~Cell-Ox Shield antioxidant technology~ to defend skin against free radicals. A totally radical SPF, IMO.

    11. An NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil that'll amp up your daytime look for nighttime glam in a flash — apply a few swipes onto your entire lids, line your lash lines, or just pop 'em into your inner corners for an instant eye-opening effect.

    12. A lightweight, avocado oil–infused John Frieda hair cream that'll *Olivia Pope voice* handle frizziness and flyaways that pop up through the day, because bad weather or humidity won't stop your mane from looking glossy and polished!

    13. Ever-dependable Mighty Patch Invisible+ acne spot treatments for showing your pimples who's boss, and speeding up their healing process almost undetected (they're thinner than regular patches for daytime use/ease).

    14. A Fenty Beauty Shimmer Skinsticks highlighter, because we all know makeup products in stick form are way easier to transport and this gives you the jaw-dropping glow (in 10 shades!!) you deserve, period.

    15. A Vogue effects cat eye stamp/liner to add some rightful ~drama~ to your lewk for a special occasion, or just because you feel like it! Either way, all you need is a mirror and a few minutes, and BAM.

    16. Tonymoly lip balms formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, camellia oil, rosehip oil, manuka honey, and other ingredients intended to keep your lips soft and supple all day long.

    17. And if you need a touch of color without compromising hydration, a Burt's Bees tinted lip balm to add a little oomph while keeping things relatively low-key — just two swipes, and you're done!

    18. A tube of Glossier Cloud Paint for the perfect, buildable flush of color on your cheeks to make you seem a little more ~alive~ on those days you're pretty much falling asleep at your desk. And personally, none of my makeup routines are ever quite complete without it.

    19. A delightfully-scented Duft & Doft hand cream to keep your hands feeling baby soft (thanks to hyaluronic acid, collagen, shea butter, and vitamin E!) and replenish moisture levels after enduring a bout of harsh weather or just plain 'ol washing your hands.

    20. A natural, vegan, and aluminum-free Each & Every deodorant that'll keep sensitive 'pits dry 'n' protected with soothing, non-irritating ingredients that actually do their job and don't leave you feeling worse off than before. Natural *does* work.

    21. Easy- and non-intimidating-to-use Laura Mercier eyeshadow sticks to amp up your lewk and incorporate bolder colors into your makeup routine. Just apply a lil' swipe wherever you need a pop of color — keep it as is for eyeliner, or smudge it out for a fuller eyeshadow masterpiece.

    22. A quick and painless Tarte Pearly Girl whitening treatment that'll provide an instant brightening boost after your third cup of coffee *and* protect tooth enamel. *flashes million-watt smile*

    23. A sweet and enticing Ari by Ariana Grande perfume rollerball to help keep you smelling fresh (more specifically, like pear, rose, and marshmallow) ~every day, every day, every day~. Breathe it in, breathe it out.

    24. A lightweight Earth's Recipe gel sunscreen that'll win the award for least annoying sunscreen ever — it's formulated with ~harrogate sparkling water~ so there's literally no chance of greasiness, heaviness, or white cast. It wears so nicely that you won't mind reapplying throughout the day! *hint hint*

    25. A double-sided Maybelline brow pencil to fill in your eye framers and most importantly *keep* them filled, defined, and looking fresh — because, sometimes, it makes allll the difference.

    26. Telephone cord-like hair ties, aka Invisibobbles, that'll keep your hair up and out of your way **without** hurting, denting, squeezing, or tugging at your strands once they're in place or taken out — I personally swear by these and I think everyone should own 'em!!!

    27. A mini bottle of Amika dry shampoo to take care of oily root emergencies, and give your hair a little but much-needed lift. You're welcome for the extra sleep in the mornings.

    28. A fun Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamp (or multiple!), because they're the easiest way to add a teensy bit of ~art~ to your face, as well as the easiest way to attract compliments wherever you go. And if you have it on hand, you can keep building up your masterpiece, or add other designs to the mix!

    I mean, what do you *not* have on hand?

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