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    This Insect-Repelling, Water-Resistant Sunscreen Will Save Your Summer

    Don't walk, but RUN, to the beach.

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    Hello, summer is upon us, which means all of the annoying things that come with it, like a constant fear of sunburns and bug bites!!!

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    If only there were a product to make all of those problems go away. WAIT, THERE IS. Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus has SPF 30, is water-resistant (for up to 80 minutes), and guards against insects!

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    I love multitasking products, and the fact this product is non-greasy, PABA-free and DEET-free, and works great on sensitive skin makes it all the better!


    Let's take a closer look at why this multitasking wonder is so great:

    -Repels mosquitoes (including those that may transmit West Nile Virus), deer ticks (including those that may transmit Lyme Disease), black flies, sand flies, gnats, no-seeums, and biting midges

    -Non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores) and non-acnegenic (less likely to cause acne or make existing acne worse)

    -Dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic

    -Contains Vitamin E and aloe (aka it's super soothing/moisturizing)

    -No overwhelming ~chemical~ or ~plastic~ smell

    And I'm not the only one raving about this. That's actually an understatement, because it has an average 4.3 star rating and 1,734 reviews on Amazon. Yeah, πŸ‘ take πŸ‘ that πŸ‘ in πŸ‘ .

    Here are a few five-star reviews for your reading pleasure:

    "This is the only product that works for my six-year-old daughter! She gets bad reactions from mosquito bites, and I've tried so many repellents. I love that this is also a sunscreen!" β€”CT


    "It works amazingly well and doesn't stink. It isn't exactly my favorite smell in the world, but I'll take it over those nasty DEET products. Plus, the smell fades to almost nothing within about an hour. I have some great natural sprays that are made with geranium, citronella and other oils, and they work very well, but you have to keep reapplying them throughout the day. I put on some Skin So Soft the other afternoon and stayed out on the porch until about 10pm, and didn't get one bite. That's amazing, because I'm a magnet for mosquitoes. I love it!" β€”QueensGirl


    "There is nothing I love more than visiting a tropical country, and exploring jungles and beaches. On the flip side, there's nothing I hate more than flies and mosquitos, and I have sweet blood that attracts them straight to me. So when I heard about a moisturizing lotion with SPF 30 AND bug guard, I freaked. As you probably know, most bug repellents make pretty effective human repellants too, because they STINK! Not this one though β€” Avon has an almost pleasant smell and I have no fear slathering it all over me before hitting the sun. I had no adverse reactions to it, no weird discolorations, no bugs bothered me, I didn't get a sunburn, and my skin looked glowing, not all ashy and dry β€” what more could you want?! 10/10."Β β€”TC

    So, what to do you have to lose? Nothing. So slather up and protect yourself!

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    Get it from Amazon for $8.49.

    Also available in a blue-to-clear version.

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