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    Would You Like To Succeed? Learn Sales

    "Sales skills should be taught to everyone, from the secretary to the CEO"

    When you think of the word sales, what comes into your mind? Sleazy car salesman? Or, pushy salesperson? Well, not to these two game changers, Michael Chapman and Rana Kordahi, who got together and created a sales program specifically designed to make non-sales people fall in love with selling and to let go of the stigma attached.

    Rana Kordahi the founder of Limitlessminds Training and Coaching tells us that there are two types of selling. The 1990s pushy high-pressure sales, and the consultative client-centric sales. She advises everyone to go for the latter. She believes that everyone should learn sales skills as it will help them feel more confident, learn how to influence, become more resilient, as well as increase the opportunity to make an unlimited amount of money.

    "I get people telling me how they used the sales skills I taught them to communicate with their children or to even attract the opposite sex." Rana Said. "You don't have to work in a typical sales role to learn sales and the most successful people study it. There are so many people who leave their secure job to start a business only to not know how to pick up the phone and make a cold call or understand their unique selling proposition.

    Michael Chapman who is the founder of The Business Minister spent a lot of time in operational leadership and sales roles said that he learned early on in his career that he was always selling, whether he was speaking to anyone like a customer, frontline staff, in meetings or expressing ideas.

    Also, there are so many people out there who have anxiety when it comes to selling and may not understand that a good salesperson helps others solve problems and builds lasting relationships whether they closed the deal or not.

    Rana's motivation to teach non salespeople sales, was when she started working in corporations both on the front line and in operations. She noticed that each day technically brilliant and smart people were hired to do great things in their jobs. But then came the dreaded sales part, when they were expected to hit those KPIs and targets, or even go out and network. Many times, these individuals either had awkwardness or anxiety around it.

    Ran said that her mission is to help everyone fall in love with sales and appreciate this powerful skill which will help them in their personal lives, careers and businesses. She believe everyone is a salesperson, whether they like it or not."

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