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LA Restaurant Reviews By A Picky Eater

In which I basically just order bread and cheese. For every meal.

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Here's the deal. The list of things I eat is much shorter than the list of things I don't. On my everyday menu: Bread, milk, peanut butter, chicken, cheese, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I like some fruits and about two vegetables. I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth and I have no idea why God cursed me with self-sabotaging taste buds. C'est la vie.

It's not like restaurants have little symbols on their menus indicating "Picky Friendly" items. My first-world struggle is real. Every dinner plate is a battlefield. So here's a guide to the a few of Silverlake's prime eateries, rated by my very own picky scale.


Normally the phrases gluten-free and all-vegan freak me out. Vegan means veggies. I don't like veggies. End of story.

But I walked in feeling adventurous. "What the hell! Maybe I'll try some kale ice cream!" Shortly after this madness, I remembered that kale is not a dessert. I ordered a caesar salad, mac n cheese (wait- vegan cheese??), and a chocolate chip cookie.

Good news: This place is adorable. Cool chairs, colorful succulents, and a playlist featuring HAIM, Alabama Shakes, and N.W.A. The Caesar dressing and avocadoes are good. Their cookies are amazing.

Bad news: When you're used to macaroni with real cheese, "sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce" does not cut it. The "bacon" on the salad is made of Portobello mushrooms and kinda tastes like dirt.

No matter how trendy you make it, veganism is not for me. However, I will definitely come back for cookies (and Instagrams) in the future!

Taste: 3 /10

Experience: 6 /10

Picky-Friendly: 2 /10

Overall: Pretty Yuck


sarah crawford

OKAY, this place is cool. Old-firehouse-turned-new-American-eatery. I had to stop and take pictures because the 1930s Hollywood glam décor is so good. Aesthetics are almost as important as pleasing my taste buds. Almost.

My friends ordered seafood appetizers which, despite my usual avoidance of slimy marine life, I tried. The bruschetta-style crabcakes are light, lemony, and mostly not-fishy. The tiny crunchy bits of calamari I ventured to eat were pretty good too.

But the real deal happened when I ordered their Brie grilled cheese. It has a fancy name I don't remember. The sandwich also includes a bit of sweet jelly and some green stuff.

None of this takes away from the fact that melted brie is one of the best things to happen to humanity. 5/5 on my cheeeeeeeesy goodness scale.

Taste: 10 /10

Experience: 10 /10

Picky-Friendly: 8 /10

Overall: Very Yum


sarah crawford

This restaurant is living proof that if the food is good and location convenient, people will come. Regardless of misspelled rodent references! The line was long and there's not a lot of cool air or shade happening in this lil cafe, but it was a great place to catch up with a friend.

I ordered the tomato jam sandwich, which sounded a lil scary because I only like tomatoes when they're mashed up in something, not when they're fresh and juicy. Please don't ask.

Turns out that it's not scary at all! The tomatoes were nicely mashed into a jam, topped with some real good cheese and more green stuff (everyone in this town seems to like the color green).

To drink, I had Vanilla Bean Lemonade that was almost too sweet; my friend tried the beautifully pink Rhubarb Lemonade that is really just normal lemonade. We sat and talked for ages, and it was great people-watching too.

Taste: 7 /10

Experience: 8 /10

Picky-Friendly: 7 /10

Overall: Fairly Yum

In N Out

sarah crawford

Not exactly on par with the rest of this list, but I had to. Because California. You know?

This place is basically McDonald's for tourists. Added bonuses include a nicer color palette, fun paper hats, and ridiculously long lines.

They do, however, let their non-beef-eating patrons order grilled cheeses! (An In N Out grilled cheese is literally just a hamburger without the meat. So you're aware.) Add to list of things McDonald's does not have.

The grilled cheese is actually pretty awesome. If you like simplicity, two American singles on a bun with some unidentified-but-still-tasty sauce is great. And their chocolate milkshakes are so thick that I needed a spoon. Couldn't have been happier about it.

Taste: 7 /10

Experience: 5 /10

Picky-Friendly: 7 /10

Overall: Kinda Yum

The Winner: Edendale!

Don't be intimidated by the lengthy menu and fancy dish names, they've got a few great chicken, cheese, and bread options. And the service is great, so they won't roll their eyes when you order a sandwich sans everything.

Happy eating, pickies!

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