This Is What 68% Of American Women Look Like In 2018

    Gorgeous and authentic, every single one.

    In case you weren't aware, the average American woman — in all her glory — wears a size 14 or up. And we 👏 wanna 👏 show 👏 them 👏 off!

    So we asked the badass size 14+ ladies of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their favorite photos of themselves. Here is just a small snippet of ~the majority~ of American women. 💃

    1. She makes herself be SEEN and lights up a pageant stage. She's an inspiration.

    2. She spends her days working in an environment that's just as gorgeous and stunning as herself.

    3. She pulls off a jumpsuit better than me, TBQH. So chic!

    4. She's proud of how she uses her wardrobe to express herself in the most authentic and confident way possible, and she looks damn good while doing it. That floral suit? Someone call Tyra!

    5. She's well on her way towards inspiring many, many girls as a teacher, mentor, and overall badass lady!

    6. She loves playing with lights, colors, patterns, accessories, poses, and rhymes! She's poetry in motion.

    7. She understands the road towards loving yourself is long, hard, but 100% worthwhile.

    8. She's an empowering mom who is raising a pint-sized beauty in this tough world, and rocking it!!

    9. She shows off her bangin' curves in sparkly ensembles whenever possible.

    10. She knows when to say FUCK IT to societal standards and personal pressure, because happiness is a much better option.

    11. She rocks daisies and space buns like it's NOBODY'S BUSINESS (because her body, her business — duh).

    12. She embodies girl power. She is strong and has a diverse and supportive network of like-minded friends.

    13. She is so beautiful, happy, and well-spoken. So all you trolls trying to give her unsolicited advice, LISTEN UP: You're. Not. Needed.

    14. She revels in the beauty of her arms. She's strong and capable of overcoming any insecurities.

    15. She looks ~hawt~ — and well-protected from the sun — by the poolside. She's a stunner.

    16. She knows how to party with lemurs, who also think she's the bomb dot com!!

    17. She WERKS a bathing suit photoshoot like it's her job — in fact, please call her agent for future bookings.

    18. She shows off her body, not for anyone else, but just for herself. She looks in the mirror and thinks, "Hot dayum!" 😘

    19. She is a badass fitness instructor who lifts her students up, up, and up to cloud nine!

    20. She benches a crazy impressive number and supports female-owned businesses, because who run the world??

    21. She is fierce, confident, and wiser with time.

    22. She's an international model who never passes up a scenic photoshoot. *Miss* Worldwide (ya hear, Pitbull?).

    23. She rocks every cosplay convention she ventures out to and makes Sailor Moon very proud. She's also sassy and outspoken as hell!

    24. She comes to love candid shots and feeling beautiful every moment of every day.

    25. She doesn't deny the beautiful body she occupies and knows that everything will always be OK.

    26. She loooooves her tummy and cellulite, because they're a testament to how strong and badass she is.

    27. She is a princess ready to take on her coronation.

    28. She gets tattoos to remind herself that she is lovely in all shapes and forms.

    29. She won't give up on finding a worthy outfit that she will feel 1000% in, because she deserves nothing less.

    30. She shatters outdated stereotypes with a sense of realness that can't be replicated.

    31. She chases her dreams, overcomes body shaming, wins pageants, and becomes a candidate for Miss California!!!

    32. She cooly poses with snakes, because she's way more fearless than I'll ever be!!!

    33. She loves to show off her confidence through photos and lots of self-love. She is kind to herself, and also makes ~quite the entrance~.

    34. She loves her stretch marks and cellulite, because she is one of a kind and radiates beauty wherever she goes!!

    35. She glams it up whenever she feels like it. Though, TBH, an orange dress pails in comparison to the brightness she brings to the world.

    36. She stands on her own, curvy and proud as hell. She is a force to be reckoned with, and has a bright future ahead of her.

    37. She is the freaking cutest and makes equally cute similes!! You go, dandelion!

    38. She works up a storm on Capitol Hill. She represents the continuous women-led progress that we need.

    39. She finds light during dark times and she pays tribute to them after the fact too, because she knows she's stronger today because of trying times. She is victorious!

    40. She proudly wears a bikini like it was ~made~ for her body — because duh, it was. Flaunt it, girl!

    41. She loves showing off her body, every damn inch. She is a self-aware queen.

    42. She gussies up for prom and kills the whole game.

    43. She rocks the tech world in stunning fashion finds. She's one to watch out for, obviously.

    44. She pulls off jumpsuits with the confidence of Rihanna, Oprah, and Chrissy Teigen combined.

    45. She loves her curves to the moon and back, even if it took a second to get there. WERK!!!

    46. She rocks colorful skirts all day, every day, and supports education for fellow girlbosses around the world!

    47. She looks hella cute while soaking up lots of sun!

    48. She lets her heart out on stage and her spirit clearly shines so brightly!

    49. She knows that each moment spent *not* laughing is a moment wasted!

    50. She doesn't give a damn about what ignorant salespeople say, and buys the dress anyways!

    51. She knows how to look past the silly people who never deserved her time in the first place — and she finds love on her own terms!!

    52. She stands on tables if she wants to, and ~flaunts~ it!!

    53. She doesn't take bullshit. She knows her own immense value, and surrounds herself with others who encourage her instead of weighing her down.

    54. She defies convention because she is the future. She never gives up on loving herself.

    55. She acknowledges just how far she's come and she is gentle with herself. She doesn't stop until she finds the wedding dress of her dreams.

    56. She is worlds more than a number or illness. She is a star in her own right. She is resilience!

    57. She feels lifted from the growing community of body-positive folks. She spreads love everywhere she goes.

    58. She plays with her killer pastel braids and dresses up in tulle, like the work of art that she is.

    59. She is a vision with her bouquet, tattoos, and strapless gown. She looks into the camera with the intensity of her entire soul, being, and badassery.

    60. She's goofy, loving, and all about not taking life too seriously.

    61. She knows how to give the camera OPTIONS while modeling a darling blue one-piece.

    62. She gives past, not-so-positive thoughts two ~cold shoulders~, and continues to fight the good fight.

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