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    18 Types Of People On Facebook As Explained By E-Cards

    But can e-cards REALLY explain anything? I guess we'll find out.

    1. The "I go to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY" type.

    2. The type who hate the "I go to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY" type.

    3. The type who treat their Facebook photos in the same manner that Beyoncé treats her tour photos.

    4. The type who try to be condescending towards others.

    5. And the type who are more than happy to call out those failures.

    6. The type who are too emotionally expressive on social media.

    7. And the type who are not expressive enough.

    8. The type who constantly perpetuate girl hate for no reason.

    9. The type who post, like or share moderately inspirational quotes.

    10. And the type who despise those quotes.

    11. The type who proudly flaunt their redneck qualities for all to see.

    12. The type who really do live by this statement.

    13. And the type who really do live by this statement.

    14. The type who write statuses about EVERYTHING going on in their life.

    15. And the type who loooove that you do.

    16. The type who, at this point, have assumed bizarre parental tendencies due to an abundance of baby photos.

    17. The type who flood your news feed with political opinions and rants 24/7.

    18. And, most importantly, there is the type who absolutely cannot stand e-cards flooding their news feed.