23 Problems Only Eurasian People Actually Understand

More ethnicities = more problems.

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1. Being Eurasian means you get lumped with Western problems...

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Go shopping in Asia and you'll find you're too tall for everything, the shoes don't fit, shop assistants talk to you like you're a tourist, and you look ridiculous in anything kawaii.

2. ...and Asian problems.

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Drink one beer, and you'll turn bright red. And because your Asian relatives have zero boundaries, they'll tell you straight up when you put on weight/look terrible/need to hurry up and get married.

3. You're tired of people saying, "Where are you from? Yeah, but where are you really from?"

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Got 20 minutes for the full story? Not really? Just being polite? Yeah, thought so.

4. Whenever you meet other Eurasian people, you get drawn into some kind of "interesting ethnicities" pissing contest.

5. And you never know which box to tick when you fill out surveys with questions about race.

Uh... Guess I'll just tick "other"?

6. If you tell people your dad is the Asian parent, you will literally blow their minds.


We're just defying stereotypes built up by centuries of Western colonialism over here. You're welcome.

8. Your hair somehow manages to be fine, frizzy, thick, and unmanageable at the same time.

How is that possible?

11. Shopping for skin care products and makeup is hella confusing.

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Do we buy "formulated for Asian skin"? And how are we gonna age? Will we get wrinkles or pigmentation spots? WHO KNOWS?!

14. Being genuinely embarrassed by your calligraphy skills.


17. "You're going to have such cute babies!"

What if they're not though? What if my babies are ugly?

18. Trying to remember the etiquette of multiple cultures is difficult.

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Do we open the gift now or later? If someone offers us the last piece of food, do they really want us to take it? Shoes off or on in the house? WE'RE SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW.

23. Feeling awkward when your Asian friends congratulate you on your double eyelids.

Guys! They're just eyelids!