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    BTS's Historical "SNL" Performance: Here's Everything You Need To Know

    Oh my my my, another one for the books!

    It all started on the fateful day of March 13, 2019, with SNL's *casually leaves this here* tweet announcing their stint as the show's first K-pop (and South Korean act) musical guest — which was a Big Deal.

    Twitter: @nbcsnl

    It also continued BTS's streak of huge U.S. TV appearances, which includes The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Late Show with James Corden, and you know, the Grammys.

    Fast forward to Monday, April 8th, which is when Billboard reported that fans started camping out in line. In case you forgot, SNL airs on Saturday night.

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    One fan who was interviewed even quit her job! Ok, given she was already ready to quit, but it was also perfect timing to camp out for her faves!

    BTS fans weren't the only ones camping out, as evidenced in the first promo video — a sleepover in which host Emma Stone and the ladies of SNL collectively freaked out about the talented septet.

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    However, it quickly sparked an online debate about their seemingly stereotypical portrayal of diehard teenage girl fans, while failing to acknowledge that BTS's fandom, ARMY — and fans of *any* boy group — is known to be super diverse in terms of age, gender, country, etc.

    @nbcsnl Lmao this is so great. Don't be afraid to roast, ARMY are good sports. We roast oursleves and BTS all the time. Although you do get 1 detail wrong. We welcome all genders. BTS have plenty of male fans

    Twitter: @bangtanism89

    Even though we all know SNL is obviously a satirical comedy show, it's still food for thought, ya feel. "No boys allowed," really??

    Then Emma, Cecily, and the colorfully–dressed BTS members dropped the second promo video:

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    NBC / Via

    Tag yourself, I'm the second half of take #2 (aka, sobbing). I'm also Suga basically the whole time. *coolly nods with utmost confidence*

    And um, let's not forget that they dyed their magnificent manes for the show. *adds to pre-existing "BTS Hair" Pinterest board*

    Thank you Emma & SNL !!!! 😆😆

    Twitter: @BTS_twt

    If you want an in-depth analysis of BTS's hair colors over the years, you got it.

    Which inevitably sparked another round of people attempting to find out who's who by...

    Guys it’s happening again “The guy with”😂💀 #BTSxSNL @BTS_twt

    Twitter: @BTSBEYONDtheST1

    Their first performance of the night was "Boy With Luv," a song that's been smashing records left and right since its release — one of the biggest being the most-viewed 24 hour debut in YouTube history.

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    BTS also invited "Boy With Luv" co-songwriter Melanie Fontana to sing on stage with them, which is the darndest, cutest thing I've ever witnessed??

    NBC / Sarah Han

    Besides saying gems like, "If the Queen knighted me, it would be less of an honor than being onstage with BTS” (wow, MOOD...if I had her songwriting skills), she also offered her two cents on what makes a song distinctly BTS: “I feel like it's the really beautiful mixture of masculinity and femininity that they're so unabashedly known for. They're not afraid to use what some people would call more feminine-sounding melodies because they make it their own. I think that that's what's so sexy about them. They go for almost ethereal melodies that you wouldn't necessarily write for a male boy band.”

    BTW, Melanie also cowrote “Mikrokosmos” off of their latest album, Map of the Soul: Persona (which is my favorite, and no wonder why!!!), Jungkook's solo track "Euphoria" off of their Love Yourself: Answer album, ***and*** she's written for Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Girls' Generation, and more. THE GIRL'S GOT TALENT.

    For their fierce Steve Aoki–remixed "Mic Drop" performance, the boys donned pieces from Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton and Off-White collections, futher solidifying their statuses as ~Kings of Fashun~.


    Annnnd here's the actual set in all its glory:

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    BTS understandably earned a bunch of new fans/admirers from the show and here are some of my favorite tweets to prove it:

    One girl literally created a new account to ask BTS fans who J-hope was.

    #BTSxSNL hi?????????? Bts fans please tell me who is this I want to cook for him give him flowers and my first born

    Twitter: @Maria092888221

    (The full answer is: Literal Ray Of Sunshine Jung Ho-seok.)

    K-pop fans have bowed down to wow-worthy stages for centuries (no exaggeration), but the truth remains: how can anyone NOT appreciate that BTS puts on a damn good show?

    I will say this, I appreciate the entire BTS package - these dudes put on a hell of a show and I appreciate the choreography. Also, I think the blond one might be my favorite. #SNL

    Twitter: @jeanette_y_ward

    P.S. The blonde one = Kim Namjoon, otherwise known as fearless leader RM.


    Twitter: @abratasas

    And the intersection of old and new just a place of magic and pureness.

    Oh, the comments on their snl performance 😭😭 #BTSxSNL

    Twitter: @KookieIoana

    Here's another cute compilation because I can't resist.

    And this K-pop fan's hubby finally got the memo on BTS breaking cultural barriers *and* the front page of CNN.

    I haven't told my adorable muggle hubby about @BTS_twt CB at all & he went to bed early last night not knowing I stayed up for SNL. 1st thing he asked this morning was "DID YOU KNOW BTS WAS ON SNL??" 😂 I asked how he knew & he said "I saw on front page CNN. That's huge" #BTSxSNL

    Twitter: @bangtanism89

    That's not all! After the performance, Jungkook blessed us with a spontaneous Vlive stream, in which he reflected on the iconic performance, reviewed some of his SNL gifts, talked about the progress of his English studies*, and showed his love for ARMYs in both languages!


    *in part to alleviate some of leader RM's burdens in mediating/translating interviews — I'm not crying, you are.

    Also, super random, but the "Blind Love" T-shirt he's wearing makes me think that it could be a new song of theirs — like a follow-up to "Fake Love?" "Pied Piper" even?

    And since Halsey was at Coachella and couldn't share the SNL stage, the BBMAs announced the ~full~ BTS x Halsey debut live performance of "Boy With Luv!"

    Yes, you read that right. @BTS_twt and @halsey for the FIRST TIME EVER. #BBMAs are Wednesday, May 1 on NBC.

    Twitter: @BBMAs

    Keeping 👏us 👏 fed 👏.

    (And ICYMI, BTS is up for Top Duo/Group and Top Social Artist, the latter of which they've won for the past two years.)

    Anyways, in the meantime, I'll be debating whether or not I should die my hair Tae Blue.

    Twitter: @BTS_twt

    You have no idea how serious I am about this. Bye, pink??? Ok, bye for real!