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    Proof That The Demon From "Paranormal Activity" Obviously Had A Super Crush On Every Single Person

    Love and happiness and tenderness and feelings.

    As a lot of crushes do, it started out as an infatuation.

    However, in the beginning, it was quite shy and timid.

    It somehow mustered up a little courage and started leaving gifts for them.

    Pretty soon it was "accidentally" taking their things so it would have an excuse to drop in.

    When they were feeling down, it tried to raise them up and lift their spirits in the only way it knew how.

    And it tried to flirt but things got weird.

    It even tried to give them cute surprises.

    And cute love bites.

    And it desperately wanted some alone time.

    But none of its advances had worked. So it moved onto tricking them into doing things, like playing Seven Minutes in Heaven.

    Emotions started running high whenever they had to be apart from one another.

    It EVEN introduced them to its BFFs.

    Eventually it just couldn't take the tension anymore and it had to take matters into its own hands.