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    • sarahh4d9c7319e

      I think its all about respect. If I have one of my vegan friends over, I will cook a vegan meal. I’m a meat eater, but a vegan meal wont kill me, and a lot of the time is very tasty (especially once you stop trying to make fake meat. It never tastes right, and I’d rather just eat a nice vegetable and grain meal). If I’m having a number of people over for dinner, I’ll include a vegan dish, but I’ll also make something for me and the other meat eaters as well. I dont keep preachy vegan (or meat eating) friends around so no one’s going to be lecturing anyone else, and everyone has something nice to eat. If my vegan friends want more food choices, I invite them to bring a potluck to share (as I would any of my friends)  Doesn’t mean you have to make two whole meals…..just a selection of things in the same meal. Asking a few simple questions to figure out the menu is no big deal.

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