The Top 12 Aussie Actors Before They Made It Big In Hollywood

How well do you know your Australian actors and actresses?

1. Nicole Kidman

We all recognize Ms. Kidman from her roles in Moulin Rouge and her Oscar-winning performance in The Hours, but how many have seen her in the 1983 Australian film BMX Bandits?

2. Rebel Wilson

Everyone loves her as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, but Aussies first laughed at her as Toula in Fat Pizza.

3. Hugh Jackman

Nowadays he’s Wolverine, but back in the day he was Kevin Jones in the short lived prison drama series Corelli. It also happens to be where he met his adorable wife Deborah-Lee Furness.

4. Guy Pearce

Everyone in Australia either watches or has watched Neighbours. The series has been on the air continuously since 1985 and has amassed just shy of 7,000 episodes. It was also the starting point for a young Guy Pearce — a far cry from his future role as Leonard in Memento.

5. Heath Ledger

Ledger’s first foray into the world of acting was as gifted cyclist Snowy Bowles, a student at an Australian high school for elite athletes in Sweat.

6. Eric Bana

Star Trek, Hulk and The Other Boleyn Girl. Eric Bana has had some pretty iconic roles. However, to Aussies he will always be Poida. In fact, Bana had so many different characters during his time on Full Frontal, it was hard to pick just one.

7. Chris Hemsworth

He’s Thor, isn’t he? I bet you haven’t seen him sing and play guitar. His early alter ego Kim Hyde did during his days on Home and Away.

8. Liam Hemsworth

Before he was Gale in The Hunger Games, Liam first graced Australian screens in 2007 as Damo on McLeod’s Daughters.

9. Sam Worthington

Gaining recognition as Jake Sully in Avatar, Sam Worthington was a regular on Aussie screens as Howard Light in the drama/romance series Love My Way.

10. Naomi Watts

She may have come face to face with the beast in King Kong, but long before that Naomi Watts starred as Frances Heffernan, a young student at a Sydney convent school during the 1960s, in Brides of Christ.

11. Alan Dale

For over 900 episodes, spanning eight years, Alan Dale was the patriarch of the Robinson family on Neighbours. Millions of Australians wept when Jim Robinson passed away in 1993. These days you can catch him as the Homeland Senior Division Chief Tom Morrow on NCIS or in the brand new Syfy drama Dominion.

12. Barry Humphries

It’s common knowledge among Aussies that Barry Humphries is the man inside of Dame Edna Everage. However, there still is the odd non-Aussie whose mind is blown when the truth is revealed.

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