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    12 Pieces Of Practical Advice From Housecats

    As Freud would say, "Time spent with cats is never wasted."

    1. Always share the bed covers and pillows with your bedmate.

    2. Patience is truly a virtue.

    3. When you've finished, always leave the toilet seat neater than when you found it.

    4. Time is best when you're present.

    5. Take every opportunity you have to travel.

    6. Nobody is worth feeling small for, no matter how large you become in the moments they make you happier, nobody is worth the shrink.

    7. Be forever curious.

    8. Make friends with others.

    9. Midnight snacks are the best snacks.

    10. Always make time for the things you enjoy doing.

    11. Be organized.

    12. Relax when you need to.

    Sincerely, Oscar & Char.