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12 Reasons Why Walter White Is Actually The Perfect Human Being

He's, like, so awesome and amazing and nice in a misunderstood kind of way.

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1. He will literally ROFL at your jokes.

"Haaaa ha ha! O-M-G, Skyler! Stop! That's so funny! I can't breathe!"

2. He doesn't want to startle you, so he will actually knock before entering your room.

Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah! Manners!

3. He will initiate Destiny's Child sing-a-longs with you.

It definitely makes impromptu trips into the deserts of New Mexico A LOT more fun.

4. He will sprinkle compliments throughout your day.

"Jesse, you rock at sitting in the passenger seat!" *High five*

5. He will gladly help you move things that are too heavy for you to move yourself.

"Is here good? More to the left? More to the right? I want to make sure Ted is happy with the placement of this potted tree."

6. He tries his best to relate to the younger generation.

Well.. he gets an A for effort on this one.

7. He will take you on meaningful walks to have heart to heart conversations.

"You know, Jesse.."

8. And he will stay with you on those walks for as long as you need him to.

".. so, in conclusion, just appreciate the little things in life." *Eats Funyuns*

9. He will let you know that you're not alone in the world if you're ever feeling down.

"Hank, come on, you're not alone. Ya got me and Marie AND your minerals!"

10. He will thrill you with kooky Big Sean impressions.

He knows the chemistry world. He knows the rap world. He knows it all.

11. He will be your stylish date to stylish parties.

Elliott: "I like your GRAY shirt." Walter: "It's actually blue, not that it MATTERs."

12. Finally, he can do chemistry magic and make things like this happen.

And that's just breaking rad.

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