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    17 Times "I Love Lucy" Captured The Struggle Under Patriarchy

    "This is the United States and I have my rights!"

    1. When the patriarchy is so oppressive it's hard to get out of bed.

    2. When you realize women have only been able to vote for under 100 years.

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    Thanks, patriarchy.

    3. When the patriarchy tries to argue against your bodily autonomy.

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    4. When the patriarchy tries to limit your access to birth control.

    5. Or when the patriarchy gets annoyed with your kids.

    6. When the patriarchy praises the dadbod, but demands women *immediately* lose their pregnancy weight.

    7. Or when the patriarchy wants to only see "bikini-ready" bodies.

    8. When the patriarchy says it can do anything better than you can.

    9. When the patriarchy says, "Well, actually..."

    10. Or when the patriarchy wants to play devil's advocate.

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    11. When you realize your labor is valued less because of the patriarchy.

    12. When the patriarchy says a superhero movie with a woman will bomb at the box office.

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    13. When the patriarchy tries to tell you that rape culture isn't real.

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    14. When the patriarchy tells you there's a *right* way to be a woman.

    15. When the patriarchy tells you your neckline is *too* low or your skirt is *too* short.

    16. Or when the patriarchy does its best to make you feel bad about yourself.

    17. So, when the patriarchy rears its ugly head, just do as Lucy does.

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