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    31 Reasons You Have To Check Out South Africa's Burning Man Before You Die

    AfrikaBurn, it's like Burning Man, but better.

    Out of 130 regional burning events around the world inspired by the original Burning Man in Nevada, South Africa's AfrikaBurn is the largest. This year 9000 people made the journey out to the Karoo Desert, 186 miles north of Cape Town, for a week of art, music, performances, gifting and a hefty dose of surreality. Here's why you should put it on your bucket list.

    1. You'll get to feel like you're on the set of Game of Thrones.

    2. And an extra from the set of Star Wars.

    3. And feel like you could be starring in a Donnie Darko remake.

    4. You can dance in the arms of a multi-storey-high wooden man.

    5. And spot wildlife on the long dirt road to the middle of nowhere in the Karoo Desert.

    6. You can cheer along with thousands of other people when he is burned.

    7. And send a postcard anywhere in the world or to someone else at AfrikaBurn (and it will be hand delivered to their tent.)

    8. At AfrikaBurn, gin and tonics come with a kiss from this German bar man.

    9. You'll get life-affirming messages from lemurs on the dance floor.

    10. You'll feel like dancing by yourself in gold tights in the desert is more than acceptable.

    11. You can hang out at an apres-ski bar without having to touch snow.

    12. Karoo sunsets are some of the most beautiful in South Africa.

    13. And are best taken advantage of by dancing on a pop-up dance floor with hundreds of other dressed up people.

    14. Or sitting by yourself and gazing over the vast horizon.

    15. Night skies are spectacular, especially when lit up by giant artworks and sculptures.

    16. Most days you'll have big blue skies and sunny weather.

    17. But in the Karoo, even the dust storms are beautiful.

    18. You can ride around on the most badass VW beetle you've ever seen.

    19. Or get a lift from the cheapest taxi you'll ever take.

    20. Or on the back of a sequin-covered VW van.

    21. Or inside an emoji.

    22. You can dance on top of a rhino.

    23. Or under a top hat on a yellow German postal van called Judy.

    24. If you're bored of traveling by bicycle or mutant vehicle you can go windsurfing (without the surf).

    25. You'll never run out of things to explore.

    26. You'll get to see someone actually looking good in a scout's uniform.

    27. You can save a lot of money on a conventional wedding and get married at a mass purple wedding in the desert instead.

    28. You'll make a lot of new friends, who'll probably be in your new Facebook cover photo.

    29. Some of whom you can smooch under the Kissing Tree.

    30. There's always something to be entertained by, like an impromptu slacklining performance.

    31. You'll get to realize that life really does imitate art.