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Booze Is The New Black

You can't handle the hooch. An OITNB Drinking Game.

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-Every time Piper has a flashback.

-Every time Piper does something WASPY.

-Every time you find yourself humming the theme song randomly throughout the episode.

-Every time you wonder why officer Bennett is with Daya instead of you.

-Every time Pornstache is called by his real name.

-Every time Red punishes a prisoner.

-Every time Alex talks about doing and/or dealing drugs (we get it, you were good).

-Every time officer Healy says "Lesbian."

-Every time someone tells the "eggplant joke."

-Every time a tampon and/or pad is used for purposes other than…well, you know.

-Every time Larry cries (and you feel uncomfortable watching).

-Every time Crazy Eyes lives up to her name.

-Every time an inmates cries.

-Every time an inmate has sex with an officer.

-Every time you think Yoga Jones looks too frail to last the episode.

-Every time Taystee breaks it down on the dance floor.

-Every time you think Nikki and Alex are about to get it on.

-Every time an inmate does an impression of someone of a different race

(Bonus: finish your drink for anyone who doesn't appreciate Taystee and Poussey's "White People Be Like." Then go home.)

-Every time there is contraband in a scene (ahem, screwdriver).

-Every time there's a physical fight.

-Every time you see the chicken.

-Every time you hear the swirl song.

-Every time you wonder how Donna Pinciotti's life got so messed up

(Bonus: finish your drink for anyone who doesn't know the reference).

-Every time Suzanne quotes Shakespeare

-Every time you think "Man, I'm glad I'm not watching this with my mom."

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