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18 Types Of People On Facebook As Explained By E-Cards

But can e-cards REALLY explain anything? I guess we'll find out.

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3. The type who treat their Facebook photos in the same manner that Beyoncé treats her tour photos.


Those photos were NOT authorized by yours truly and therefore they will be hidden from the view of the general public ASAP.

8. The type who constantly perpetuate girl hate for no reason.

STATUS: "Hey girl walking in front of me, your dress is like WAY too short. Like, I don't want to see any of your legs OKAY. Or your arms. Or even your face. Or any part of you, really. Like, do the world a favor and just get an invisibility cloak 'cause you look like complete trash OKAY."

16. The type who, at this point, have assumed bizarre parental tendencies due to an abundance of baby photos.


Says the person scrolling down their news feed, "Their baby started crawling. I'm not sure why it matters to me because I haven't seen them since I was 8 years old, but can you believe it did that? Aw!"

17. The type who flood your news feed with political opinions and rants 24/7.


They just want to let you know why they hate a certain political party.. and why their point of view is the best.. and why you're stupid for disagreeing with them.. and why they cannot BELIEVE that anyone would think differently than they do.. and now, if you'll excuse them, they're off to go be sad and/or angry about the world. /status.

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