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    21 Signs You're French At Heart

    Whether you've lived there, studied there, or recently watched the Family Guy episode where Lois goes to Paris. Let's face it, we all want to be Français.

    1. You drink entirely too much red wine because its "cheaper than water."

    2. You've watched Jules et Jim and/or 400 Coups in its entirety on youtube.

    Everett Collection

    by Raymond Cauchetier

    Everett Collection

    Sans subtitles, of course.

    3. You're over cupcakes, and have been ever since you tasted a macaron.

    The CW / Via

    4. Your César-watching parties are attended primarily by you and your cat Pierre.

    PATRICK KOVARIK / AFP/Getty Images

    5. You still regularly reference the French Revolution when discussing politics.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    6. Drinking coffee on the go is personally offensive.

    7. You pronounce "Le Pain Quotidien" the RIGHT way and your friends are really fucking annoyed every time.

    8. Verb conjugations get stuck in your head instead of Miley Cyrus songs

    Flickr: s4xton /Creative Commons

    9. You give unsolicited advice to French tourists you overhear on the subway just so you can break out your best Fraccent

    Via Flickr: smarta


    10. You knew Vincent Cassel way before he finger banged Natalie Portman on Black Swan.

    Canal+ / Via

    Cassel starred as Vinz in 1995's La Haine.

    11. Macaroni and Brie sounds like a good idea.

    12. Netflix suggests "Mind Bending, Depressing, Existential Foreign Films" to you on a nightly basis.

    SNC / Via

    13. Biking is best in high heels and dress.

    Hanneli / Via

    And with this hat, and basket, and messenger bag. We should probably all just become this woman.

    14. You WILL NOT choose between Lea Seydoux and Melanie Laurent.

    Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

    15. Les Miserables was a book first, then a musical, THEN a movie.

    Via Universal Pictures

    And don't even think of mentioning Russell Crowe.

    16. You watch your favorite TV shows with French subtitles, just for funsies.

    17. July 4th is significant because it means only 10 more days until Bastille Day!

    18. Your attempt at a classic bob haircut just made you look like an aging Bon Jovi.

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    19. A cigarette counts as lunch, RIGHT?!

    via Tumblr

    20. You pretend that eyesore cell phone tower was left over from the 1889 World's Fair.

    Reddit / Via

    21. Low carb, shmow carb.

    Tumblr / Via

    Vive La France!

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