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    23 Problems Only Eurasian People Actually Understand

    More ethnicities = more problems.

    1. Being Eurasian means you get lumped with Western problems...

    2. ...and Asian problems.

    3. You're tired of people saying, "Where are you from? Yeah, but where are you really from?"

    4. Whenever you meet other Eurasian people, you get drawn into some kind of "interesting ethnicities" pissing contest.

    5. And you never know which box to tick when you fill out surveys with questions about race.

    6. If you tell people your dad is the Asian parent, you will literally blow their minds.

    7. But if you go anywhere with your Western dad, everyone will assume you're a really inappropriate couple.

    8. Your hair somehow manages to be fine, frizzy, thick, and unmanageable at the same time.

    9. You're tired of the myth that Eurasians make for successful models.

    10. And, if you're a girl, creepy guys telling you you're "exotic".

    11. Shopping for skin care products and makeup is hella confusing.

    12. When you go on holiday in Asia or South America, everyone speaks to you like you're from there.

    13. But at the same time, everyone in your home city thinks you're a tourist.

    14. Being genuinely embarrassed by your calligraphy skills.

    15. People often tell you that you're "only half".

    16. Or that you're "not really Asian".

    17. "You're going to have such cute babies!"

    18. Trying to remember the etiquette of multiple cultures is difficult.

    19. If you speak a second language, people think you're some kind of genius.

    20. But if you don't, they think you're an idiot.

    21. Going to your Asian friends' houses for dinner and failing hard.

    22. Going to your Western friends' houses for dinner and failing even harder.

    23. Feeling awkward when your Asian friends congratulate you on your double eyelids.

    But whatever. We get to enjoy the best of both cultures, and we're gorgeous.