9 Reasons It’s OK To Miss iOS6

Because change is hard. Here’s lookin’ at you iOS6.

1. Calendar.

Sarah Dunn


The grid-like calendar from iOS6 looked like a calendar! It had boxes and days spelled out to 3 LETTERS and none of this floaty dot business.

2. Search History.

facebook.com / Via Facebook

I know, I know now you can go to your recent web history and see the full URL’s you just visited, but these google recent searches were GREAT and always embarrassing and/or full of imaginary, self-diagnosed diseases.

3. Email Swiping Left to Right.

i.imgur.com / Via Reddit

In iOS6, you could delete your email by swiping from LEFT to RIGHT and now ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND. HOW AM I TO DEAL?

4. Snooze.

Reddit / Via tumblr.com

Okay maybe this is just me, or my dinosaur of a phone, BUT WHERE DID MY SNOOZE BUTTON GO?!

5. .COM

There used to be this VERY USEFUL .com button visible on the keyboard when you were typing out a website, and now its VANISHED! We miss you .com, I hope wherever you are - you’re happy.

6. Big Keyboard.

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed the large keyboard that you used when punching in your passcode on iOS6. Those tiny circles that fill up every time you punch a number now make my eyes feel squinty.

7. Megasearch.

‘Twas a simpler time when search was easily accessed by swiping to the left. This new “swiping-in-the-middle” game makes me anxious and/or accidentally open apps I didn’t want opened.

8. Buttons that look like Buttons.

In iOS6, app icons actually resembled buttons with depth and shading and puffy centers. Now they look like square pancakes.

9. Classic Rainy Wallpaper.



There there, there there.

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