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    This Is What 68% Of American Women Look Like In 2018

    Gorgeous and authentic, every single one.

    In case you weren't aware, the average American woman — in all her glory — wears a size 14 or up. And we 👏 wanna 👏 show 👏 them 👏 off!

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    So we asked the badass size 14+ ladies of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their favorite photos of themselves. Here is just a small snippet of ~the majority~ of American women. 💃

    1. She makes herself be SEEN and lights up a pageant stage. She's an inspiration.

    "I often feel left out of the beauty conversation. I'm disabled and a big girl, but I love taking selfies and dressing up — fashion is for everyone. Everyone. The picture above was me at a pageant absolutely loving myself. Everybody should get a moment like this." —walknroller

    2. She spends her days working in an environment that's just as gorgeous and stunning as herself.

    "Here’s a shoutout to the 14+ women being rad working in the outdoors. This six foot, size 20 woman spends everyday in the woods doing forest management and restoration work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve still got my body issues of course, and regardless of size, there is still very little in terms of dependable and comfortable workwear for women, which is downright dangerous when you’re way out in the wilderness working long days in all weather conditions.

    Everything I’m wearing is from the men’s section, and while at least I can find *something* that fits, wearing ill-fitted workwear can always add that extra sting of 'you don’t belong' in a very male-dominated industry. Regardless, keep pushing, ladies! I’ve done and will do my crying and nursed my hurts from the steep hills to the store to the meeting room, but you belong anywhere you crave to be." —bluebirdrock

    3. She pulls off a jumpsuit better than me, TBQH. So chic!

    "Beautiful, curvy, and thiccc Indonesian-American woman and proud of it!" —gisell4u

    4. She's proud of how she uses her wardrobe to express herself in the most authentic and confident way possible, and she looks damn good while doing it. That floral suit? Someone call Tyra!

    "This was at my senior prom. I'm a H U G E fan of floral suits, because they make you stand out and they've made me face my fear of people commenting on how I look. The answer is: I look great. Ever since coming out, I've put a lot more effort into the way I look, which has had the double effect of making me about 9000x more confident in myself as a plus-sized woman *and* as a gay woman. —kvanhecke

    5. She's well on her way towards inspiring many, many girls as a teacher, mentor, and overall badass lady!

    "Accomplishing my dreams as a size 18. Currently a grad student and art teacher." —Ellie S.

    6. She loves playing with lights, colors, patterns, accessories, poses, and rhymes! She's poetry in motion.

    "Sassy, classy with a nice fat assy." —Erica V.

    7. She understands the road towards loving yourself is long, hard, but 100% worthwhile.

    "I have always had problems with self-image. Being a size 16 since the sixth grade has really had an impact on my self-worth and how I view myself. I’ve spent a whole lot of time not loving myself. But this year I turn 21 and I’ve decided that my present to myself this year is learning how to find the beauty within myself." —Lilianna Krystal P.

    8. She's an empowering mom who is raising a pint-sized beauty in this tough world, and rocking it!!

    "I'm a size 26 and 350 pounds. I'm trying to lose weight, but with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), it's super hard. However, I stay extremely body-positive because I have this little beauty looking up to me! Being plus-size has never stopped me from being confident or fabulous, and I do my best to teach my daughter that your body size is not what matters, but the size of your heart and mind! :) —Kayleigh P.

    9. She shows off her bangin' curves in sparkly ensembles whenever possible.

    "Loving me always." —Taylor O.

    10. She knows when to say FUCK IT to societal standards and personal pressure, because happiness is a much better option.

    "For years I struggled with accepting my body and loving myself 'til I finally woke up one day and said, 'Screw it, I am going to be HAPPY!' I stopped the crazy diets and self-criticism, and started embracing my body! Then I started blogging to help other women do the same and feel good in the skin they are in! It has been the most amazing experience ever!" —Megan H.

    11. She rocks daisies and space buns like it's NOBODY'S BUSINESS (because her body, her business — duh).

    "I recently was reading through my eighth grade yearbook and multiple girls had written that they were jealous of my boobs. I didn’t even realize they were that big back then! Now they’re even bigger and it's hard to find clothes that fit them. It doesn’t help that I’m just generally top-heavy and I have tiny hips. My figure is hard to fit, but I try to be trendy! Sometimes, what I put together in my head doesn’t always work out. Oh well. Forever seeking top-heavy, fashion-friendly companies! We’re not all curvy-hipped with teeny flat waists like all the plus-size models out there!" —melaniedel

    12. She embodies girl power. She is strong and has a diverse and supportive network of like-minded friends.

    "Big thighs save lives. Going to a women’s college has been perhaps the most identity/life-affirming experience of my life. I have made lovely friends of all ages, genders, identities, and sizes — and all of us are beautiful in our bodies." —Katie C.

    13. She is so beautiful, happy, and well-spoken. So all you trolls trying to give her unsolicited advice, LISTEN UP: You're. Not. Needed.

    "One of the strangest things about being fat is that suddenly everyone feels that they have the right to tell you anything about your body. I’ve been approached by total strangers who have mentioned everything from diet and exercise advice to how to get rid of cellulite. When I post a photo, I get fitness gurus commenting on it and trying to creep in on my 'journey.' Here’s the thing: If I want advice, I’ll ask for it. Other than that, my body and my health are my business and you have no right to try to make me 'happier;' I am happy. You just seem to have a problem with that. —Clara

    14. She revels in the beauty of her arms. She's strong and capable of overcoming any insecurities.

    "I am a size 18 and I’ve always struggled with my weight. My arms are one of my biggest insecurities, so at first, this picture made me very nervous. But now, I feel better about myself than I ever have, and I absolutely love this shot from my senior pictures!" —briehagen23

    15. She looks ~hawt~ — and well-protected from the sun — by the poolside. She's a stunner.

    "Size 16 and absolutely fine with it!" —Essence A.

    16. She knows how to party with lemurs, who also think she's the bomb dot com!!

    "Me with lemurs in Miami’s Lincoln Road Mall." —cottoncandysweetnlow

    17. She WERKS a bathing suit photoshoot like it's her job — in fact, please call her agent for future bookings.

    "I love my thick, brown, and curvylicious body. #size16" —Gladys M.

    18. She shows off her body, not for anyone else, but just for herself. She looks in the mirror and thinks, "Hot dayum!" 😘

    "Curvy girls for the win!!" —Mandy C.

    19. She is a badass fitness instructor who lifts her students up, up, and up to cloud nine!

    "This! This makes me happy and makes me feel in my element! I’m a WERQ fitness instructor and I’m a size 16/18! I’m healthier, stronger, and a gah-damn badass! It was my birthday on June 7th! I’m gonna knock 27 out of the park!!" —Ruthie

    20. She benches a crazy impressive number and supports female-owned businesses, because who run the world??

    "This is me, a size 14 powerlifter with 225 lbs on the bar. I don't agree with 'sizes' and labels like 'plus;' that's why I support Grrrl, a female-owned company that doesn't use sizes, just athlete shapes. I'm shape Ali/Ameneh." —Danna S.

    21. She is fierce, confident, and wiser with time.

    "I am finally happy with what I see in the mirror. I wish my 44-year-old self could talk some sense into my 24-year-old self. If she did, the 24-year-old would’ve had way more time having fun because she’d spend way less time caring about what other people think. The only opinion that matters is the one I have for myself. Love yourself, people. ❤️" —Deanna K.

    22. She's an international model who never passes up a scenic photoshoot. *Miss* Worldwide (ya hear, Pitbull?).

    "Studying abroad my junior year of high school! I used to not like to take pictures of just myself, but going abroad gave me the opportunity to basically be a model for three months." —erikajeandavisc

    23. She rocks every cosplay convention she ventures out to and makes Sailor Moon very proud. She's also sassy and outspoken as hell!

    "Size 16. This is for those who think cosplay is only for thin people." —veebs1138

    24. She comes to love candid shots and feeling beautiful every moment of every day.

    "I’m a size 16/18 and usually fear a candid shot because I don’t have time to adjust my shirt, suck it all in, and work my angles to look thin. My sister took this unexpectedly and it makes me feel better than any candid picture I’ve ever taken." —Amanda W.

    25. She doesn't deny the beautiful body she occupies and knows that everything will always be OK.

    "For the longest time I tried to deny the fact that I was a plus-size girl. I would try hard to squeeze into clothes with smaller numbers until I wasn’t able to anymore. I finally realized that it’s OK to be a big girl. I still work out and I eat decently, but I live in a big body. And that’s ok." —Brianna J.

    26. She loooooves her tummy and cellulite, because they're a testament to how strong and badass she is.

    "I like this photo because you can see my tummy pouch and the cellulite on my legs, but I just feel really confident and happy about myself." —Julia K.

    27. She is a princess ready to take on her coronation.

    28. She gets tattoos to remind herself that she is lovely in all shapes and forms.

    "I used to hate every inch of my body, and hated it even more when I would get catcalled for being 'thick.' But then I got some tattoos that only I can see, and my confidence grew by 1000%. I finally had something on my body that I completely loved and meant so much to me. It suddenly didn’t matter what anyone else thought — I am curvy, beautiful, and confident." —Alyssa G.

    29. She won't give up on finding a worthy outfit that she will feel 1000% in, because she deserves nothing less.

    "I went to my friend's formal with her and went alllllll out for this look! I felt so confident!!! It was such a process and finding a dress was a pain, but it paid off and I felt amazing. I looked awesome as a size 14 and I frickin' loooove my curves in this dress! Curvy women are the bomb!" —Alana Z.

    30. She shatters outdated stereotypes with a sense of realness that can't be replicated.

    "When you think Hawaii, you think tiny surfer babes — well, I’m a size 18/20x and I’ve never been happier. My beach bod rocks!! #thickthighssavelives" —Amanda M.

    31. She chases her dreams, overcomes body shaming, wins pageants, and becomes a candidate for Miss California!!!

    "Self-love is the absolute key to confidence! Being a plus-sized girl in the pageant world has been the most difficult, yet rewarding journey of my life. It took me 10 years to win my first title, and I have had to overcome body shaming and harsh criticism for many years that often chipped away at my self esteem. However, the love I have for my body has never changed, and I embrace all that makes me special. I'm a size 18 and on my way to Miss California!" —Valerie A.

    32. She cooly poses with snakes, because she's way more fearless than I'll ever be!!!

    33. She loves to show off her confidence through photos and lots of self-love. She is kind to herself, and also makes ~quite the entrance~.

    "For a while I stopped posting full-body images because I was embarrassed of my body. Now, I’ve learned to love myself and this body of mine, because it’s the only one I have." —Stephanie H.

    34. She loves her stretch marks and cellulite, because she is one of a kind and radiates beauty wherever she goes!!

    "I've always struggled with my weight, and it is frustrating sometimes to find clothes that fit right, but you are beautiful exactly the way you are. It took me a long time to be able to say that. I have stretch marks and cellulite, sure, but they are a part of who I am and all that I have been through. My journey is mine and I wouldn't trade it for anything." —Jessica D.

    35. She glams it up whenever she feels like it. Though, TBH, an orange dress pails in comparison to the brightness she brings to the world.

    "I love dressing up and being girly, but there isn’t a ton of interesting choices at size 16. This orange was a favorite though!" —mirmaidkenly

    36. She stands on her own, curvy and proud as hell. She is a force to be reckoned with, and has a bright future ahead of her.

    "I was verbally and physically abused by my parents for my weight and appearance growing up. I’m 19 now and living in my own apartment with my own job that I love, and learning to love myself and my curves. The picture below is me a week after moving out. Be kind to yourselves, ladies. You’re so worth it." —Hannah G.

    37. She is the freaking cutest and makes equally cute similes!! You go, dandelion!

    "I’m 5’2” and size 16. I’ve always been on the heavier side and very self-conscious about it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that it doesn’t really matter how others see me, as long as I know my own beauty and worth. Like my dandelions, some may see a bunch of ugly weeds, but I see a bouquet of beautiful flowers." —Caitlyn H.

    38. She works up a storm on Capitol Hill. She represents the continuous women-led progress that we need.

    "Loved this outfit! Felt so cute and fierce for a trip to the capital!" —Emma K.

    39. She finds light during dark times and she pays tribute to them after the fact too, because she knows she's stronger today because of trying times. She is victorious!

    "I live with anxiety and depression, and during a bad three-month episode, I went from a size 12 to 18. At first I was embarrassed that I had lost that much control, but a month later I went to Florida with friends and made the hard decision to push through, wear what I wanted to wear, and have a great time. Now I love my stretch marks, because they’re a physical reminder of the strength it took to make it through that period." —Kate L.

    40. She proudly wears a bikini like it was ~made~ for her body — because duh, it was. Flaunt it, girl!

    "I never really owned a bikini before I found this beauty on Adore Me. Now I wear this one all the time and everyone wants to know where I got my killer bathing suit!" —Katelyn P.

    41. She loves showing off her body, every damn inch. She is a self-aware queen.

    "Growing up, I was always the 'bigger' friend and I struggled with confidence because I never truly felt comfortable with my body. I was also a tomboy so dresses, skirts, etc., were not on my radar. That is, until I went to high school and softened up my image. Yet, I had a hard time finding clothes that were in style, reasonably-priced, and age-appropriate. But I made it work, to say the least! I gained confidence through becoming more self-aware of who I was and also understanding that beauty comes from the inside (hate to sound cheesy, lol), but it’s the truth. If the clothes are made in your size, wear them! Rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, etc. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and great about yourself!Toni J.

    42. She gussies up for prom and kills the whole game.

    "Me at prom. Size 16/18 and still serving looks!" —emilytheit

    43. She rocks the tech world in stunning fashion finds. She's one to watch out for, obviously.

    "Rocking an authentic, handmade South African skirt while handling my tech job like a boss." —kflowers2005

    44. She pulls off jumpsuits with the confidence of Rihanna, Oprah, and Chrissy Teigen combined.

    45. She loves her curves to the moon and back, even if it took a second to get there. WERK!!!

    "Size 14. Took me a while to learn to love the skin I’m in. Embrace your curves!" —Tyranny J.

    46. She rocks colorful skirts all day, every day, and supports education for fellow girlbosses around the world!

    "In my Misira skirt!! Portions of each sale go towards girls and women in Gambia to help with their educational goals!!" —Ruthie

    47. She looks hella cute while soaking up lots of sun!

    "Size 24 and loving every curve, twist, and bump of this life!" —Court C.

    48. She lets her heart out on stage and her spirit clearly shines so brightly!

    "Not your average outfit, but here is my favorite costume I’ve ever worn. As an actor who happens to be fat, you can sometimes feel like you don’t matter. To the director, to the costumer, to the production team, etc. Some of it is your own insecurities, while some of it is the known bias the entertainment business has against people who are plus-sized, disabled, part of the LGBT community, or people of color. You are sometimes seen as 'less than' or 'unworthy' of parts, and like a burden to the people that you work for. I can’t tell you how many times I felt like I was not 'right' for a part because of how I looked.

    This attitude started to change when I put on this costume for the first time. I loved this costume because I felt like it was the first costume that was custom-made for me to simply look elegant and pretty. It wasn’t made to be the butt of a joke, the funny, fat friend, or to make me look unflattering. It was just a beautiful dress FOR ME. It changed how I saw the character, but also myself. If you are a plus-sized person and feel like you are not worthy of things, you totally are. If you are a performer and feel you don’t deserve what you get, YOU. DO. Fight for that solo, fight for that part, and fight for a spot in the show because you deserve to take up space in this world. And on the stage. :)" —Kelsie K.

    49. She knows that each moment spent *not* laughing is a moment wasted!

    "For the longest time I believed that I would find love in myself by losing weight, but with weight gain came more self-loathing. It took a lot of work to get to a place where I like myself regardless of how my body looks, and it feels great. To be honest some days I still struggle, but it’s great to like yourself just as you are too." —itunnua

    50. She doesn't give a damn about what ignorant salespeople say, and buys the dress anyways!

    "Work-time witchy! Got this dress because the saleslady said it wouldn’t look good on 'my body type.' I beg to differ." —Daphne A.

    51. She knows how to look past the silly people who never deserved her time in the first place — and she finds love on her own terms!!

    "I’ve always been a bigger girl and the girl who is really sweet or such a great friend, but not someone that others could see themselves with. You always get the 'Oh my god, but you’re so pretty' or 'You’re so sweet' and 'You just have to be more confident in yourself.' It’s exhausting, because even when you’re feeling the best about yourself, sometimes all it takes is one person saying something harsh. It took me until now (age 27) to feel really good about myself and love the skin I’m in, and I finally have a man that agrees with me — we’re getting married next year!" —Gabby R.

    52. She stands on tables if she wants to, and ~flaunts~ it!!

    53. She doesn't take bullshit. She knows her own immense value, and surrounds herself with others who encourage her instead of weighing her down.

    "I was in a lot of relationships where my partners told me I needed to look a certain way, eat or not eat certain things, and it really killed my self-esteem over time. When I started dating my now-wife, nothing made her more upset than hearing how I would talk about my physical appearance. It took a few years of unlearning negative self-talk, but I’ve started to see my body in a totally new way.

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that oftentimes the way others closest to us treat our bodies says a lot about how that person feels in their own skin. We need to surround ourselves with friends and lovers who are going to lift us up and empower us to be our best and most complete selves, instead of toxic people who feel a desire to cut us down and make us feel lesser-than. At the end of the day, we’re goddesses and we should love ourselves and treat our bodies as such. Fuck society’s stereotypical ideas of beauty, for real." —Pili B.

    54. She defies convention because she is the future. She never gives up on loving herself.

    "In my younger years a combination of bullying, home life, and mental illness had me living with suicidal ideation much of the time. When I wasn’t suicidal, I was just miserable. I don’t know how or when, but I decided that while I can’t 'cure' or rid myself of some of my feelings, illnesses, etc., I CAN control how I see myself. I CAN take back my self-image and rip it from the hands of others. I CAN (learn to) love myself. And that, I did. I’ve been living and loving myself unapologetically for years now and it’s hands down the one thing that saved my life. I love who I am inside, faults and all. I love myself from the outside, flaws be damned.

    I wish for every human to walk this earth with confidence. I may not be perfect but I am strong, and honestly, not to sound cocky, but I’m kinda the bomb (LOL). I’m roughly a size 28, and while I’m not the conventional vision of beauty, I love every roll, curve, stretch mark, scar, and wrinkle. Learning to love and accept ourselves is far from a linear path, and far from simple or easy, but I believe in time, we can ALL get to that place." —jm1031

    55. She acknowledges just how far she's come and she is gentle with herself. She doesn't stop until she finds the wedding dress of her dreams.

    "The moment I fell in love with my wedding dress! The healthiest I have been in four years; I felt like a new woman. ❤ —Jennifer S.

    56. She is worlds more than a number or illness. She is a star in her own right. She is resilience!

    "I am a size 16/18, and this it the first time I've said my size out loud! Recently, I have had problems with my weight fluctuating because of my hypothyroidism. It has never been easy for me to accept my body, or how I look. And being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which makes it so much harder to lose weight, it was a total blow. However, slowly but surely, I am learning to love and accept myself first. How can I expect others to do that, if I don’t do it with myself first? So, if there’s anyone out there struggling with something similar, you’re not alone. As for my style? I love skirts, dresses, bright colors, and patterns! My closet is full of either home-sewn things or thrift store items, all the way!" —adalidc

    57. She feels lifted from the growing community of body-positive folks. She spreads love everywhere she goes.

    "I have never felt comfortable posing for a picture, but this past year, I slowly began to step out of my comfort zone, thanks to all the love and body positivity going around." —Maddie A.

    58. She plays with her killer pastel braids and dresses up in tulle, like the work of art that she is.

    "Summer vibes got me like..." —Christian O.

    59. She is a vision with her bouquet, tattoos, and strapless gown. She looks into the camera with the intensity of her entire soul, being, and badassery.

    "Currently a size 14/16, which I haven’t been in years! Every day, I work on feeling more confident in my body. It’s never been easy to look in the mirror and love what I see, but I’ve been embracing my body type more and have never felt better!" —aidadelaf

    60. She's goofy, loving, and all about not taking life too seriously.

    "Unfortunately, the only full-length picture I have of myself from the last couple months is this goofy one of me and my brother. But here I am in all my size 16/sometimes 18 glory. :-)" —Kimberly G.

    61. She knows how to give the camera OPTIONS while modeling a darling blue one-piece.

    "Y’all have no idea what it took for me to post this on my IG and Facebook. I was SO worried about having this much of my body exposed, even to friends and family. But it was a part of my journey. A couple of years ago, I would have NEVER put a pic up of me in a bathing suit. Especially without shorts or a skirt covering my thighs. Every jiggle, roll, or dimple would have me in near tears, but NOT ANYMORE! This is my body. It’s the one I was given and to hate it would be a disservice to myself and everyone around me. I still have my moments, but I can look at these photos with joy and realize I look damn good, despite the number on the tag." —Rebecca F.

    62. She gives past, not-so-positive thoughts two ~cold shoulders~, and continues to fight the good fight.

    "For me, body positivity has been a long and hard road, but I think I’m finally starting to love myself as I am." —A.

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