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    • sarahelainef

      I’m not referring toageneral pleasant attitude that is expected with common sense and politeness. I’m referring to strangers who were extremely rude to me expecting me to treat them like family or best friends becauseIwas on the other side of the counter. I’m also referring to whatalot of people in the media, comedians etc have complained about, the baristas being overly nice or far too chit chatty. They MAKE you act like that, because if you don’t smile and make eye contact with every single customer you lose points on your mystery shop. This is almost impossible to do when you have over 50 customers per hour with halfadozen special orders on every drink. You also have to complete each transaction withinavery short amount of time. They weigh the drinks and bring in thermometers and they will write very long appraisals of you on everything from the tone of your voice, to your appearance, and sometimes those mystery shoppers can be overly descriptive of whatahorrible person you are when your biggest offense was simply missing eye contact when you personally handed someone their drink and remembered to say thank you. It’s enough to make you cry, and all this for minimum wage. It’s really difficult to give that kind of attention to people when you have to keep track of all of this, but all of the types of people listed here still come in everyday expecting to not even have to order their drinks because you should have it memorized, and chat you up when there isaline out the door andaline of cups going all the way across the bar all the way to the pastry case.Ihad to pretend to be interested in talking to people who were holding me up, and be their best friend, when in realityIhadajob to do and needed to get back to doing it. If you want personal interaction withafriend atacoffee shop, meetafriend atacoffee shop, but don’t trap people, (essentially strangers) into getting intoalong and detailed conversation with you. They are being nice because they can’t tell you to leave them alone and let them get back to work, if they did they would get fired. So yes,Iwas paid to be nice to peopleIdid not want to spend more time with than was necessary. Basicallyaprostitute. If anyone is unsure of whether or notabarista really thinks of them asafriend, (this goes for any type of service person, waitress, cashier, etc) ask yourself if they would hang out with you anywhere else. If the answer is no, you have probably been burdening someone with your cute little opinions and wasting their time. Remember, they can’t ask you nicely to stop talking can they? It’s called putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to be considerate of other people.

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