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    24 Things To Do In Hong Kong In 24 Hours

    Warning: Don't attempt them all in a day.

    6am: Catch the sunrise

    7am: Try a traditional Hong Kong breakfast

    8am: Explore a wet market

    9am: Run (or walk) Bowen Road

    10am: Visit the Blue House

    11am: Explore PoHo

    Noon: Tour the harbour on an antique junk

    1pm: Splurge on lunch

    2pm: Afternoon tea, colonial-style

    3pm: Afternoon tea, Hong Kong-style

    4pm: Get a tattoo

    Via Facebook: 726806497340263

    If you're looking for a somewhat more permanent memento of the city, there are skilled tattoo artists galore in this town. Try Sze C., particularly if you are hell-bent on getting those damn Chinese characters done: her calligraphy style is really quite lovely.

    5pm: Ride the Mid-Levels Escalator

    6pm: Happy Hour with a view

    Via Facebook: EASTHongKongHotel

    Cocktails overlooking the harbour is an absolute must, but how about heading to the eastern side of Hong Kong island for a different perspective? Sugar rooftop bar at the East Hotel has a large open-air deck and an excellent happy hour deal from 5-7pm.

    7pm: European dining from a market stall

    8pm: Catch the Symphony of Lights

    Flickr: danielygo / Via

    Yes, it's touristy and a little silly, but you have to admit that Hong Kong's nightly light show--which involves 40 buildings flashing on and off in time to music--is kinda impressive. There are lasers as well. LASERS.

    9pm: Dive into Chungking Mansions

    10pm: Sip some fancy schmancy cocktails

    11pm: Break for an alfresco late night snack

    Midnight: Get your feet rubbed

    1am: Fire up the hotpot

    2am: Sing your heart out in a karaoke bar

    3am: Get late-night dumplings

    4am: Go dancing

    5am: Get McDonald's delivered to your door.

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