10 Awesome Things Intersex Activists Are Doing Around The World

    Supported by the Astraea Foundation's Intersex Human Rights Fund, these activists fearlessly push for our collective gender liberation on the daily–and look good doing it.

    1. Defending the most vulnerable

    2. Fighting for political recognition

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    In 2014, the intersex organization Beyond the Boundary successfully convinced the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission to consider and acknowledge intersex lives when reviewing the country’s anti-discrimination policies.

    ...A particularly impressive feat, as Beyond the Boundary does not have a membership of fifty, twenty, or even five. The organization is an army of one: Small Luk, an intersex woman from the community.

    Small represents the large impact that a single voice, bravely raised, can have on an entire city.

    3. Demanding accessible hormone treatment

    4. Translating vital information

    5. Telling their stories

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    Atlanta-based artist-activist Sean Saifa M. Walker was assigned female at birth, but later transitioned to male. His father, who was incarcerated for four years during Walker’s young adulthood, died in prison from AIDS-related complications.

    In his multi-media performance project Letters to an Unborn Son, Walker uses the letters he exchanged with his father to take an intersectional look at institutional racism and non-normative bodies.

    6. Building community

    7. Making movies

    8. Researching

    9. Pressuring politicians

    10. Engaging with the media

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    In 2007, Intersex Campaign for Equality executive director Hida Viloria appeared on Oprah. In front of an audience of millions, Hida spoke about what it means to be intersex and the importance of ending sex reassignment operations on children.