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    30 Things You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Amber Liu

    "Drink a lot of boba and eat a lot of cucumbers 'cause they're hydrating."

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    Llama queen Amber Liu stopped by BuzzFeed to answer 30 questions in three minutes, and I think it's safe to say we all had a blast!


    Sure, she thought the questions were "hard" and "not fair" at times, but this is BuzzFeed. We ask the real questions here.

    Here's a snippet of what we learned...

    She wants to collab with Tori Kelly, but in a very specific way:


    Amber: "Hopefully that makes it in the song as a sound bite."

    Her favorite meme is none other than Jackie Chan:


    She was extremely passionate about the Great Toilet Paper Debate:


    She'd scream (and then shave) if she woke up in pal Eric Nam's body:


    Amber: "And probably shave because Eric has really thick facial hair."

    She expanded upon this answer on our @BuzzFeedDaebak Twitter. (For context, Eric said he'd be "really disappointed" when asked the same question about waking up in Amber's body. We love friendship!)

    She casually revealed her favorite hair color (her current one, duh!):


    As a bona fide boba expert, she let us in on the perfect boba order:


    She showed off her best runway pose that emphasizes ~all the curves~:


    Amber: "Or the curves I'm trying to make?"

    And we might've made a teensy mistake asking her which of her pets (children) she likes more:


    Still, no regrets. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But for the record, JackJack and Tuna are equally adorable.

    Watch the full video if you know what's good:

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    Thanks for stopping by, Amber!


    You can catch her on tour RIGHT NOW, or listen to her latest EP, X!