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A Definitive Ranking Of K-Pop Group EXO's 9 Members*

*not actually definitive whatsoever, just one adoring fan's opinion (read: no f*cking haters, please) ALSO, I LOVE THEM ALL, so there's that bit.

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Besides somehow being able to pull off crazy rainbow hair, Sehun is known to most as EXO's "maknae" (youngest member). He's a bit shy and therefore a little hard to read, but ridiculously cute regardless.


The oldest member, but secretly (or not so secretly) quite silly & endearing. I'm in love with this music video mostly because of Xiumin's heartfelt acting. Also loves coffee, which is always a plus in my book.

7. D.O.

Even when he's not awkwardly and/or adorably watching movies by himself, D.O. proves to be one of the shyest members. I find his facial expressions/reactions (and sometimes lack thereof) hilarious. Quite a few EXO members have branched out into acting but D.O.'s the only one I've actually seen on-screen so far, in the critically-acclaimed drama "It's Ok, That's Love" (which I highly recommend).


EXO's main rapper. One of his nicknames is "Happy Virus," which totally makes sense if you watch any videos/clips of him. He's super silly and optimistic (throwing up a peace sign around the eyes is his signature pose ~throw what you know~). Watching him gleefully playing with toddlers is actually *everything*.

5. KAI

Probably, undoubtedly the best dancer in EXO. He's been dancing since he was 8 and has trained in ballet and jazz (is also excellent at popping and locking, so basically every kind of dance). Um, swoon.


EXO's charismatic, cute, but also surprisingly sexy leader, who is always willing to take one for the team. I'm actually amazed I only included one (kinda) shirtless picture in this list, but these boys are already super cute with everything on. *wink*

3. LAY

IMO, the 2nd best dancer in EXO and also the most gracious. But more than that, Lay occupies a special place in my heart because he's the only remaining Chinese member left in the group (since Luhan, Kris, and Tao all left *i'm not crying you are*).


I think he has the most boyish charm in the group, and his playful, mischievous personality is sometimes too cute for words. Also worth mentioning that he has one of the best vocals. Proof: Listen to this and this.


So here we are, my favorite member (as hard as that is to say, because I've become attached to all of them). When Chen's not confidently strolling through a haunted house and kindly gifting workers with hot packs, he's gifting us with his beautiful vocal range. Listen to his solo song "Best Luck" (from the OST of "It's Ok, That's Love," the aforementioned drama that D.O. is in) and weep.

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