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    • sarahh88

      This is awesome! But the explanation is simple: for female athletes, the sexuality stereotype is already there. Few are surprised (or upset) whena”butch” female athlete comes out, because we still believe gay women are gender non-conformers by default. And women who play sports are obviously not barefoot in the kitchen, so they must be GAY. For male athletes, it’s flipped. Coming out is about their masculinity, and society defines masculinity even more narrowly than femininity. Since we expect gay men to be gender non-conformers as well, we can’t fathom howagay man can exist in suchamasculine profession-RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES!! It’s an unfortunate double-standard. Coming out asamale athlete is in some waysabigger deal, because it bucksastereotype rather than reinforcing it. Regardless, I’m so excited to see more “out and proud” (and/or “out because it shouldn’t matter anyway”) athletes. As Collins said in his SI piece: “Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’sagood place to start.”

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