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    10 Times Martha Stewart Was Exactly As Campy As She Wanted To Be

    Please bow down.

    Martha Stewart Living's 25th anniversary issue just came out. Let's take a moment to appreciate the kind of supreme confidence it takes to put A PAINTING OF YOURSELF COVERED IN ROYAL ICING on the cover of a magazine.

    Martha Stewart Living / Via

    I really want to make a joke about Martha having balls of marzipan. But I won't.

    The truth is, Martha has ALWAYS been the High Priestess of Camp.

    Here she is as a fierce young model. With a cow.

    Martha Stewart / Via My Space

    And werking it.

    Martha Stewart / Via

    I wish I could pull off a Christmas sweater the way Martha does.

    Martha Stewart Show

    Or, like, a crystal ball.

    Martha Stewart Living

    Martha wields her power benevolently.

    Martha Stewart Living

    Most of the time.

    Martha Stewart Living

    Don't tell Martha what to do.

    Martha Stewart Living


    New York
    Fortune Magazine

    All hail her Majesty.

    Getty / Michael Buckner